The Logical Aspects of Vaccines

What do vaccine makers and vaccine pushers hope you don’t understand is that vaccines are a cocktail of chemicals that cause, not cure disease.


I have good news for those of you who did not have time to read our in-depth report about the history of collusion between Big Pharma and Big Government regarding vaccination policy and what both groups have been doing for at least 30 years. The first piece of good news is that you can still read it, as it is readily available on our news site. It is titled VaccineGate: 30 years of secret meetings and dubious science. In the report, we make a detailed account of multiple cases where conflict of interest, dubious science and intentional omission of data ruled over vaccination policy and how this policy sidelines vaccination safety.

The second piece of good news is that if you are one of those people who learn better by watching a video, instead of reading a full, in-depth report, Mike Adams from prepared a fantastic video that summarizes important medical aspects about vaccinations. I believe that after you watch his video, you’ll feel interested to learn more about the dangers of vaccines, and so you’ll come back and read out in-depth article. So I am posting Mike’s video below so you can calmly watch it and make your own conclusions. In the video you’ll find straight to the point, logical, cause – consequence analysis that will make it easier to clear up many of the questions about vaccines that you may not currently understand.

If you think Mike’s video is good and you want to know more, click on any of the two links above to read our in-depth report, which explains how the pharmaceutical industry and government have colluded to promote and in many cases force people to inject themselves with vaccines. The report also provides a historical account that proves that vaccines were never intended to treat or cure disease, and that they have never achieve such a thing. Make sure you click on the links and read the documents provided to confirm that out assertions are correct and that we have documents and proof to say what we claim.

Enjoy the video!


If after watching this video you still believe that vaccines are needed to keep us all safe from disease, that they are a necessary evil, or that government and Big Pharma have the best intentions to help you be healthier, please don’t bother reading our in-depth report. I am sorry to say that you are a lost cause.

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Big Government: It’s Coming to Take It All


If by now you are not familiar with the stated agenda from international government — working through national and local agencies — to effectively take humanity back to the stone age, I suggest you pinch yourself. The number of initiatives established to sequester our way of life and to reduce it to having to cook, shower and live as people used to do back in the Dark Ages continues to pile up. The proponents of these de-industrialization policies are no longer limited to crazy environmentalists who request that we all commit suicide in order to save the planet, but is it is preached on us by accomplice politicians and heads of NGOs who are worried about the consequences of development and a higher living standard for the third world.

The latest example of the lunacy with which politicians and bureaucrats want to impose their radical agenda on everyone else comes from an official at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Al Armendariz, an EPA regional administrator was quoted by US Senator James Inhofe as saying how much he and his agency intended to “crucify” oil and gas companies. Don’t take me wrong, big oil and gas companies are undoubtedly some of the largest polluters on the planet joined by a selected group of corporations from the agroindustrial and medical-pharmaceutical establishments. In fact, governments around the world do very little to safeguard the public from production practices that endanger everyone’s lives.

Take for example the case of the genetically modified organisms that are put in almost everything we eat or use today. Governments refuse to properly label GMOs excusing themselves and the corporations that produce them by saying that there is not difference between naturally conceived products and those made in a lab. This couldn’t be further from the truth, of course. One would not have enough time to cite the number of studies that have unequivocally found a direct relationship between GMO consumption and sterility, cancer, and other diseases. Only studies conducted or sponsored by large industrial conglomerates continue to show that GMOs are safe.

Another case is the oil and gas industry which has played its game off the hook for decades. This resulted in the deliberate mass pollution of the environment around the globe without any kind of accountability. Big Business is the Biggest Polluter of the Environment, however, Big Government continues to blame small farmers and self-sufficient folks for the direst damages caused to mother nature. Sadly, the ‘greenies’ that want us all to live in caves are nowhere to be found when it comes to defending ourselves and the environment from the irresponsible industrial production practices used by the largest polluters. The reason for this is, as you many already know, that ‘greenies’ are by and large bought and paid for by Big Business. Every re-known environmental organization — from government and otherwise — is directly or indirectly funded by corporations or by the government itself. These organizations are charged with the responsibility to make us think that we humans are all bad; that we have brought onto ourselves the wrath of mother nature because we have been selfish and greedy. But ask yourself now, in case you haven’t done it before, who are the largest polluters?

