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30 Genetically Engineered Babies born in the U.S.

The world’s first genetically modified humans have been created, it was revealed last night.

The Bio-hazard of Smart Meters: Dirty Energy and Centralized Control

Unless you’ve lived all of your life in a developing country where infrastructure is old and decaying, you’ve surely already heard about ‘smart meters’. But what do you know about their harmful dirty energy?

Antarctic ice shelves not melting at all

Twenty-year-old models which have suggested serious ice loss in the eastern Antarctic have been compared with reality for the first time – and found to be wrong, so much so that it now appears that no ice is being lost at all.

U.S. consumers say ‘No’ to antibiotics

A U.S. consumer group is campaigning to get local supermarkets to sell only meat that has been raised without antibiotics.

United Nations Environmental Program Embraces Calls for Eugenics

One of these leaves circles down to us from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) displays a collection of “key messages” written by the usual suspects, such as dedicated man-hater Paul Ehrlich, eco-terrorist James Lovelock and NASA’s own mad-as-hell environmentalist James Hansen.

Mercury found in China baby formula

Chinese dairy maker Yili said it had started recalling batches of baby formula after authorities found they contained high levels of mercury, in the latest food safety scare to hit the country.

Rio+20 will Discuss Planetary Boundaries to Humanity

The globalist Rio+20 conference is just around the corner, and the topics to be discussed during such meeting will be of out most important to all of us, not because its attendees wish to really solve issues that threaten humanity as a whole, but because the sponsors of the movement are planning to bring about world tyranny through environmental policy; much like the Nazis did even before Hitler rose to power.

Secret Space Program Shows Its Hand

Who dumps technology more advanced than NASA on to NASA and thinks nothing of it? This admission of at least this segment of a secretive space program is quite revealing. It will probably slip by mainstream media, but sit up and take notice, this is a serious admission here.

Genetic screening of unborn babies ‘may be inaccurate’

American   experts have developed a blood test which they claim could be used to routinely screen fetuses for more than 3,000 genetic conditions such as   cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy.

Time Magazine promotes Death Care Agenda

The new ‘pull the plug’ care system is now being celebrated by re-known writers and philanthropists as a way to cut down healthcare costs.

Obama Machine Preparing for Healthcare Defeat

The Obama administration recognizes that it may actually be handed a defeat later this month if the Supreme Court strikes down the individual mandate that obligates Americans to buy health insurance from a government program or worse, if the judges find Obamacare unconstitutional as a whole.

Did we really see Venus crossing in front of the Sun?

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the video provided by NASA of the recent transit of Venus in front of the sun MAY BE FAKE. That is not to say that Venus did not cross in front of the sun, but that the video NASA released MAY NOT BE an authentic representation of it.

France to ban Syngenta Pesticide

The French government is to ban a pesticide made by Swiss giant Syngenta used in rapeseed cultivation that has been found to shorten bees’ lifespan, Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll said Friday.

Integrating Human Tissue and Circuits

Technology promises to fuse human cells and computers.

The Next Genetic Assembly Line

The analogy of how children are grown as vegetables and indoctrinated through the traditional school system is a useful tool to understand what society is like today. One could think of the planet as a gigantic production line, where people are born, allegedly educated, grown into families and neighborhoods, where they work and live.

Bone Loss Drugs Linked to Femure Fractures

Treatment with bisphosphonates — drugs that offset bone loss  associated with menopause — may be linked to femur fractures, Swiss researchers  say.

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