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United Nations Will Pursue a Global Green Government at Rio+20 Summit

A recently released United Nations report outlines the global body’s plan to foist a centrally planned “green” world order on all of humanity, making every level of government subservient to its “sustainable development” agenda. The upcoming Rio+20 sustainability conference in Brazil — held two decades after the first “Earth Summit” adopted Agenda 21 — will be used to solidify the foundation of the emerging planetary control system.

Big Government: It’s Coming to Take It All

If by now you are not familiar with the stated agenda from international government — working through national and local agencies — to effectively take humanity back to the stone age, I suggest you pinch yourself. The number of initiatives established to sequester our way of life and to reduce it to having to cook, shower and live as people used to do back in the Dark Ages continues to pile up.

Climate Coup: The Politics

How the regulating class is using bogus claims about climate change to entrench and extend their economic privileges and political control.

Climate Coup: The Science

We checked the climate models against our best and latest data. They got all their major predictions wrong—air temperatures, oceans temperatures, atmospheric warming patterns, and outgoing radiation.

BP Oil Spill Disaster: The Growing Emergency, the Unpunished Crime

Two years and many millions of gallons of oil later — and still counting –, the Gulf is in worse condition than it was weeks after the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded on April 20, 2012.

Project Blue Beam Technology out in the Open

A new article published by Popular Science adds more fuel to the fire about the existence of outer space technology capable of showering the Earth with space microwave beams of the type used to carry out experiments to influence human mental capacity. The reach of Project Blue Beam — a child of NASA — isn’t even kept secret anymore, as millions of people have heard strange loud noises coming from the skies all over the planet in the last couple of months.

Eco-Tyranny at the Door Step: US Government Land Grabbing Policies

“Our Vision, Our Values” is the name of Obama’s Federal Government move to confiscate private property, eliminate land rights and steal the nations resources.

Impeachable Offenses by Obama and the US Congress

The time for informing and educating is over. The time to hold government accountable for their unconstitutional actions is here. When the office of the President and the offices of Congress are revolving doors for corporate puppets to go in and out at will, the people’s grip on government is lost.

Scientists Slam NASA on man-made Climate Change

“We, the undersigned, respectfully request that NASA refrains from including unproven remarks in public releases and websites”.

Strange Sky Noises: It’s not the Second Coming

The noises range from heavenly choirs, to trumpets to rumbles to Transformers sounding special effects. They’ve been recorded all over the world, but mostly in Northern Europe, North America and Latin America.

Did Obama just threaten to overturn a Supreme Court Decision?

U.S. President Barack Obama publicly challenged the Supreme Court Justices on Monday, reminding them that they are not elected officials. This action comes in light of what could be a declaration by the Supreme Court of the United States, that Obamacare is indeed unconstitutional. Last week, during the hearing sessions, defenders of the government controlled health care program were continuously grilled by conservative and liberal Justices, who defied Obama administration spokespeople to explain why should the government have the power to obligate individuals to buy a product they did not want or did not need.

FBI Techniques Revealed: “Agents can Bend and suspend the Law”

While the FBI insists they are acting to defend the US from potential terrorist attacks, a former informant says it treats an entire religious group as suspicious. He told RT about some of the bureau’s ethically murky practices.

Loving your Servitude: Microsoft’s Kinect Console Paves the Way for In-Home Spying

Tyranny isn’t awful only because of the mayhem it achieves, but also because of the way it spreads its tentacles before it tightens the noose around unsuspecting populations. Tyranny will come in a uniform, says a proverb. But most of the time the uniform is just the last step in the process of achieving total control in a society.

Global Biospheric Productivity: The Distant and Historic Past

Will the productivity of the terrestrial biosphere decline if global temperatures rise to the extent predicted by computer models?

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