Israeli Offensive a distraction to postpone Election?


Several Likud ministers and leaders of the opposition Labour Party have raised the possibility of postponing the parliamentary elections of January 22 because the military offensive in Gaza. Note that they are turning the latest Israeli offensive into an excuse to not hold the scheduled elections. From outside Israel however, it is easy to see how this offensive was launched to postpone the election and keep as much of Likud’s influence in place for a later military offensive in the region.

“We have to consider the possibility of postponing the primaries to avoid jeopardizing the voters,” said Environment Minister Gilad Erdan, the Likud leader, according to a report published today by the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”. How many times in history have governments created threats to further their agendas? How many times have they caused conflict to stay in power so that those agendas can be furthered without delay?

Although most media outlets which bother to do some analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian situation think this military offensive is all about the possibility that the United Nations recognizes Palestine as an observer member within that entity, Israel’s military offensive is just a tool to provoke Islamic radicalism to attack Israel so the so-called leaders of the Jewish people have an excuse to perpetuate their power for a longer period. That will enable them to solidify their footing so that they are able launch larger attacks on Israel’s neighbors.

Erdan had joined this weekend other members of government and members of Likud, the party headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a proposal that could also be supported by the Labour Party, led by Sheli Yajimovich.

A considerable part of officials and activists involved in the preparation of the Labor primaries have been enrolled within the quota of 75,000 reservists called Friday by the Israeli government in preparation to invade Gaza.

“There is no doubt that this is an extraordinary mobilization of key people in our ranks,” said Yajimovich, who asked to wait until they return from the border with Gaza. The problem say party leaders, the only ones that still need to have their primaries, is not only one of organization, but also of security, they say. How could we ask voters to go to the streets to vote amid rocket attacks from Gaza?” said Erdan. The Minister forgot that it was Israel who started the latest round of attacks by murdering one of the most influential leaders of Hamas. Israel also made inflamatory comments about how the country planned to bomb Gaza and murder Arab people and their leaders.

The inability to hold primaries would prevent the parties to submit lists of candidates to Parliament before December 6, as required by the electoral law, which would require delaying the elections on January 22. Isn’t this coincidentally convenient? What a better way to make sure the current murdering policy of the Israeli government is maintained than to postpone elections so that the same murderers who now occupy positions of power get to stay in office to prolong the Arab-Israeli conflict?

By the way, given recent criticism about our coverage of the Israeli-Arab conflict, we’d like to clarify that when criticising Israel’s murderous campaigns against innocent Arab populations, we describe the actions of the Israeli leaders, not the Israeli people. As mentioned in several written in the last three years, the leaders of Israel do not represent the Jewish people, but their own interests to destabilize the Middle East region to balkanize the population even further as a way to justify the mass murder of both Jews and Arabs. So, there is not anti-Semitism here.

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