They want unconditional surrender. They want what they won’t get.

Blaming victims is one of Washington’s dirtiest games. Naked aggression is called liberation. Humanitarian intervention is claimed.

Mass slaughter and destruction are considered democracy-building measures. Plundering countries for profit is called economic development.

Yemen is Obama’s latest atrocity. How many more countries will he rape – turn to rubble, mass slaughter defenseless civilians, and create appalling humanitarian crisis conditions?

Saudi-led terror bombing continues massacring defenseless noncombatant men, women and children in cold blood.

Another of history’s great crimes in unfolding. Willful genocide is being committed in plain sight.

Obama bears full responsibility. Rogue NATO partners, Saudis and other complicit regional despots share blame. So do Western countries supporting ruthless slaughter.

UN envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar resigned. He worked in Yemen since 2011.

He failed trying to resolve differences between opposing sides. On Wednesday a UN statement said he “expressed an interest in moving on to another assignment.”

Maybe he wanted no involvement in mass slaughtering Yemenis. Reuters cited an anonymous UN official saying Mauritarian diplomat Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed will replace him.

Obama’s war shows no signs of ending. It risks becoming another Syria. Casualties mount daily. Mostly noncombatant civilians are affected – Yemen’s most vulnerable.

According to UN officials, over 120,000 Yemenis are internally or externally displaced. Thousands more join them daily.

Humanitarian crisis conditions are appalling. Saudi-led terror-bombing willfully targets residential neighborhoods, a refugee camp, power facilities, food storage areas, schools, hospitals, public buildings, mosques, bridges and other vital infrastructure.

Washington chooses these targets. It provides precise coordinates to strike.

Yemenis protested outside UN facilities in Sanaa. They’re in the eye of the storm. They want Saudi terror-bombing stopped.

Activist Amatsalam Naji said “(o)ur country is being destroyed. And they are giving the right to Saudis to continue their attack on Yemen.”

“From the beginning it was unreasonable. If they want to attack a person or a group they can go to them directly, but not attack the whole country.”

Saudi US ambassador Adel al-Jubeir calls his country’s terror-bombing “very, very successful. It is proceeding beyond its initial goals.”

He said nothing about mass-murdering civilians, US intelligence supplying targets to bomb, US weapons and munitions used, and likely ground invasion coming.

On Wednesday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian blasted Saudis for committing naked aggression.

“Unfortunately the people of different regions of Yemen are suffering from a lack of the most basic and essential needs, including water, bread and medicine due to the continued Saudi-led military operations and the impossibility of sending humanitarian aid to that country,” he said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has made a lot of efforts to send medicine and foodstuff through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to Yemen, but lack of cooperation by Saudi Arabia has blocked these efforts and in case this situation continues the humanitarian disaster will be intensified in Yemen.”

Thousands have been killed or wounded since late March terror-bombing began – mostly civilians.

Nations supporting Obama’s war share guilt. An entire nation risks being destroyed.

Arabs slaughtering each other benefits Washington and Israel. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif proposed a four-point peace plan. It includes:

— warring parties agreeing to halt fighting;

— providing desperately needed humanitarian aid;

— initiating intra-Yemeni dialogue; and

— establishing unity governance with all parties participating.

Zarif called on Saudis to halt terror-bombing. “All operations should end on land and from the air,” he said.

“This issue should be resolved by the Yemenis…Iran and Saudi Arabia need to talk, but we cannot talk to determine the future of Yemen.”

A shocking World Food Program (WFP) assessment said half of Yemen’s 25 million people are going hungry.

Starvation looms for many. How many tens of thousands may die for lack of food and water – out of sight and mind, ignored by media scoundrels?

Everything is in short supply or unavailable – food, water, medical supplies and treatment, electricity.

WFP officials said millions of Yemenis are food insecure. They haven’t enough nutritious food to sustain life.

Yemen imports 90% of its food. Where it’s available, prices skyrocketed because of short supply and conflict conditions.

Impoverished Yemenis desperately need help. Little is available.

According to WFP spokeswoman Purnima Kashyap, “(w)e are struggling to reach people due to the deteriorating security situation.”

“We appeal to all warring parties to the conflict to allow us to replenish our food and fuel stocks to save lives.”

Saudi response was to intensify terror-bombing. Scores of civilians are being murdered daily.

White House National Security Council spokesman Alister Baskey absurdly claimed Washington is helping Saudi Arabia defend itself.

It’s using Saudi-led terror bombers to do its dirty work – what’s ongoing elsewhere regionally.

It bears repeating what other articles stressed. Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter and destruction follow. So does unspeakable human misery.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt formed a joint military committee. It’s involved in “implement(ing) a major strategic maneuver in the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” according to Egyptian coup d’etat president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s office.

No further details were provided. Sisi agreed to supply ground forces “if necessary” to supplement ongoing terror-bombing called the Determination Storm.

Reports indicate Saudi and perhaps allied regional forces are increasing troop numbers along Yemen’s border – adjacent to its northern Saada province. Perhaps readying for invasion.

Zarif stressed solving Yemen’s conflict militarily is impossible. Diplomacy is the only viable option.

It bears repeating. Obama wants war, not peace. Yemen may be entirely destroyed before his latest atrocity ends.

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