|Monday, July 25, 2016
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It begins: US Drones Attack Syria’s Military

On September 11, a publication called Russian Spring reported US unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks on Syrian military positions – “disguised as an airstrike on ISIS.” Syrian journalists learned details of what’s happening. Numerous civilians were killed. According to Syrian military sources, covert US drone strikes against its forces and positions happened before, part of Washington’s phony war on ISIS. On September 1, the Washington Post headlined “US launches ...Read full article...

Obama’s Covert Drone War on Syria

Obama’s war on Syria is in its fifth year – naked aggression partnered with Israel, Britain, France, Canada and rogue regional states, using imported death squad foot soldiers against a sovereign independent country threatening no others. On September 1, the Washington Post headlined “US launches secret drone campaign to hunt Islamic State leaders in Syria.” False!! IS leaders and foot soldiers are US enlisted proxies – funded, armed, trained, ...Read full article...

Dead Men Tell No Tales: The CIA and the Awlaki Assassination

by Tom Burghardt Global Research October 12, 2011 On September 30, the CIA and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) assets under the Agency’s control, assassinated the alleged “external operations” chief of the Afghan-Arab database of disposable Western intelligence assets, also known as Al-Qaeda, Anwar al-Awlaki, and a second American citizen, Samir Khan, the 25-year-old editor of Inspire magazine, in a drone strike in Yemen. As The Washington Post reported ...Read full article...
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