Is the Kyoto Protocol Dead?


Not likely. Even if the Doha Climate Summit fails to consolidate the validity of the accord signed by countries back in 1997, it is expected that climate alarmists keep the core of the plan with or without the Protocol itself.

The Kyoto Protocol is now in assisted living condition. It is set to expire this month, and with only two days to conclude in Doha climate summit, where the UN sponsored meeting intends to renew its precepts, the disagreements between the countries is making things more difficult than expected for those who promote the centralized regulation of living standards around the planet.

Before the conference ends on Friday, an agreement is needed if globalists behind the fake environmentalist movement want to extend this international convention and set new greenhouse gas reductions for 2017-2020. But the accord is threatened by the current disunity between the developed and developing world and even within the developed nations. Right now the only possible outcome is that in the Kyoto Protocol II there would be only a small group of countries (EU, Australia, Switzerland, Ukraine), but internal divisions in the EU  threaten to bear a not too valued fruit.

The Doha summit follows two negotiating tracks. First, about renewing the Kyoto Protocol, with new targets for greenhouse gas reduction pact for an extension until 2017-2020. The EU is its main supporter, while countries like Canada, Japan and Russia are completely disengaged from it. These and other developed nations such as the US have made it abundantly clear that Kyoto II would not will not have their support, because according to them, developing nations are not making equally significant commitments to cut their emissions. That is a smart choice especially because greenhouse gases are not the cause of global warming or climate change.

Parallel to the Kyoto II negotiations, there seems to be a global negotiation (agreed in Durban last year), aimed at a new global legal agreement or covenant to involve all nations in limiting emissions – U.S., China, but with different goals. The pact should be ready in 2015 and it is expected to be enforced by 2020.

Apparently, the first negotiation (the Kyoto II) was the easiest one, as the only effort to reduce greenhouse gases will be made by the EU. But new minor issues have become important, and there is a strong disagreement about them.

Countries from the former Eastern bloc — such as Poland – want to take advantage in their favor that they have fulfilled their objectives of leftover gas reduction by 2012, which according to experts happened due to the collapse of the global economy and not necessarily because the nations actively pursued such reduction. So, this nations now want their right to sell their emissions credit, which could help them get some cash effortlessly. In the negotiations, other EU countries are pursuing limits on the use of these rights and want to negotiate the cancellation of these rights once Kyoto II is over.

“Poland blocks the progress of the negotiations and wants to drag these rights to the new comprehensive global agreement, but what you have to do is cancel and set the clock to zero in 2013,” says Aida Vila, representative from Greenpeace.

The intention of the countries of the former Eastern bloc is to benefit from the sale of these rights — Spain recently bought 40 million euros in carbon credits from Poland. But if the EU accepts this situation, markets will be flooded with an oversupply of CO2 credits at low prices, which opens the door to buying other  countries’ credits so that some nations continue having a license to pollute. Those who benefit from the carbon credits Ponzi scheme must be loving it, but the pro deindustrialization folks are not too happy about it.

Meanwhile, developing nations and environmental groups continue to call for the EU to raise its gas reduction targets for 2020 (up to 30% less compared to 1990) to regain credibility as a fighter of climate change . “The EU should hold a cabinet meeting here in Doha, to agree to new emissions limit,” says Aida Vila.

The second major issue is conflicting financial assistance to countries most vulnerable to climate change. The UN climate fund created in Copenhagen failed to deliver the cash to its self-entitled members as it was promised. That is because the whole idea of having a centralized entity that dictates climate policy is not really meant to rescue nations may or may not become victims of our changing climate, but to finance the tyrannical operation of the globalist elite that seeks to gain greater control of resources and power.

As expected, developing countries are still wondering where is the money that rich countries announced they would receive in aid. They demand more assurance that aid will continue in the coming years, but their co-negotiators justify the delays with the economic crisis in the EU, U.S. absenteeism and reconstruction costs in Japan.

