Have you ever heard the term ‘rent seeker’ before?

I had never heard about it until last week. But as it turns out, those who wear that name tag have existed for a long, long time.

According to Ross Ashcroft, the person who recently mentioned the term ‘rent seeker’ on a TV program, rent seekers are people who apportion someone else’s resources or wealth to then redistribute it to whomever suits them better.

As history shows, rent seekers have been around for a long time, both in the extreme right and the extreme left.

While on the extreme right rent seekers are part of a group better known as the Oligarchy, on the extreme left they come in the form of those who use bureaucracy to confiscate the resources and the wealth of others in order to bring about their dream of ‘social justice’.

For the past 100 years, the western world has seen the reign of rent seekers from the extreme right.

After the adoption of the fractional reserve banking system as a model for development, the extreme right began their conquest of as many resources and as much wealth as they could get their hands on in order to give it to themselves.

Meanwhile, mainly in the eastern world, extreme left rent seekers adopted the other side of the same coin.

While the western oligarchs consolidated power and wealth in the so-called developed world, in the east, obsolete ideologies were used to con people into believing that government was the best manager of resources and wealth.

The idea was sold that government, authoritarian or democratic, was wiser about the use of land, cash, and people’s livelihoods.

Rent seeking includes many types of practices that are commonly understood and legislated as illegal, but that somehow are deemed legal if government implements them or if government, influenced by power groups, creates exemptions for those who pay for political campaigns, bribes and influence. As you may have guessed already, there is a lot in common between extreme right rent seekers and extreme left rent seekers.

While extreme right rent seekers go about infiltrating government through the acquisition and monopolization of resources, wealth and power, extreme left rent seekers install themselves in government, from where they suck people dry from the fruit of their labor.

While extreme right rent seekers extort people of their property by stealth, extreme left rent seekers do it by presidential decree.

It could be said that both extreme right and extreme left rent seekers are two strains of the same social virus, that work separately to achieve a common goal, which is to dispossess the people from their property, wealth and political influence while both groups make strides around the world to consolidate power.

A recent analysis published by Princeton University which studied the balance of power between the people and groups of rent seekers from both extreme right and extreme left sheds some light on the issue:

“Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.
The results [of the study] provide substantial support for theories of Economic Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism.”

Can it get any clearer than that? Political and Economic elites and their power groups are indeed in control, not only of government policy, through which they control the people of the world, but also of smaller interest groups that eventually are absorbed into their dominion.

As I commented on a social network, although Princeton’s analysis focuses on the United States, the dominance of the political and economic elites is not limited to North America.

“This is not only in America, but in all countries where citizens boast about living in democracies and being free. Let’s see if this study awakens a few people around the world.”

Unless you have been hibernating for the past 7 years, it should be abundantly clear already that extreme right rent seekers have conducted the largest wealth redistribution in the history of human civilization.

After fully infiltrating banking and industry, which they already managed through their corporate network, and after buying off governments around the world, rent seekers deleted legislation or created loopholes in existing laws to carry out the most fraudulent practices in the financial world.

Using some of the most ingenious scams ever invented, the banking sector — controlled by the lords of the fractional reserve banking system — illegally took possession of people’s savings, pension funds, gold and property all over the world in countries like Greece, Portugal, Ukraine, the United States, Britain, France and other European nations.

Rent seeking, the Welfare State and the Warfare State

For every place where they were not able to rob people of their livelihoods, extreme right rent seekers activated their extreme left rent seekers, and this is where the Welfare State became the Warfare State.

Although the term warfare is often understood as the implementation of military oppression against a country or a group of people, rent seekers understood that warfare of that kind was no longer useful, so they enacted social warfare.

This new concept is based on the idea that if people are distracted waging war against each other, one social group against the other, one religious group against the other, one economic group against the other, they will become weaker and won’t be able to fight the government that oppresses them.

The plan of the extreme right and extreme left worked perfectly. Consequently, whites went to war with blacks, blacks went to war with immigrants, Christians went to war against Atheists, the poor learned to hate the middle class, and the middle class bit the bait of the power elite about giving government more power to solve their problems.

While people were busy hating each other, governments created a system of social bribery and social control known as the Welfare State. It uses it to exercise its power over  most people. Citizens went from being the lords to becoming the servants.