Government cannot let the people off its leash, so efforts are on the way to restrict energy and food independence. The war that Big Government is waging against our way of life is not meant to control Big Business so it doesn’t abuse consumers. Rather, it is to ensure that Big Business becomes the sole regulator and provider of everything any human being requires to stay alive. That is why it is common to hear bureaucrats speaking about savagely attacking oil and gas companies, locally managed water companies, independent farmers, ‘prepers’, those who choose to have a garden in their backyard, or even people who sell vegetables or raw milk to neighbors or relatives. For this attack to be successful, government enlists cowardly snitches who enjoy the power trips provided by a badge and a gun. The EPA, for example, is not interested in keeping the environment safe and clean; otherwise they would have already remediated the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico — instead of spraying Corexit –, they would not allow BPA to be used in plastics, they would have prohibited the sale of products that were not properly labeled for their ingredients, and so on.

“I was in a meeting once and I gave an analogy to my staff about my philosophy of enforcement, and I think it was probably a little crude and maybe not appropriate for the meeting, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what I said: It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean.  They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them. Then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.” These statements in bold summarize what Big Government, in cahoots with Big Business, intends to do with us.  They want us to be slaves to them and their policies. I do not need to repeat Monsanto’s idea of the future of food supply, but I am going to. “No food shall be grown that we don’t own”. How much have governments done to assure the people that this will not happen?

When Barack Obama opposes the exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas or the construction of a new pipeline, this doesn’t reflect his interest in keeping the environment clean. Instead, it means he will assure Warren Buffet’ ability to maintain control of the transportation of such resources, a scenario that would end should Obama support the construction of such pipeline system.

When Big Government invests trillions of dollars in new energy sources by providing taxpayer money to dubious enterprises that go bankrupt soon after without producing a single piece of technology that achieves such a goal, it does not mean that government intends to make a country independent from fossil fuels, but that it needs to pay back the thousands of contributions received during the political campaign and to close backdoor deals negotiated during private meetings with campaign contributors and monopoly men.

Big Agra is another example of the ironic world we live in. Because people are now realizing that they need to be self-sufficient, that it is necessary to detach themselves from government and corporate welfare, those two entities are doing everything possible to restrict people who seek economic, health, nutritional and intellectual independence. While only a handful of corporations control the food supply, for example, more people are working hard to put together their own food garden and raise chickens or cows. But in a world where governments are more out of control than ever before, being self-sufficient is a crime. That is why law enforcement, at the behest of Big Government, burn down fields, charge people with crimes for selling raw milk, confiscate food, kick  folks out of their properties and ultimately threaten them with long jail terms all for the sake of a saving the environment. In summary, Big Government does everything possible to make us fail; it is coming to take everything we own, everything we’ve earned.

They come to schools and indoctrinate kids to make them believe that it is better to be dead in order to save the environment, they take private lands and ‘protect them’ under the guidance of the United Nations. These lands are, in most cases, later handed to contractors who develop them into large elite-ran facilities for their own enjoyment, instead of conserving them for future generations, which is what they tell us they’ll do. They create policies to manage the food and supplement choices that people have, banning natural treatments while imposing Big Government mandated healthcare that pushes deadly medications on everyone. This in turn will guarantee that more people will become patients of the pharmaceutical industry by having to use their toxic products for the rest of their lives. Some of them don’t even get to use them for that long, as the chemicals in those products kill them before they reach their golden years.

Big Government and Big Business are assuring themselves that we will all need to come to them for anything and everything. Their plans include creating a failed society, where people will follow their corrupt leaders as supposed to holding them accountable. They want to reduce or completely eliminate prosperity and kill people’s dreams of growth, comfort and development. Their policies intend to keep the cost of living so high, through energy monopolies and speculation, that people will beg for action to get cheaper energy or to attack countries to rob them of their resources. At the same time, they will make us feel inadequate for having hot water and electricity in our homes and a car to drive to work. They artificially make energy prices high, so that unreal new proposals for cheaper energy find fertile ground to fall on. They indoctrinate the population to make them believe that progress is responsible for global warming, so that people restrict their needs of traveling, feeding, clothing and leisure. They tell the kids that humanity causes the weather to cool off and to warm up, so we all need to stop driving, flying, feeding and having fun. Then, they call any natural disaster climate change and blame it on all humans.