In Doha, much of the debate is centered on the repeated discussions of principled but differentiated responsibilities and attempt to continue establishing two blocks of countries, rich and poor, to the setting of differentiated commitments limiting greenhouse gases, with China and India in this second group, although this distinction seems increasingly outmoded.

New research presented at the meeting appears to show that even if rich countries cut their emissions to zero, which is near the goal set by the fake environmental movement and its corporate partners, that would not be enough to mitigate the warming, given the high growth rate of the gases in developing nations in the last two decades. Meanwhile, on main stream television, those in favor of taking the world back to the stone age are openly carrying the water for the corporate controllers with ever scarier doomsday stories that attempt to describe what will happen if nothing is done.

Arguments are now circulating that to avoid a temperature increase of two degrees (relative to pre-industrial era), and avoid a ‘climate catastrophe’, it is necessary that global annual emissions, which are estimated to be at 35,600 million tonnes of CO2, go down to less than 35,000 million by 2030. What this means is that the world’s progress will come to a halt and nations will need to go back to pre-industrial standards of living to stave off a catastrophe that is not only not coming, but that cannot be solved by killing the very same engine that can help humanity develop cleaner ways to develop.

As for the rules and regulations contained in the Kyoto Protocol, they will be approved either at the national level through executive decrees, or internationally adopted by technocrats who will then impose those rules and regulation on member nations. The idea to think globally and act locally has never been so useful for the globalists who seek to end one of the brightest eras in the history of humanity. They don’t need Kyoto II because they already have Agenda 21, which is the real blueprint for economic and social enslavement.

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Even Climate Alarmists Reject Planetary Geo-engineering


As The Real Agenda reported recently, Geo-engineering is far ahead of being a mere project or vision of the kinds of ways that mad scientists intend to affect global climate. As exposed on our November article Climate Change spurred by Planetary Geo-engineering, the use of chemicals to change weather patterns, cause floods, droughts and other natural phenomena has been going on since the 1950s. Despite the vast documentation that proves that Geo-engineering is very real, the main stream media continues to present it as something that may be attempted to save us all from global warming. Heck, bets are now being placed on weather events and how disastrous they may be.

The latest example of media disinformation on Geo-engineering, comes from Alister Doyle, an environmental writer from Reuters, whose article was re-published by Scientific American Magazine. In it, Doyle puts out a list of examples of supposed Geo-engineering techniques which are meant to distract readers about the significance of artificially affecting climate through man-made techniques. Doyle presents Geo-engineering as a possible, future tool to stave off the effects of global warming.

She cites CO2 sequestration, putting gigantic mirrors up on the sky to reflect sunlight and the well-known spraying of chemicals as ways to reduce the effects of anthropogenic warming. But the real news in the article comes from statements from some of the most popular climate alarmists who not only do not support Geo-engineering, but also say its effects on the planet are at the very least questionable.

First in the list is current United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, Cristiana Figueres, the sister of former Costa Rican president Jose Maria Figueres Olsen. According to her, “there are so many proven technologies we know exist that are tried and true that have not been used to their maximum potential.” Figueres is talking about energy efficiency, which has many positive and negative aspects. For example, no one can argue with the benefits of using energy efficiently, but that is far from what the UN and other globalist organizations and NGOs, for example, want to introduce as forms of efficient use of energy. (compact fluorescent ligh bulbs, smart meters, appliances that are remotely controlled by energy companies or government agencies, etc.)

Another climate alarmist who opposes Geo-engineering as a way to “save us” from climate doom is Ragendra Pachauri, the same guy who is the chairman of the U.N.’s panel of climate scientists. He told Reuters that “geo-engineering has a lot of unknowns.”  He then questioned the science of climate modification: “How can you go into an area where you don’t know anything?” In this case, may be it is Pachauri the person who needs to do some reading, because the dire consequences of artificially manipulating the weather have been known for a while now. Pachauri and his team are now looking into Geo-engineering as a tool to carry out weather modification. The group is scheduled to issue a report about Geo-engineering in 2013.

