Germany will send Patriot Missiles to Syrian Border to establish a No-fly Zone

Western oppressors are creating a new military industrial complex enclave in the Middle East.


Germany will send two missile batteries ‘Patriot-3′ to Turkey’s border with Syria as part of increased Western involvement in Syrian civil war. Even before Ankara made its request for these batteries to NATO, Berlin announced Monday its favorable decision, which is expected to be endorsed without problems in December by the Bundestag.

In total, three batteries of a kind only in the hands of Germany, the Netherlands and the United States, will be shipped to Turkey’s border with Syria. It is expected that the third battery will be sent by Holland. Each battery requires a team of 85 soldiers, so it is expected that Berlin sends in 170 men.

The “Patriot” missiles, with a long history of unequal effects from the first Gulf War to the present day, are interceptor weapons that track and destroy other missiles as well as other air assets. Turkey has been involved in the conflict between the West and the Syrian government, which was preceded by the extermination of Gaddafi in Libya. Turkey has always sided with Washington and NATO, even  though it meant suffering mortar impacts on its territory, whose origin still has not been clarified. Ankara, which has the second largest army in NATO after the United States, has requested support from its NATO partners.

The German desire for involvement in Syria is part of a general decision of increasing Western military involvement in the conflict. Last week, French President François Hollande, announced the shipment of weapons to the Syrian opposition, which it had already been secretly doing since the beginning of the conflict.

The confirmation of France’s involvement was carried out through the British secret services and the U.S., but even more effectively through Turkey and Gulf Arab regimes that oppose Damascus. Syria is in turn an important ally of Iran, which supplies fuel to China. The conflict, therefore has very complex geopolitical perspectives, because neither China nor Iran will be too happy to see Syria being destroyed. In fact, both China and Russia publicly condemned any formal attack against Turkey, although they haven’t act as forcefully when it comes to the dirty war being fought through paramilitary groups led by western countries.

“Patriot” missiles create the conditions for establishing a no-fly zone along the Turkish border. That umbrella, legally impossible today by Russian and Chinese opposition in the Security Council of the UN, would allow the new leadership of the newly formed Syrian insurgents under Western and Arabic patronage, to move into Syria and install a strong camp in the North region of the country. The arrival of the Syrian opposition leaders would create an alternative government and discount Assad’s led government as the official one.

In fact, what is being done in Syria today, is the same that was done in the Middle East before, when the British Empire used part of the Arab territory to create what we know today as Israel. Just as Israel did, a new enclave in Syria would result in either a globalist, military industrial complex oasis, or in the Turkish government annexing such territory in payment for its collaboration with the West. What the missile batteries will ensure, is that Syrian planes will not attack the north region so that terrorist groups working for the opposition will have safe heaven to launch attacks against the rest of the country.

German Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere, and the secretary general of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, believe in the plan to create a no-fly zone and said that the deployment of batteries and assistance to Turkey have ”defensive ” character. “NATO is determined to defend the territorial integrity of Turkey,” said Rasmussen. Mr. de Maiziere forgets that it was Turkey, not Syria the country that began attacking the territorial integrity of Syria by hosting terrorist groups and western intelligence operatives on its border with Syria. His premise is disinformation.

Turkey has a long history of oppression of its Kurdish minority, a large minority of between nine and thirteen million people. With tens of thousands of victims to their own oppression of the Kurds would certainly be one of the great themes of human rights in Europe if it wasn’t for Turkey’s loyalty towards the West.

Capable of covering tens of kilometers of Syrian territory from its location Turkish batteries complicate a predictable action Syrian air forces against insurgent leadership when this is established there as you are encouraged to do so from Paris, Berlin and Washington. This is a central figure Riad Seif, a well-known in Berlin and living in the German capital, recently reported the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Seif is a member of an “international working group” led from the German foreign ministry plans to reform Syria’s economy after the fall of the current regime of Assad.

As in the case of the military intervention in Afghanistan, a majority of Germans now oppose sending missile batteries to Syria: 58%, according to a survey released yesterday. Only 31% approve such a measure. Rightfully so, as Germany has no business in attacking Syria or any other country that poses no threat to them or anyone else other than the terrorist groups that want to overthrow governments in the Middle East. Germany is acting as a copy cat of the United States and taking advantage of its NATO membership to show concern about a conflict that should be solved by its main actors, not western military agitators.

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