Meanwhile, the Banking elite blames the nonexistent free-market for the economic crisis and call for a world government to help standardize fiscal, financial and monetary policies, much like they did after World War II, when the United Nations was formed to avoid criminal wars. This elite blames the same prosperity they’ve enjoyed for decades for the warming, the cooling, the crisis and the conflict, so people believe that it is prosperity what needs to go. Many of those people, who’ve never seen prosperity are now strongly condemning it and calling for a global socialist system that helps spread ruin and misery worldwide. They of course, see it as spreading the wealth and as an opportunity to get what they deserve; even though they haven’t earned it. The strong opposition to development the elite finds in the massive ignorant public emboldened them to create regulations that favor their monopolistic control-mad agendas while eliminating their competition; the innovative small and mid-sized businesses. They create and impose globalization as a way to bring about progress, but globalization only brings poverty, environmental destruction and underdevelopment. Globalization and the so-called free trade are indeed the new faces of Feudalism applied on a global scale.

Big Government’s intent is to change our goals and dreams to own a home, raise a family and educate our children. The bureaucrats want us to believe those things are privileges, just as they did with driving and are now doing with free speech and self-defense (owning a firearm). Big Government, under the command of Big Business works hard to make it impossible to live in peace without being bullied for wanting to raise three kids, instead of one, to produce what we eat or to mine the resources we need to build and improve the lives of those who haven’t seen what human ingenuity is capable of. And when they allow people to access high quality goods and services, they do it with a double intention to turn them dependent on those products. Through their hubris filled behaviour, regulators empower themselves to support laws that only the corporations that wrote them can understand and that they can be interpreted vaguely enough to leave open doors for more corruption. They invent unreal conditions and products to rip consumers off, to steal their life savings as they invest their hard earned social security monies into artificial financial products that are as ephimerous are the air. They reward companies that send jobs abroad, or that pay slaves to create the toys and distractions we all waste our time on while they become ever more powerful. They subsidized Big Corp, to eliminate competition and to turn healthy economies into labor camps. They created a financial crisis, and are now charging taxpayers for the costs of getting bailed out.

They’ve now transformed people’s legitimate concern to keep the world we live in clean and healthy, into an agenda of environmental suicide, by allowing toxic products to pollute the air, water, and soils, while banning all forms of creative entrepreneurship that may bring cleaner, simpler, environmentally friendly forms of production. While we the people need to go through austerity in order to ‘save the global economy’, the elite continues to spend our money and our resources in their lavish palaces and large properties. We the dependent and ignorant need to curb our footprint, while theirs grows uncontrollably. The elite-controlled Big Government preys on the decent and honest people, brainwashes their children and bribes their pastors to make them believe that all its corruption and oppression is for the best; that they are the only ones who can deliver us from doom, even if that means that we humans need to learn to hate ourselves.

Central Banking Caused 2008 Financial Debacle


The meltdown explanation that melts away … Although our understanding of what instigated the 2008 global financial crisis remains at best incomplete, there are a few widely agreed upon contributing factors. One of them is a 2004 rule change by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that allowed investment banks to load up on leverage. This disastrous decision has been cited by a host of prominent economists, including Princeton professor and former Federal Reserve Vice- Chairman Alan Blinder and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz. It has even been immortalized in Hollywood, figuring into the dark financial narrative that propelled the Academy Award-winning film Inside Job. Bethany McLean is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, and co-author with Joe Nocera of “All the Devils are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis.” Her first book, “The Smartest Guys in the Room,” co-written with Peter Elkind, became an Academy Award-nominated documentary. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: The meltdown was a catastrophe. It was caused by regulations … taxes … leverage … big business … big government … mortgage products … derivatives … greed … Satan … but one thing is for certain, it wasn’t caused by fiat-monopoly central banking. We know that for sure. Central banking had nothing to do with it ….