But we need not to wait for their assessment. Uncountable articles and documents have already documented the negative effects that Geo-engineering has on the planet and everything that lives in it. See a short list of articles below:

Climate Change spurred by Planetary Geo-engineering

Government Study: Geo-engineering Too Dangerous

Geo-engineering Could Backfire, Make Climate Change Worse

Why Geo-engineering Doesn’t Make Economic Sense

Geo-engineering To Mitigate Global Warming May Cause Other Environmental Harm

The only positive feedback regarding Geo-engineering comes from the mad, power thirsty scientists who seek to advance their careers by imposing a systematic program of global weather modification, even though they claim to ignore the full-scale of the negative consequences that such program will have on all of us. Most pro Geo-engineering articles and alleged studies generally focus on the money aspect of the matter — it is the cheapest way to stave off global warming – although its effects on the planet, advocates say, are unknown.

Unfortunately, on the main stream cloud of ideas, the other solution to “save us” from global warming is reducing emissions, which intrinsically means taking us all back to the stone age, as United Nations globalists have proposed: To de-industrialize the developed world while keeping the poor nations poor (@ 7 min 40 sec). In fact, the current emissions reduction scheme is just a way to fund the United Nations’ global climate executive branch while helping front-men like Al Gore get richer. It is also about allowing big polluter nations such as China, India and large corporations a license to pollute at will through the payment of carbon offset credits while ignoring what seems to be the real cause of global warming: Geo-engineering itself.

As Joe Romn said, “Geo-engineering is a dangerous course just as chemotherapy and radiation are when treating a condition curable through diet and exercise.”

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Climate Change more likely spurred by Planetary Geo-engineering


Anthropogenic activity as the cause of planetary warming may be a hoax, but the planet is indeed getting warmer. The news here is that different from what climate alarmists have said for decades, such warming, at the rate it is happening, may not be caused by the burning of fossil fuels or industrial activity. There is a more powerful driver of global warming, and that is solar activity.

The sun has experienced lows and highs throughout its existence and so have all the planet’s temperatures. But on Earth there is a second component of global warming that is affecting the planet’s stability. Geo-engineering, which is the artificial modification of the weather over a determined area, seems to be directly responsible for the unusual weather and climate patterns seen in the last 15 years. The technique has been used for at least 60 years, the patents for the different kinds of Geo-engineering have been awarded for a long time and the application of the various types of planetary engineering have been tested exhaustively in laboratory and in open air.

The most popular of all methods of planetary engineering is the use of Chemtrails. Chemtrails are showers of chemicals poured over determined areas with the intent of affecting weather patterns. The use of chemicals such as aluminum, barium and strontium, which have been sprayed over the planet for the past 6 decades allowed military contractors to test the effects of such chemicals on weather patterns in order to produce ways to drive or control weather elements such as rain, storms, winds and others.

The project to manipulate the weather was focused on how military applications of Geo-engineering could provide advantages for the United States armed forces in any possible fight against potential enemies, but today other nations such as Russia and China also possess technology to modify the weather. The studies seem to have begun back in the 1940′s, and applications and tests began to run in the 1950′s. By injecting chemicals into the atmosphere, proponents of weather modification and its use as a force magnifier are able to make it rain, cause floods, prevent rainfall, cause droughts, create and direct storms and even cause seismic activity. (see link with list of patents).


Although weather modification is usually focused on a determined area, the consequences of manipulating the weather over limited areas for the past 60 years brought along a dangerous side effect. The injection of condensation nuclei as part of military operations and weather modification experiments that sought to stop the supposed man-made global warming had the unintended consequence of trapping more heat that it actually kept out by supposedly blocking the sun. More heat was trapped under the atmosphere than the amount that was supposedly deflected by the metallic particles sprayed by airplanes. That is the testimony of former Chief Agent in charge of the FBI, Ted L. Gunderson.

