Another Fake Conservative Bites the Dust

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
January 16, 2012

How do you know when someone is a fake conservative? When he drops out of a presidential race and endorses the very same contender he expressed doubts about. That same candidate is Mitt Romney, the bankers number one choice, and the man who John Huntsman has chosen to endorse as he exits the Republican race for president.

Huntsman was one of Romney’s most avid critics, and continuously questioned his capacity to be president every time he talked about him. “He hasn’t put forth a reason… a reason for us to trust him,” said Huntsman to ABC last week. According to a report citing a Huntsman campaign spokesman, the candidate did not want to stand on Romney’s way.

The cause of Huntsman’s drop from the race seem to be his poor showings in the previous two primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire as well as his low numbers for the next primary in South Carolina, where he appears with single digits. However, it is also true that the Huntsman campaign mostly intends to give Mitt Romney a boost by leaving the race, which makes one wonder, why did he even bother getting into it, if he believes Romney was the best man to win the race? Also, why if in his opinion Romney is the man to win it has he publicly attacked him and questioned his capacity to be the leader of the conservative movement? Simply because everything the second tier candidates look for is to work as distractions, so the public remains unaware of the establishment candidates poor record and his lack of capacity to create plans that help the country get out from the pitch black hole where it is now.

A Mitt Romney presidency would not be better than a second Obama term, as Romney has pledged to continue many of the policies Obama instituted or continued implementing from George W. Bush’s two-term disastrous presidency. As the public has found out through the debates, Romney is the father of socialized medical care, better know as Obamacare. Romneycare was established in Massachusetts under Mitt Romney’s governorship. He also supported broad sections of Hillarycare. Romney has also pledged to do anything it takes to stop Iran from continuing its nuclear energy program because he believes what the Iranians are really doing is working on a nuclear bomb. This scenario has not been confirmed by any credible organization or document, but has been posed as a possible situation to deal with should any of the Republican candidates were elected this year. Only Ron Paul has expressed his interest in solving military, economic and political discrepancies by using diplomacy and talking to people, while leaving the military option as a last resort. The other candidates, including Obama would make use of American military power as the first option.

It is not a surprise that a man [John Huntsman] who served the Obama administration as an ambassador to China decided to endorse Romney for the republican nomination, as Romney himself serves the same interests Huntsman’s former boss serves. While presidential candidates like Ron Paul gets the most donations from military men and women, Romney gets the most money from corporations and Wall Street banks. In case you haven’t understood, Romney is Obama in 2012. What could we expect from two Obama’s as the choices for president in 2012, should Romney get the nomination? Double the wars, double the corruption, double the hypocrisy, double the amount of violations to the constitution, double the amount of violations to the rights and freedoms of the United States and citizens from around the world as the powers that be continue to steer the United States into more abuses around the world. A Romney presidency or an Obama second term will surely spell an attack on Iran, Syria and serious confrontations with China and Russia, as the western technocracy struggles to keep power against the mafias of the east.

According to the State paper of Columbia, “Mr. Huntsman is a true conservative, with a record and platform of bold economic reform straight out of the free-market bible, but he’s a realist, whose goal is likewise to get things done.” And it continues: “Under his leadership, Utah led the nation in job creation, and the Pew Center on the States ranked it the best-managed state in the nation.” Why would a true conservative endorse a man who obviously has nothing conservative in him? Does “getting things done” mean handing the country over to another corporate creation who as Obama will work for the off-shore corporations, handing bailout monies paid by the American tax payers?

If Mitt Romney is completely out of touch, as Huntsman said earlier this month, why endorse him? Isn’t that insanity? As reported by ABC the Huntsman campaign had started a number of websites with content that attacked Romney’s record. After his endorsement, Huntsman techies have removed much of the criticism. “We’ve removed lots of things from the website as most campaigns do when they are over,” a Huntsman campaign aid said. So, by John Huntsman’s campaign, Romney is unfit to serve. He has shown no reason to gain their trust, is not a conservative candidate, is out of touch, but somehow Huntsman himself has decided to endorse him.

Just last Saturday, Huntsman accused Romney of enjoying firing people at Bain Capital, a company Romney worked for. When questioned about whether he had been approached to republican establishment people to slow down the attacks, Huntsman said that “when you have a candidate that talks about enjoyment in firing people, talks about pink-slips, who makes a comment that seem to be so detached from the problems that Americans are facing today, that makes you pretty much unelectable. And I say, we want a nominee who can actually go on to win. That’s the issue … the bigger issue is one of electability.” But all those doubts in Huntsman head seem to have disappeared today.

John Huntsman is the fourth presidential hopeful to bite the dust. He was preceded by Michele Bachman, Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain.


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