There are all kinds of ways in which modern fascists attack individual freedoms, but it is becoming a new normal to read and hear these fascists say that one of the beacons of a free society, that is, freedom of expression, is a threat to democracy.

Many fascists live a double life as writers or philosophers while pushing for less and less individual freedom.

Jason Stanley is one of those fake philosophers, writers. He is said to be a philosophy professor at Yale University in New Haven, CT.

In his latest book, he claims to analyze how neofascism has made a comeback due to people’s ability to speak freely.

He associates this new form of fascism to the Right, as many book reviews point out that his work is more relevant than ever in the era of Trump.

How Fascism Works, attempts to deconstruct the way in which fascism works, or at least that’s what Stanley says.

He attacks modern forms of nationalism which he says resemble past forms of fascism.

He considers people’s freedom to speak their mind as the gravest threat to democracy.

His arguments are infested with fallacies:

“It allows there to be groups that spread irrational fears and then present themselves as the saviors that will protect us from those same fears that they have created. The contemporary version of that danger is nationalism -the countries are composed of a single people, with a single language and a single history- and variations that oppose movements for equality -like feminism- that traditionally question groups dominant.”

In Stanley’s mind, freedom of expression must be eradicated because of “some groups” who spread lies.

His push for banning freedom of expression is in itself the best example of how fascists claim the power of virtue and sanctity.

He also contradicts himself when pointing out that countries are composed of a single people, with a single language and a single history, but then wrongfully says that opposition to feminism is a sign of fascism.

No one on the Right is asking for the censorship of Feminists or members of the LGBT community as Stanley is demanding to be done with people who think differently from his absolutism.

Stanley says that public resentment is dangerous and the freedom of expression should be curbed when such resentment exists because there are groups that use it to create division in society.

His dishonesty is blatant, as those responsible for social division are groups on the Left and extreme Left. They are the ones who are exploiting race and gender to cause social wars in Europe, North America and Latin America.

Stanley’s insanity gets even worse. He says that the natural desire to protect our own history and traditions is a sign of fascism. “The fascist movements glorify the tradition and history itself, and take advantage of these fears to feed the feeling of victimization.”

The fact that fascists glorify tradition and history has nothing to do with people wanting to maintain their traditions and their freedoms.

Stanley also argues that a rejection of government forced equality, an idea sponsored by socialists in Europe, Latin America and North America, is due to the fact that men, as a dominant group is afraid of losing such place in society. He also claims that promoting traditional values is a sign of fascism because men feel threatened by equality.

“Fascist politicians invent a past in which men were wonderful and women worshiped them. The dominant group acts as if it were a victim of groups that fight for equality,” says Stanley.

Stanely has no problem with minority groups, such as feminists, becoming dominating in society, but he has a problem with traditional values remaining in place.

Traditional interest for keeping values in place is a problem for him, but strangely, it is desirable to have a sort of nationalism dominated by minorities, because “it is not anywhere near as problematic”.

The philosopher says that it is a fantasy for white people to feel threatened or discriminated against, even though mainstream media demands that the traditional family be destroyed to impose the views of feminazis, people who want pedophilia to be legalized and who want children to consent whether they want to have sex with mentally ill adults.

“There is a problem with education and culture,” he says while pointing out that “we have statues dedicated to men that fought to preserve slavery.” In his limited vision, a statue is an offensive symbol, as supposed to, for example, of a reminder that these men were part of a history we do not want to repeat.

Jason Stanley is part of the Leftist cult of perpetually offended people, whose fascist beliefs are publicly masked as concerns for new forms of alleged fascism. They seek to impose that kind of new fascism while attacking traditional values and calling for the end of “toxic masculinity”.

What Stanley forgets is that if a form of thought or a policy were good for society, there would not be a need to impose it by force, as Leftists are trying to do it everywhere.

He also ignores that if there is a need to point out that traditional values and the well-being of a nation come first, above any other interest, is because national sovereignty has been under attack by for at least 100 years.

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