The excessive accumulation of heat, however, is only one of the many direct consequences of Geo-engineering. Multiple experiments conducted by the military and military contractors all over the world disrupted the hydrologic cycle and made the planet darker. According to, some of the consequences of interventions to modify the weather are: Greatly reduced overall global rainfall, completely disrupted global hydrological cycle, loss of blue skies and direct sunlight, thus effecting photosynthesis, greatly increased global drought, greatly diminished crop yields, decimated ozone layer, Northern and Southern hemispheres, contaminated soils, contaminated waters, contaminated atmosphere and breathable air column, unquantifiable negative impacts to all life forms, increased dry lightning strikes creating record forest fires, possible triggering of climate feed back loops like methane hydrate and clathrate releases. 

Global dimming increased over the last 50 years, and many experts believe that the Earth is now at least 25 percent darker than before. Both the disruption of the hydrologic cycle and darkening of the planet have in turn caused more damage to all forms of life. According to Geo-engineering researcher Dane Wigington, the extinction of species has been greatly accelerated due to weather modification. The rate of extinction has increase by 1,000 times. The establishment media though, have acted fast to blame global dimming on human emissions of CO2 and industrial pollution. An example of this is the BBC’s recently produced documentary called Horizon.

The current warming triggered by Geo-engineering has also caused the rapid loss of Arctic ice. The breaking of a gigantic methane reservoir in the arctic causes the melting of 130,000 square kilometers of ice a day in that region. “Methane is 100 times more effective than CO2 as a green house gas,” says Wigington. Currently, Geo-engineering researchers such as Mr. Wigington believe that at least three new Geo-engineering stations or facilities are being constructed in the Arctic, which will add up to a total of 21 around the world. Geo-engineering facilities are spread over most of the Western world, including Alaska, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. For a complete list of these stations please click here.

Despite the damage already caused by Geo-engineering, members of the U.S. government such as White House Science Czar John Holdren called for the use of Geo-engineering techniques such as aerosol spraying of heavy metals as a way to slow down the consequences of what climate alarmists led by the United Nations call man-made global warming. Holdren and other carbon tax pushers such as Al Gore and James Hansen have not been clear about which humans are the ones responsible for such warming, but today, we know that the usual suspects are also involved in the current decimation of natural resources such as air, water and soil. The global warming issue is then a double hoax. First, it is a fake crisis in the sense that humanity’s traditional activities are not the main cause of such warming. Second, real warming has been caused by Geo-engineering which militaries and governments have been playing with since the 1950′s.

Climate alarmists at the highest levels, who are using global warming as a money-making scheme and who are pushing for the imposition of a global mandatory carbon tax scheme to “save us” from doom, forgot to tell the public that it was their open air experiments the ones that caused almost all the warming, instead of the use of fossil fuels or industrialization, which they blame for it. The last two activities also contribute to the pollution of the planet but at a much smaller scale when compared with the effects of Geo-engineering, which has been happening non-stop since at least the beginning of the 1950′s.


As mentioned before, Geo-engineering was first sought as a tool to provide an advantage for those waging war anywhere on the planet and that is exactly what the experiments and more recent geo-attacks have done. But Geo-engineering is not limited to the spraying of heavy metals over the population. A second element, perhaps the most powerful one of the weather modification scheme is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). Chemtrails and HAARP are more related than first thought.

After airplanes spray aerosolized metallic particles on the atmosphere, this layer of the planet becomes more conductive, which means it is ready to be shot at with high frequency rays. The application of such energy creates bulges in the atmosphere, which in turn produce a vacuum. The vacuum then affects the normal behavior of the jet stream, that later causes abnormal reactions in local, regional and global weather patterns. Today, HAARP is capable of heating up the ionosphere by up to 15,000 degrees Farenheit at any given time.

Both aerosol spraying and HAARP are instrumental in the creation and manipulation of storms. That is how hurricanes can be triggered and literally driven over any area of the planet. Long are the days when the military industrial complex needed to wait for the right conditions to exist to carry out their experiments and attacks. Now, they can even create those conditions, prepare the field and carry out the attack. In the 21st century, the new thing is made-to-order weather. It is estimated that some 20 million tons of nano particles of aluminum, barium, strontium and led have been sprayed over the planet since Geo-engineering began back in the 1950′s.