Free-Market Analysis: Following the 2008 global economic crash on an almost day-to-day basis, as we have, we’ve regularly made the argument that it was caused by central banking monetary inflation and that its result is bound to be the eventual demise of the dollar reserve system.

We believe we’re being proven correct on both points. We’ve also pointed out that the crash itself was predictable and that the top elites that put this global central banking system in place know full well that cyclically it creates crashes, recessions and now depressions.

But, of course, there is plenty of pushback. Seems everybody has an opinion about what caused the 2008 crash. And most of these opinions, played out in the mainstream media, are focused eagerly on causes that have nothing to do with central banking.

In other words, these theories are PROTECTIVE of central banking and the damage that monetary stimulation can do. Inevitably, when we read these theories we tend to notice that those advancing them are apologists for the system as it is. The system of monopoly fiat. The system that crashes regularly and ruins peoples lives as part of its foundering.

This article, a long one (excerpt above), posted at Reuters goes into incredible detail about an obscure rule change that the SEC allowed in 2004. This supposedly allowed big banks to increase leverage that led to the crash. The article sets out to disprove it.

This article is a clever kind of dominant social theme, in our view. Why? Because in debunking a silly argument about why the 2008 crash occurred, it provides readers with the impression that Reuters is a really sophisticated and hard-hitting newswire.

The idea is that Reuters – which is actually a mainstream media mouthpiece for the power elite – would provide us with an article arguing that the removal of regulation was NOT the cause of the meltdown illustrates that top Reuters writers are truth seekers.

The power elite that is trying to set up world government is having a bad go of it. The Internet – what we call the Internet Reformation – is slicing away at its fear-based promotions. Many lucid thinkers that use the Internet for reading and writing don’t believe mainstream media articles anymore.

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Democrats sneak Uncle Sam into your bedroom…

… and Republicans prepare a comfortable bed for him.

As bad as George Bush was — and he was very bad news — Barack Obama has managed to overdo him in almost every aspect. If under Bush the powers of the government grew exponentially, under Obama the central federal bureaucrat-controlled government simply went out of control, out of hand. As bad as a government led by Democrats may be, a Republican administration ends being just as bad, because it does not end with any of the big government policies established under the Democrats. So there you go, the two-party dictatorship Americans have been voting for in the last century.

by Dr. Milton R. Wolf
Washington Times
March 12, 2012

Pop quiz: What is the most expensive lunch you can buy? Answer: The one someone convinces you is free. Ask your average fifth-grader if there’s such thing as a free lunch. Now ask a Democrat. Care to wager who’s smarter? Another quiz: How can Democrats avoid discussions of Obamacare’s growing price tag, the failed stimulus, green job boondoggles, unemployment, bank bailouts, auto takeovers, food stamps, credit downgrades and soaring gas prices? Answer: Claim that Republicans want to steal your girly parts.

When the going gets tough, the left gets predictable. Democrats’ false promises of big-government utopia have collapsed once again and so they retreat to their well-worn playbook, which really only has three plays: class warfare, an overcharged race card and an equally overcharged gender card. Throw in some good old-fashioned corporate boondoggles and voila! Democrats have their re-election plan.

Under the sweeping powers of Obamacare, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is empowered to reach into our churches and direct how they will practice their religion. Yawn. Just another day under President Obama’s authoritarian regime. But why harass churches? Because, as New York Democrat Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney claims, there’s a “Republican crusade to limit access to birth control. …” There is?

According to the Guttmacher Institute, a spinoff of Planned Parenthood, “Virtually all women (more than 99 percent) aged 15-44 who have ever had sexual intercourse have used at least one contraceptive method.” This is a crisis of limited access?

Democrats showcased Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke and her plea for a $3,000 birth control free lunch. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart and Target pharmacies offer $9-a-month birth control – $108 a year. Why the wild difference? Because Democrats can’t enrich their cronies on a mere hundred bucks a year.

