Never had a US Congress Judicial Committee member ended a piece of false narrative as fast as Trey Gowdy did today. The false narrative came from FBI Director, James Comey, who justified and apologized for Hillary Clinton’s criminal handling of top secret information.

Mr. Comey stood by his assertion that, despite much proof, Clinton had been excessively careless about her handling of classified emails, but that due to the fact that him and his team did not find proof of intent in the commission of the crimes, he did not recommend prosecution of Clinton’s actions.

While he spent most of his time explaining that everyone involved in the email investigation did their job honestly and without the influence of anyone in the US government, he had no choice but to answer Trey Gowdy’s precise and direct questions about Hillary Clinton’s violations of existing law and her lies about what she had and had not done regarding the possession and distribution of sensitive material.

As show all over the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton lied in multiple occasions when asked about her handling of classified information. She used multiple devices, even though she had said she only used one.

Hillary Clinton lied when she said that she did not receive classified information to her private email account, because as the FBI’s investigation proves, she actually received such information. She lied about not having sent emails with sensitive information from her unguarded email account, because she did send such information from her homes basement’s servers.

Amazingly, despite multiple contradictions in her public statements about the case, Clinton’s testimony before FBI agents involved in the investigation of her handling of sensitive information was not under oath. Mr. Comey’s testimony before the Judicial Committee was under oath, which is why he did not perjure himself and had to answer Trey Gowdy’s questions straightforwardly and without hesitating.

While at the beginning of his testimony the FBI Director urged people to understand the reasons behind his decision not to recommend the initiation of a legal process against Clinton, and despite the multiple attempts by Democrats to justify the hearing as an way to beat a dead horse, Comey’s statements did not change anyone’s line of thinking.

At the end of Mr. Gowdy’s questions it was more evident than ever before that Hillary Rodham Clinton had violated laws that awarded her a criminal prosecution, but that, according to the FBI, is not going to happen because they could not find intent in her actions.

Here is the exchange between Trey Gowdy and FBI Director James Comey at today’s hearing.

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There was nothing Mr. Comey could do to stop the storm brought upon him by Trey Gowdy. It was a checkmate situation. He either answered the questions that Mr. Gowdy asked or he risked perjuring himself on national television. As for the democrats who were present in the hearing, they simply limited themselves to cheer Hillary Clinton up and to call the hearing a waste of taxpayer resources.

One of the Democrats, who spent 5 minutes talking about the lack of respect from her Republican colleagues, even suggested that the heading was simply a witchhunt against the FBI Director because of his decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Later on, when given the opportunity to address that claim, Mr. Comey said that there was no such a thing as a witch hunt going on.


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