Since weather is now made-to-order, a new caveat is added to local or planetary weather modification. Financial vultures who have information on the use of weather modification technology, are now betting on weather events or on the consequences of those events. Weather modification through chemtrails and HAARP has now become a product that is tradeable. Back in 2004, Andrea Psoras, from QED International responded a letter from the Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC) regarding its request to evaluate the regulation of something called “Event Contracts”.

Ms. Psoras responded by saying that not everything was a commodity and that neither anything that was covered by insurance should be exchange tradeable. In an attempt to warn about the uncontrolled use of weather modification technology to wage war or to trade event contracts, she also mentioned Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and John Glenn’s request to Congress to ban the use of space-based weapons.


Although back in the 1940′s and 1950′s weather modification was all about potential uses of the different technologies, to change weather patterns, today those technologies are completely operational. The details about the power of weather-based weapons have to wreak havoc is very clear, as researchers have discovered for the past two decades of study. A revealing report titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025, was made public around 1996. The document describes how weather modification will become part of what it calls national security with both “domestic and international applications.”

“A global, precise, real time, robust and systematic weather modification capability will provide war fighting CINC’s (Commander in Chief of a Unified Command) with a powerful force multiplier to achieve military objectives.” The paper cites how a 1957 presidential advisory committee recognized the military potential of weather modification, which could be more significant than the atom bomb. Another extract then confesses that weather modification is the “alteration of weather phenomena over a determined area for a limited period of time.” As explained on the document, weather modification is split into two categories: suppression and intensification of weather phenomena. In extreme cases, the report says, it may include the creation of whole new weather patterns, attenuation and control of storms and even the alteration of global climate on a far reaching and long-lasting extent.

“Extreme and controversial examples of weather modification, creation of made to order weather, large scale climate modification, creation and / or steering of storms,” and so on. “With enough lead time and the right conditions, you could get made to order weather,” said mathematician William Brown on his article “Learn how to tame Chaos“, which was published on New Scientist Magazine in May 1992. Today, precipitation, fog, and storms are created and driven at will by weather modification technology over any area of the planet, hence the term make to order weather. Governments like the Chinese, Russian and American have already shown their ability to drive weather phenomena.

When it comes to precipitation, the most cost effective technique is the use of afterburner-type jet engines to generate carbon particles while flying to specific air mass. Many times, airplanes inject hydrocarbons into the air, other times is a mixture of heavy metals as described above. That is why contrails have now turned into chemtrails. The document titled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025, admits that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are as effective as human piloted planes when spraying the chemicals but that UAV’s have another advantage: They can fly over a determined area without being detected by radar. The use of UAV’s has greatly helped the military and its contractors to more efficiently control the outcome of their experiments. For example, spraying chemical nuclei over a specific area can be achieved with more precision so that rain falls before it reaches its natural place of precipitation. This is how the weather manipulators manage to cause drought.

Fog is another weather element that can easily be affected by weather modification programs. Technology allows weather manipulators to inject nuclei into warm fog, for example, to dissipate it by managing the size, dispersal qualities and buoyancy. According to a November 1995 paper by J. Storrs Hall titled “Overview of Nanotechnology“, nano-particles communicate with each other and steer their behavior in an effort to generate a large sensor network which enhances the effects of their capacity to change their temperature and polarity. Army research projects dated to the 1990′s also demonstrated how fog can be produced using commercial equipment and how this fog successfully blocks the UV, IR and visible spectrums, which helps the military hide the emissions of such spectrums while sent out from their laser weapons. These experiments are explained by Robert A. Sutherland in his 1991 paper “Results of man-made Fog Experiments“, which was published in the Proceedings of the 1991 Battlefield Atmospheric Conference.

When it comes to storms, weather manipulators have not been disappointed. Current technology enables them to change variables such as latent heat release, the amount of water vapor for cloud development, surface and lower atmospheric heating to increase instability and in general provide or create conditions to make the atmosphere unstable enough to cause storms to appear. With storm modification comes space weather modification. The control and modification of the ionosphere done with HAARP technology serves at least two functions: improve communications while deteriorating that of potential enemies and to use the ionosphere to manipulate weather patterns.