Government’s success at defrauding the people on behalf of the extreme left rent seekers relies on the fantasy that a group of elite appointed men and women are better at managing people’s resources and wealth.

Let’s remember that government is an entity created by The People and in theory it does not possess anything. It is the power given by people to represent them which turns government in what it is: a representative of We The People.

Government power, therefore, should be limited by the will of The People. In reality however, things do not work that way. Government has grown out of its serving purpose to become the ruler, not the servant.

After some time went by, representatives in government understood that people were complacent with whatever the government decided to do. For all intents and purposes, people simply decided to trust government representatives to carry out their businesses.

Many leaps forward, government became so blatantly corrupt that it no longer cared about what people wanted. Government representatives became self-serving individuals who later turned into ideological servants.

While extreme right rent seekers believe they are entitled to as much wealth and power as they can get their hands on, extreme left rent seekers… well… believe the same thing.

The difference is that for a long time, extreme left rent seekers who followed Communist or Socialist ideologies used their ideology to scam people into following not their own beliefs, but that of political ideologues and parties.

Soon both extreme right rent seekers and extreme left rent seekers began working together to keep the masses of people at the bottom of the pyramid, while they hugged more and more wealth, resources and power which they later redistributed to themselves.

Both groups of rent seekers adopted social warfare as the main tool to decimate the power of The People to fight back, even before they realized government — of any kind — was no longer their servant, but their master.

Government has the upper hand when it comes to deciding what is done, not only in theory, but in practice.

If people do not like how the government is managing their lives and they protest, government has the power to control their salaries, pensions, access to food and water, use of natural resources, health services and almost any other aspect of life.

Government even has the power to decide how much of a person’s labor it can confiscate every month! It has the power to decide how much of a person’s business it is able to control. And for those who don’t like it, government now also holds not only the power of the purse, which it uses to further enslave its subjects, but also the power of the gun.

The Welfare State and Perpetual Indebtedness

In the 20th and 21st century, governments implemented taxation and indebtedness as the two main tools of control.

Given government’s inability to materialize all the empty promises that politicians made during their campaigns, politicians, under the auspices of extreme right rent seekers began borrowing money in ever growing amounts.

The debt began to grow out of control until it became clear for governments that it would never be able to pay back the loans.

In many cases, governments were so much in debt that they had to default on it.

A few recent examples of governments defaulting on their debt are Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Greece, Portugal, France and Italy. Although many readers will immediately recognize that Italy, Portugal and France have not yet officially defaulted on their debts, the truth is that for all intents and purposes they have done everything but officially admit their inability to pay.

So, in practice, they have all already defaulted, since the only way out for these and many other countries around the world is to increase their borrowing as a way to keep up with the out of control spending.

The demise of states that resort to perpetual indebtedness as a source of cash to bribe their citizens is well explained in Dough Casey’s short documentary “Meltdown America” where he and his interviewees analyse the cases of Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, and the most recent example of how a country collapses as a consequence of holding massive debt.

Mr. Casey explains why the United States is doomed to becoming the next Argentina in a written analysis on his website CaseyResearch.com. According to him:

“… even if the government [ U.S. ] decided to confiscate 100% of your income and that of all US businesses and corporations, it would not nearly be enough to pay off that debt.”

The direct consequences of the successful implementation of indebtedness throughout the world was the dispossession by extreme right rent seekers of almost all property and wealth from The People by transferring the payment of interests on the debt from their governments to their subjects.

Whatever resources rent seekers were not able to steal through their debt system, they managed to confiscate using their extreme left wing.

An example of this is the case of a Nevada rancher — Cliven Bundy — who faced a group of American military thugs sent to his farm by the U.S. Federal government to take his cattle and his land by force. Government thugs were armed and in military gear.

They bullied, tased and attempted to run over Cliven Bundy and a group of supporters who stood their ground successfully — so far.

Although on paper the U.S. Federal government wanted Mr. Bundy out of his farm for not paying gracing fees, the truth is that it was not the fees what spurred the military attack on the Bundy ranch.

As it was reported by Reuters and other US national media, Harry Reid, the Democrat Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate, who has called Mr. Bundy and his supporters ‘domestic terrorists’, is involved in the hand over of Mr. Bundy’s land and that of other 52 cattle ranchers to a Chinese company.

