|Saturday, July 23, 2016
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financial aid

Obama’s Phony Middle Class Tax Relief Plan

Obama is a corporate tool. Super-rich Americans never had it better during his tenure. Entirely reflecting anti-populist extremism. Policies hugely benefiting Wall Street. Other corporate favorites. Wealthy investors. America’s privileged class. At the expense of popular needs gone begging. Including so-called financial reform legislation written by Wall Street lawyers. Obamacare drafted by healthcare giants. So-called “grand bargain” help for struggling middle America reflects total capitulation to America’s aristocracy. The ...Read full article...

Despite Debt Deal, Greece Set to Default

Merkel and Sarkozy’s window dressing appearances were only that. No aid package will save Greece from defaulting. Lining up now Portugal, Spain and the U.S. Reuters July 25, 2011 Moody’s cut Greece’s credit rating further into junk territory on Monday and said it was almost certain to slap a default tag on its debt as a result of a new EU rescue package. It was the second rating agency ...Read full article...

Bankers Order the Looting of Greece

According to Max Keiser, people of the kinds of Forbes are already in Greece to get its assets for pennies on the Euro. It is now clear the rest of the countries will come next. That is the plan. Reuters June 18, 2011 A restructuring of Greece’s 340 billion euro ($481.5 billion) debt is not on the agenda and would damage the country’s credibility on bond markets, the European ...Read full article...
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