It’s Raining. It’s Pouring …and Snowing …Formaldehyde

By Andrea Silverthorne

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Scientist K.-U Goss, in his 2004 report, The Air/Surface Adsorption Equilibrium of Organic Compounds Under Ambient Conditions, observed the following: “The melting of snow pack also leads to a redistribution of compounds adsorbed to the snow surface which can cause a concentration peak in the first melt water fractions” (GOSS,KAI-UWE 2004). Goss also said: “For a good understanding of all these properties we must further improve our current knowledge of snow properties, that is, specific surface area and surface interaction parameters” (GOSS,KAI-UWE 2004).

The bees are succumbing to parasites and virus where before they were not, and bees are susceptible to acidosis; they go through it safely in the larva stage. That is why there are no bee bodies to find, in all probability. They may have been literally dissolved with acid, from acidosis created by high formaldehyde levels, No EPA test has been given on bees at any level of formaldehyde gas for a long period of time that this author can find. A study done in November of 2005 concluded that bees with mites have suppressed immune responses. The scientists also concluded that the parasite suppressed the immune system of the bee (Shen, Miaoqing 2005). But as Heidi Mass said about the bats: we must ask what came first, the chicken, or the egg?

Getting back to the 2004 report by scientist Goss, he also found:

  • “Organic vapors in the atmosphere can sorb [both adsorb and absorb] to fog/ rain, ice/snow and various kinds of aerosol particles” (GOSS, KAI-UWE 2004).

Goss felt that it was important to find out more about the percentage of adsorption and absorption in sorption. Sorption is

Water cycle

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a word used by scientist to combine the two activities of adsorption and absorption occurring simultaneously. The reason this is important, Goss said, is that sorbent capacity depends on both surface area and volume; these two factors determine what portion of sorption is adsorption, and what portion absorption is. English scientist/ teacher Mark Rothery has an excellent simple site, which explains exchange as it occurs when life on earth breaths and exchanges heat with its environment, and he brings up the size of babies to show their vulnerability. This brings us back to the plea of scientist Goss. More knowledge must be ascertained about not only the exchange mechanism in this newly discovered problem, but also the formaldehyde levels. Babies crawl on the floor; children play in the snow and sit on the ground, right where the very heavy formaldehyde gas hangs out. When we open our windows does it drop silently to the floor and hang out for the summer and then winter too? Laboratories had to discontinue use of formalin for that very reason; they could not get rid of the gas lying low on the floor; ventilation is designed to eliminate lighter gases

The Goss report is an easy and scary read. The toxic compounds are also going into our soil it seems, he says, and it has important consequences. The answer to the question on the depletion of OH radicals and their preference in oxidation mates is equally important. If methane is hogging the OH supply, then the production of isoprene by plants, also falling to the ground, and discussed by the Harvard scientists, does become an issue, especially if our OH radical supply depletes. Is it? Under the circumstances of rising methane in the atmosphere, which enhances the production of formaldehyde and water vapour, how much formaldehyde, during its subsequent decent to earth, gets pick up by rain and snow and hail?: Are world governments launching studies testing their snow, fog, frost, dew, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams . . . and seas — at night and in the daytime to ascertain formaldehyde levels? Are extinction theorists looking to the toxic sequence of methane oxidation — formaldehyde, water vapor, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide — as an explanation for mass extinction? Karen Lips’s frogs in the Talmanca Mountains, the first ones to die, live in a perpetual cloud forest in heavy foliage. Are they getting a formaldehyde dose from two sources, methane in the rain and mist and isoprene from the dense foliage? In days, before we could live on this planet, past methane producing volcanic activity was an issue. Russia’s deep Lake Baikal, which has existed for between thirty-five to fifty million years and sits on a fault can release methane to fresh water. Did it allow methane hydrate accumulation, only to later release the methane and its entrapped heat, all at once? Hydrates can hold up to 400 degrees F inside its water bride. Did methane producing Lake Baikal and or volcanoes cause recent prior mass extinction and climate change? Are hydrates now dissociating in our ocean beds causing all the extra methane in our environment now? Where did the hydrates come from; they must have fresh water to form? There is no natural fresh water in the deep earth; it’s highly saline and sodic. Who puts fresh water in the deep earth? Does formaldehyde, like water, seek its own level, rising higher and higher until it floods the lungs of all living breathing life, maintaining a level of .29 ppm, so we never smell it, but die from chronic exposure? Extinction by formaldehyde gas would explain why small animals die first as a group and then larger ones die— as a group. Is this why our children, who hang out closer to the floor, play outside and sit on the snow and ground more, are experiencing dramatically increasing immune and allergen disorders? Autism is being investigated as an immune disorder. Has it arisen out of nowhere because of this problem? The stakes are high and they are high for all, but more people need to know more, before any further evaluation can be made. This is monumental. No one can escape a gas. Perhaps there are now studies going on; however, there is no way for an ordinary citizen to know; it has not been in the news.

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One Response to It’s Raining. It’s Pouring …and Snowing …Formaldehyde

  1. MadeleineT says:

    You have to ask, is this something new or is it something we have lived with for 30 million years? Is this something that only cap and trade can cure, can greening up to the max prevent it or are we all doomed?

    It seems to me we are always finding new and horrible dangers that in 400 years we never knew about, all of my frinds mothers are dying in their late 80′s and 90′s , how did they survive this? Autism is thought to be from vacinations, laced with mercury, in this day and age we will never know. Does Haarp have anything to do with this? Tell ya what, I’ll stay off the floor , get an air purifier and live my life, or as much time as the government is going to allow me. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so sick of hearing about things like this, all it ever does is give the Government and the green groups a reason to add a tax and pass more rules, I think I’d prefer the Formaldehyde, it will save them from having to embalming me.

    I’m not as kid, I have Granchildren and I hav enever heard the likes of soem of the stories that are suddenly coming to light in the scientific world. they are mind boggling. I dont’ think there is nything we can do to fight Mothr Nature, if we aresupposed to be gone we will be, no matter what the Green groups do. I think people ought ot look at how much the world has chnged since we globalized and gave the UN all contorl of our water and our lives. They ar edon in Virginia turning that into a sustainable developement, rezoning so people lose more homes. the UN feels that “owning a home generates wealth, its not fair to those that can’t afford it”, their words not mine, everythign that has been done in the last couple of years is to gt rid of homes, the wether via Haarp, the morgages mess, with our mortgages winding up in China and even Scotland, I think its time we got the UN out, came to our senses and take our country back. The new farmmodernization act is designed to depopulate not only America but the world,well known men sit in hotel suites discussing our demise without fear of arrest, why is that? if we did it they’d hang us. Nope, even if we were on the verge of death and extinction I would have to say leave it all alone, leave us alone, let us enjoy the world as it is and stop looking for doom and gloom, if you look hard enough you will find it.

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