The new HHS provisions make no distinction between high-end, expensive birth control and generic versions. This is the big wet kiss to Big Pharma. They get rich much quicker collecting $3,000 for each coed instead of a measly $108. So Ms. Fluke gets a free lunch? Well, not quite. Somebody’s got to pay the increased taxes, higher insurance premiums and – mark my words – increased contraception costs. So the government simply transfers those bills to someone else, like the janitors at Georgetown Law, for example, who humbly clean up after spoiled kids. I’ll bet those janitors buy their own birth control at Wal-Mart without whining. But Ms. Fluke is entitled and I’m sure she’s worth it.

This corporate boondoggle that turns Big Pharma into a welfare recipient on the backs of the working class is not so different than the light bulb ban. General Electric gets rich much quicker if Ms. Fluke’s janitors are forced to buy $5 compact-fluorescent light bulbs instead of the 50-cent incandescent version. But it’s for the environment, right? That GE and Big Pharma contribute generously to Mr. Obama is just a mere coincidence.

Do you see the pattern here? Democrats solve the global warming “crisis” (even though the globe forgot to warm) and the “limit” on birth control access (even with essentially 100 percent access already achieved) always by making their friends richer, you poorer and themselves more powerful.

There’s another pattern here. Politicians are like drug dealers. Once you’re addicted to freebies, you suddenly realize the free lunch is not so free. Like the drug dealers, the politicians want your money, to be sure, but what they really covet is your submission. They love telling you what to do and they always claim it’s for your own good.

Think about it. The U.S. Constitution grants no authority to the federal government – and, in fact, the 10th Amendment prohibits it – to declare how fast you can drive your car or when you can buy your first beer or how many vegetable servings you must pack in your kid’s school lunch. And yet they still do all these things. How? By dangling highway funds or education grants like a carrot. Take that bait and you’ll soon learn in the fine print that you surrendered control of everything from how much water your toilet can flush to what websites your computer can access. And now the contraception free lunch is the politicians’ key to your bedroom door. Do you trust them with it?

Of course, Democrats assume there will always be an endless supply of birth control pills to dole out. But should they? The current prescription drug shortage epidemic is essentially limited to the medications that are most highly regulated by the government: injectable chemotherapies and antibiotics.

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert,” economist Milton Friedman famously said, “in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” Well I say, if you put the federal government in charge of birth control, there will be another shortage soon. We’ll call it the Obama Baby Boom.

Corruptocrazy in Brazil asks Twitter to Censor Users

The out-of-control tyranny in Brazil wants to prevent drivers from warning other drivers about unconstitutional police check points and road blocks. Meanwhile, government corruption on all strata goes on unpunished.

by Stan Lehman
Associated Press
February 9, 2012

A request for an injunction to stop Twitter users from alerting drivers to police roadblocks, radar traps and drunk-driving checkpoints could make Brazil the first country to take Twitter up on its plan to censor content at governments’ requests.

Twitter unveiled plans last month that would allow country-specific censorship of tweets that might break local laws.

“As far as we know this is the first time that a country has attempted to take Twitter up on their country-by-country take down,” Eva Galperin of the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Foundation said in a telephone interview Thursday.

Galperin, who described the foundation as “a digital liberties organization,” predicted governments will be taking similar opportunities to censor Twitter traffic.

“Twitter has given these countries the tool and now Brazil has chosen to use it,” she said.

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Alves, a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office, said the injunction request was filed Monday. He said a judge was expected to announce in the next few days whether he will issue the order against Twitter users.

The attorney general’s office said in a statement that tweeted alerts about police operations jeopardize efforts to reduce traffic accidents and curb auto thefts and the transportation of drugs and weapons.

According to the statement, traffic accidents throughout Brazil kill 55,000 people each year and cost the country 24.6 billion reals, or about $14.3 billion.

If the judge rules in favor of the injunction, anyone who violates it could be hit with a daily fine of 500,000 reals ($291,000), the statement said.

San Francisco-based Twitter Inc. said in an email that it had “nothing to share on this issue.”

Under Twitter’s new policy, a tweet breaking a law in one country can be taken down there at a government’s request. But it adds that censored tweets will still be seen elsewhere.

Twitter has said it will post a censorship notice whenever a tweet is removed and will post the removal requests it receives.

It said it has no plans to remove tweets unless it receives a request from government officials, companies or another outside party that believes the message is illegal.

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