As Mr Casey warns on his article America’s Day of Reckoning is Approaching,”It’s only a matter of time before the government tightens the noose again… not to pay off its enormous debt, but just to keep going for a little while longer.”

This example where the American government finds it kosher to bully and oppress people, simply because they can, is similar to what was done n the cases we cited before in Argentina, Yugoslavia and Zimbabwe.

These three countries along with most of the West are under the political and financial control of globalist rent seekers who have been sucking their resources and wealth from them for a long time.

After the creation of the Breton Woods institutions, groups like the International Monetary Fund took over control of many nations by offering loans with astronomical interests rates, which the Fund later requests to be paid in full all at once.

The result of such action is the instantaneous bankruptcy of the indebted country.

After the economic collapse of the 1990s Argentina is in no better situation today than it was back then. The South American country suffers from an inflation rate of over 70% and unemployment figures that are higher than those in Spain.

Most nations that accept the IMF model of perpetual slavery do not benefit from the quick loans because most of the money goes into the pockets of corrupt politicians, who are already masters at mismanaging the country’s finances.

Former Yugoslavia, a country that was already weakened by religious and ethnic differences broke into civil war after people found no more food in store shelves and banks refused to hand people’s savings back to their rightful owners.

Consequently, the country broke into regions which later became countries themselves.

Yugoslavia and the genocide carried out by NATO is an example of how globalist rent seekers turn people against each other by manipulating disagreements on religion and ethnicity for their own benefit. Hence the term “Balkanization”.

Although mass atrocities were committed in the Balkans back in the 1990s, international organizations like the United Nations, which are supposedly in charge of mediating in conflict areas of the world did not move a finger to prevent the levels of genocide seen in the broken down provinces of Yugoslavia.

Thousands of innocent men, women and children were unnecessarily and cold-bloodly murdered in the Balkans and no one was held accountable.

“Argentina has been going down hill since the end of World War II… it’s been one crisis after another,”says Doug Casey.

At the end of the 1990s, rent seekers in the Argentinian government had mismanaged and corrupted society to such a level that the only possible way for the country to go was once again down.

In 2001, Argentina simply defaulted on its debt of more than $132 billion.

As mayhem broke out on the streets, President De la Rua called for Martial Law and set the capital of Buenos Aires on fire.

This episode is commonly known as the IMF riots.

Besides having to confront violence on the streets, Argentinians had to deal with the reality of not having food to eat or money to purchase food if they had it available.

Banks confiscated savings accounts in pesos and dollars.

When the money was returned to account holders, the value of their cash had been diluted to almost nothing.

Things in Argentina got worse as massive layoffs followed. In only one year over 50% of Argentinians statistically and realistically fell under the poverty line.

Unfortunately, Argentinians did not learn much from this episode.

They have continued to elect fake populist politicians who promised to take from the rich to give to the poor, the tactics used by extreme left rent seekers.

In a move that is well-known all over Latin America today, Argentina’s government confiscate land, wealth and resources from rightful owners while explaining that such confiscation would help make things better for the poorest.

“The reason why this things don’t change is because of people’s bad habits of expecting the government to make things better, when the only thing government can do is use coercion from some groups against other groups,” says Casey.

While Capitalism — not rent seeking corporatism — has for the most part been the only system capable of delivering more equality than any other in history, Latin America and Asia have always chosen to go left, into the hands of the government.

Ironically, it is precisely regions such as Latin American and Asia the ones that have been the most rattled by governments that have always served rent seekers who lead political parties controlled by shredded versions of Communist and Socialist ideologies.

Unfortunately, the most trusting populations that have seen in government the key to solving their problems have been the ones who suffered the most oppression from governments that promised everything but that delivered nothing but debt and misery.

On the other hand, extreme right rent seekers have taken ‘good care’ of the middle and upper middle classes, bamboozling people to the point they believe that corporatist dominance and easy money are desirable in our modern society, where getting ahead is more important than morality or honesty.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, extreme right and extreme left rent seekers have successfully turned the Welfare State into the Warfare State. They have turned humanity against itself with a diabolical mixture of globalist corporate centralized control and government complicity.

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