As explained earlier, shooting up the ionosphere with high frequency rays causes bulges to appear and these bulges in turn create vacuums. The vacuums then affect jet stream behavior, which directly affects weather and climate everywhere on the planet. As for making the ionosphere more stable for communication purposes, the military manipulators intend to use the ionosphere as a sort of clean sheet from where they intervene all kinds of communications for their advantage; either to enhance for their benefit or to block it  so that other militaries can’t communicate properly.

Appendix A of the Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025 document explains why the ionosphere is important for space weather modification. “This region consists of layers of free electrically charged particles that transmit, refract, and reflect radio waves, allowing those waves to be transmitted great distances around. The interaction of the ionosphere on impinging electromagnetic radiation depends on the properties of the ionospheric layer, the geometry of transmission, and the frequency of the radiation.” Unfortunately for the military manipulators, the ionosphere is not stable. In fact it changes just as the Earth’s weather changes. Fortunately for them, the ionosphere can also be modified.

“Although the ionosphere acts as a natural “mirror” for HF radio waves, it is in a constant state of flux, and thus, its “mirror property” can be limited at times. Like terrestrial weather, ionospheric properties change from year to year, from day to day, and even from hour to hour. This ionospheric variability, called space weather, can cause unreliability in ground- and space-based communications that depend on ionospheric reflection or transmission. Space weather variability affects how the ionosphere attenuates, absorbs, reflects, refracts, and changes the propagation, phase, and amplitude characteristics of radio waves. These weather dependent changes may arise from certain space weather conditions such as: (1) variability of solar radiation entering the upper atmosphere; (2) the solar plasma entering the earth’s magnetic field; (3) the gravitational atmospheric tides produced by the sun and moon; and (4) the vertical swelling of the atmosphere due to daytime heating of the sun. Space weather is also significantly affected by solar flare activity, the tilt of the earth’s geomagnetic field, and abrupt ionospheric changes resulting from events such as geomagnetic storms the earth.”

Given that the military manipulators are now able to modify the amount of solar radiation that gets to a determined area on Earth through chemtrails, how the atmosphere behaves and molding the ionosphere to make it useful for their purposes of weather and communication modification, the theory of owning the weather by 2025 has now become practice, while removing the “conspiracy theory” aspect from itself. In fact, upper atmospheric and ionospheric modification success has been demonstrated through ground based modification techniques that utilize high frequency heating, oblique high frequency heating, microwave heating and magnetospheric heating. For more details on these experiments, read Captain Mike Johnson’s September 24, 1992 work titled Upper Atmospheric Research and Modification-Former Soviet Union.

As for the creation of an artificial uniform ionosphere which serves the purposes of the military industrial complex, capabilities already exist to decapitate any State anywhere in the world. This fact was confirmed by Dr. Bob Bowman, the former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administration. See a 30 minute interview with Dr. Bowman here. An artificially modified ionosphere creates a mirror for electromagnetic radiation of a selected frequency or a range of frequencies. Nanotechnology now offers the possibility to create clouds of microcomputer particles which communicate with each other to create simulated weather. In turn, this simulated weather allows the manipulators to effectively modify the weather in a way that seems as if natural forces were responsible for such weather, as supposed to Geo-engineering technologies.

“Precautions against unconventional arms must be intensified as potential terrorists develop chemical, biological weapons and electromagnetic methods that could create holes in the ozone layer or trigger earthquakes or volcanoes,” said former U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Cohen speaking at the University of Georgia in 1997. He was right. The terrorists have taken full possession of such weapons and are now using them to artificially modify the weather for their own benefit while destroying the environment. With all of this information, we can calmly conclude that they won’t have to wait until 2025 to own the weather. They already do.

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Meteorologist Tim Kelley: ‘Consensus’ has little place in science


Meteorologist Tim Kelley of WLNE TV in Providence, Rhode Island, analyzes Sandy and global warming. Kelley’s bio available here.

Tim Kelly: Here is a note I sent to many who asked me about climate change and Sandy.

