Recent history about Ukraine, as portrayed by the mainstream media, is far from accurate, not to say that it is totally wrong.

Thankfully, honest video and film producers still exist and are able to document what the Establishment does not want the public to learn about their plans and modus operandi.

What happened in Ukraine is, well, the same thing that happens to small defenseless nations: They are toyed with by military powers in an attempt to exercise political and economic pressure on political rivals.

In the case of Ukraine, we will let you be the decider on who is the bad actor and who is the good actor.

The movie, Ukraine on Fire will fill in a lot of gaps about American and Russian intervention in that country and will help you understand the role played by external forces.

Undoubtedly, this film will walk you through the events that took place in Ukraine in 2014 and will clarify what has happened since then until now, so you understand the current debate on seeking to clean up politics in the European country.

You will be able to learn the answer to important questions such as why are Democrats so interested in not investigating the role played by former Ukrainian politicians in the American 2016 campaign and how American political figures intervened in Ukrainian affairs.

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