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Survival or Extinction: Taming the Wolves

(Part one: Life or Death; Part two: Follow the Money; Part Three: Need not Greed) In my previous three articles in this series, I have described the reasons why globalization has come to be and the machinations by which it has come thus far.  We have seen that: (1) monetary coercion has replaced military force after 1945 to ensure that nations can access resources regardless where they are found ...Read full article...

Less Sovereignty is the Central Bankers Solution for the Crisis

By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | JUNE 29, 2012 Everyone on the main stream seems to believe that the continuous meetings between European central bankers and government officials are seeking to save the Euro and to help the governments deal with their sovereign debts. It is common to hear on television how journalists and so-called analysts explain that their expectations include the proposal of real solutions to ...Read full article...