Since my 1974 6th grade science class with Mr.Melnick at Wixon Middle School in Dennis Massachusetts, I have studied weather, climate and climate change.

I am fascinated by the Geology and Climate of Cape Cod and New England.

The name of my public speaking presentation is ‘Why Cape Cod has the most interesting weather on Earth”.

It’s an obsession for me.

It was a great honor when I was invited to the White House by Al Gore in 1997.

I listened from the front row as he stated his case on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Ever since that time, not a day goes by without me contemplating his warnings.

After years of exhaustive analysis on the subject, there is only one conclusion.

The alarm and fear of anthropogenic global warming is a major distraction and a waste of resources that could otherwise go to helping humanity.

We should be adapting to climate change, not trying to change climate.

Sandy is not an unprecedented storm. The 1938 hurricane was worse, and was followed by major hurricanes in 1944 & 1954. Three major hurricanes in 16 years.

We are fortunate to have gone nearly 60 years without a comparable storm here in the northeast.

History is full of stories of storms much worse than Sandy.

1898, 1888, 1831 , 1821 , 1717 , 1635

Thomas Jefferson (yes, that Thomas Jefferson) was also concerned about climate change

In fact, climate change may reduce intensity of tropical cyclones

“The impact of climate change is seen in slightly decreased intensities in landfalling cyclones”

A glance at the history of Global Temperature reveals that for most of the planet’s existence the temperature has been much warmer than today. Using the logic of natural variations, we should enter a much warmer phase, humans or no humans.

Our atmosphere is composed of many compounds, among them 390 parts per million of CO2, a tiny fraction of our atmosphere.

Of that tiny fraction, an even smaller amount may be attributed to fossil fuel emissions.

Study after study shows that our planet thrives in times of more CO2, it is vital to life on earth. If anything we should hope for more CO2.

Heat on Earth comes from our Sun, and is stored in our oceans.

Small fluctuations in solar and oceanic cycles dwarf any impact on climate when compared to influence of anthropogenic CO2.

“Increasing evidence from around the world shows that the main driver of terrestrial climate is the Sun. It is responsible for climate variability that ranges from millennial, centennial, multi-decadal, and seasonal timescales.”

From a scientific perspective, it’s almost unfathomable that we have been duped into believing the scare generated by Climate Change Alarmists.

There is no consensus regarding this issue.

In fact that word, ‘consensus’ has little place in science.

We look at data.

The data shows no correlation at all between anthropogenic CO2 emissions and climate change.

Here is a list of 30,000 or so scientists that agree with my position.

Most Sincerely,

Tim Kelley

Scituate MA

B.S. Meteorology, Lyndon State College 1987

Life time student of Atmospheric Science

United Nations Meteorological Office to dictate Climate Policy


An international framework for providing information about how Earth’s climate will affect everything from health to disaster planning is set to bring order to an area that has given some scientists cause for concern.

The field of ‘climate services’ has boomed in recent years, with various organizations and individuals using climate models to advise policy-makers and local people on crop production, infrastructure planning and disease management. At the first ever ‘extraordinary session’ of the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva, Switzerland, which finished on Wednesday, members of the organization agreed on an implementation plan for a ‘Global Framework for Climate Services’ to manage how such information is gathered and communicated.

“It’s the first time the international community had come together to implement a proper formal framework for climate predictions,” says Julia Slingo, chief scientist of the UK Met Office in Exeter, who has been heavily involved in the process. “This is a real landmark in much the same way as when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was established.”

The framework was initially set out in 2009, and this week’s agreement is the result of a lengthy period of consultation and negotiation. More than 300 scientists were consulted, says Jerry Lengoasa, the deputy secretary-general of the WMO.

Lengoasa says the framework will focus on four priority areas: food security, disaster risk reduction, water and health. A series of objectives has been drawn up, beginning with short-term pilot projects to kick-start capabilities in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. There is also an ambitious ten-year plan to provide most of the 70 countries that the WMO has identified as having little or no capability in the area with the capacity to make their own predictions.

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