In the Absence of Critics: Introspections on Human Rights Part II | Part I

Humanity’s problems are so severe that only two options remain: one, to act concisely without the people’s knowledge or permission; and two, to urgently forge global consensus so that accelerated and coordinated action becomes possible and national prerogatives are voluntarily sacrificed for supranational goals.

To avoid a fight for supremacy and hedge against failure, both options are being pursued at the same time in a complementary fashion. The US military-industrial-security complex and select allies are pursuing the first option, which we may call the Hard or Military Solution, while the EU and the UN are pursuing the latter, the Soft or Civilian Solution. The goal is the same though the functions and methods of each camp are worlds apart. The outcome is sadly predictable.

What is the goal?

It is to prevent humanity from self-destruction, which requires arresting global warming and environmental degradation and reducing the global population and softening the edges of poverty.

What are their functions?

The military camp is tasked with acquiring tight control of the population and suppressing resistance to buy time for the civilian plan to work and, should it fail, supplant it. The civilian camp’s role is to create the economic, political and legal framework necessary to implement a coordinated plan and relies on the military to be the stick to their carrot. The name of the military plan is unknown, but I call it Agenda 12 for Global Control, while the civilian plan is well known as Agenda 21 and the Millennium Development Goals.

To implement its plan, the military camp, led by the Anglo-American intelligence agencies, had to bypass the rule of law to be able to act contrary to national constitutions and international covenants in the name of security. This was not politically and legally possible without a catalytic event of sufficiently cataclysmic proportions to instill mass fear and panic and bring the issue of security to the forefront. All evidence shows that 9/11 was helped along by the US security apparatus while 7/7 received assistance from their British counterparts. The two tragedies were then used to start a war on a created and invisible enemy, Islamic terrorism, which conveniently targets countries situated on the world’s last remaining and significant oil reserves, and to impose on the frightened populace at home incremental measures of control akin to martial law. As a result, civil society, the judiciary and the media have been leashed through broad-sweeping counter-terrorism laws that impose acquiescence on non-governmental organizations, super-injunctions on the courts, and censorship on news organizations. Also, countries reluctant to cooperate with the master plan can now be threatened with a crippling energy crisis by denying them access to oil.

To implement its plan, the civilian camp needed to overcome two critical impediments: political and economic alignment and adaptive capacity. The first is a work in progress and refers to economic and political integration across frontiers to ensure that everyone pulls in the same direction and the corporate and political establishments of every country take orders from the center. The second, adaptive capacity, refers to how fast societies can adapt to necessary change, which depends on education, investment, tolerance, innovation and, most of all, acquiescence, the tools that make societies adaptable and pliable, so that nations and people can keep up with the pace and direction set by the centre and the people are harnessed to the master plan of the New World Order with or without their will.

What are the methods?

The military camp employs surveillance, censorship, misinformation, false flag operations, secrecy, created enemies, intimidation, sanctions, torture, imprisonment, assassination and war. These methods are used against states that refuse to fully subscribe to the New World Order; countries such as Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and Zimbabwe. They are also used against individuals who see through the deceit and expose aspects of the master plan, be they whistleblowers or astute observers; individuals like Bradley Manning, Janet Bürgermeister, Thomas Andrew Drake, Janet Phelan, Edward Snowden, Jeffrey Silverman, Julian Assange, and myself.

The civilian camp, through its banking arm, employs fiscal manipulation and debt to force the developed world to give up its social safety net and the developing world to accept the privatization of national assets, both of which are necessary to divert enough money to fund the master plan. Through its corporate arm, it uses capital from the developed world and labour from the developing world to monopolize the means of production, destabilize national economies and irreversibly integrate the marketplace so as to transfer economic control from national to transnational entities and interests, which is necessary if people are to abandon their national loyalties to international entities and interests. Through its political arm, national leaders are convinced, corrupted or coerced to cooperate and international organizations are staffed with insiders. Through its legal arm, national and international courts are curtailed to ensure that violations and crimes committed in the name of the master plan are buried or whitewashed. And through its media arm, the masses are kept obedient and ignorant.

What is the outcome?

The planners like to believe that the Soft Solution will succeed and the world will emerge as a closely knit confederation of nation states that have divested much of their sovereignty and authority to a supranational infrastructure capable of coordinating the world’s resources and knowhow to solve our environmental and overpopulation problems peacefully. They also like to believe that the rule of law will be reinstated and the military-industrial-security apparatus will be brought back under control. But these are mistaken beliefs because the emerging leaders are by necessity immoral individuals who will be too well entrenched and impervious to justice due to establishment-wide complicity in crimes that the general population could never forgive once aware. They will instead force each other to commit ever greater atrocities to hide previous crimes. The outcome will be an environmentally stable world culled of excess population by waves of man-made pandemics and by low intensity warfare via chemical and biological weapons delivered through the basic elements of life (water and food), and ruled by a global elite with special rights and privileges atop a downtrodden general population living in perpetual servitude and fear.

Regardless whether the civilian or the military plan prevails, the general population faces the same dismal outcome, global dictatorship.

Already, the victims of this global master plan are human rights and civil liberties worldwide, the national constitutions and international covenants that enshrine them, and the international legal system that safeguards them. The evidence of this decay is provided by the flood of individuals who turn to the international courts in despair and in overwhelming numbers to seek protection from their own states whose violations increase in gravity and frequency from year to year. What they find is not justice but the establishment’s last line of defence.

What they find is that our right to rights has been irreversibly destroyed. It is now conditional on the greater geopolitical agenda of our global leadership that is intent on saving mankind from itself and the planet from mankind by any means necessary, which requires the temporary suspension of our rights and liberties but which will in turn necessitate their permanent annihilation.

What is saved in the end will not be worth having because what is lost in the process will prove to be what makes life worthwhile.

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