Rio+20 will Discuss Planetary Boundaries to Humanity


The globalist Rio+20 conference is just around the corner, and the topics to be discussed during such meeting will be of out most importance to all of us, not because its attendees wish to really solve issues that threaten humanity as a whole, but because the sponsors of the movement are planning to bring about world tyranny through environmental policy; much like the Nazis did even before Hitler rose to power. That is not to say that the world is not under the threat of environmental problems, but none of those problems will be talked about and solved in Rio de Janeiro next week.

The Rio+20 is the back to origins episode in a series of meetings organized by the United Nations and the corporations that support it (Shell, Coca Cola, Nestle, BASF, among others). As we have reported over and over, neither the corporations nor the UN have the best interests of humanity in mind. In fact, the greatest problems humans face today, included the environmental catastrophes stem from corporate greed and government inability to curb their appetite for natural resources and human depopulation policies.

In all previous occasions, the political meetings held as action fora to implement policies in favor of the environment have been rocked by scandal, fraud and last minute back room deals, which were uncovered and exposed to the public. That is why the fraudulent pseudoscience behind anthropogenic global warming failed, and its sponsors had to change their speech to ‘climate change’. But that fraud was also exposed as a recycled idea of the 70s and 80s, when Maurice Strong and other globalist servants warned about ‘global cooling’.

Later came the scandal known as ‘climategate’. Tons of e-mails and documents from the University of East Anglia were made public and with it scientists, researchers and journalists who were skeptic about the ‘climate change’ fraud stopped the globalist neofeudalists in their tracks. The ‘climategate’ scandal put an end to the theft that would have meant a generalized carbon emission scheme, which failed to be the next cash cow for globalists like Al Gore who were heavily invested in the commerce of carbon credits.

The ‘climategate’ e-mails revealed how a group of so-called scientists carried out data manipulation, colluded, suppressed evidence that debunked the anthropogenic warming theory and sought to clamp down of any sign of dissent by anyone in the scientific community. The sentiment that dissent had to be oppressed later translated into other scholars voicing their intention to crush climate skeptics who did not follow the fairytale known as man-made global warming. An investigation carried out by the University of East Anglia, the origin of the fraud, concluded that there had been no collusion, suppression of evidence or intention to attack dissenters.

In the last two meetings sponsored by the UN, the public learned more about the lies and disinformation the controllers used to achieve their goals of keeping most of humanity underdeveloped. The ‘danish text’ was uncovered and with it more details of how the UN wanted to chain down nation-states by mandating perpetual membership in its carbon emissions reduction and deindustrialization initiatives that would drive the world to a post-industrial era dominated by worldwide poverty in the name of saving the planet. This document would also hand more power to the corporate controlled rich nations.

As if the discovery of the ‘danish text’ wasn’t bad enough, the public later discovered the scandal surrounding one of the leaders of the ‘climate change’ doomsday scenario movement. Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, one of the godfathers of the globalist environmental agenda, was denounced for supporting an alarmist, unfounded claim about the melting of Himalayan glaciers. Although Pachauri later retracted his strong support for the report, he thought it was a good idea to hire the man behind the IPCC report who had written about the false Himalayan glacier melting.

Despite all their failures to lure the populations into believing that a micro managed global system under the power of the UN and its sponsors is the solution to all problems, the globalists are back at it again. The Rio+20 meeting will serve to discuss a new caveat in their efforts to curve development for all the people of the world who have not enjoyed it. The new talking point coming right out of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity is the imposition of Safety Limits on Human Activity for the sake of reducing the impact that such activity causes on planet Earth. That all sounds fine and dandy on paper, but what is not fine at all is what it all means: an anti-human agenda.

Let’s see what two of the most revealing sections of the UN document say about humanity and their activities. Section 11 states that there are too many people in the world living at too high a material standard. That is in itself a lie, because most people in the world belong to the middle and lower classes. But the document offers two options to deal with the so-called exploding population. First, its says that most human beings should live as “peasants”, which would set the planet’s population to about 5 to 7 billion people. Second, it says that should the planet continue to enjoy the high standards of development, “a reasonable estimate for an industrialised world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion.” This is the same kind of speech often proposed by UN supporters like Ted Turner and Bill Gates, who through their tax exempted foundations carry out United Nations depopulation programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Section 12 touches the core of a very delicate issue for millions of people: Religion. The document condemns Christianity and says that the “western worldview” denies the sacred attributes of nature which became firmly established with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious traditions. The UN supports a view that says that humans should be seen as part of a different type of community which includes plants and animals. In other words, the UN wants human life to have the sam value as animals and plants. Under this premise, saving a human life, for example, is not more important than saving a tree or a bird. This policy also pursues an initiative born in the UN that intends to equal humans to plants and animals so that people’s inherent right to life, given to them by their creator becomes obsolete.

A recent article published on Scientific American magazine reports about a study that began in 2009 which sought to analyze the concept of planetary boundaries. That is the creation of limits to human activity for the sake of ‘saving the planet’. The need for such limits, proponents say, stems from the threat posed to humans by CO2 emissions, rising sea levels, human induced climatic changes and so on. All of these supposed threats have been widely debunked by skeptic scientists, but the imposition of such limits are deeply rooted in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity itself, therefore limiting development continues to be a center piece in the fight the UN leads against humanity. The study does not look at real environmental problems such as Chemtrails, Genetically Modified Organisms, the threat of Nuclear Power (Fukushima), War, Pesticide use and many other real problems.

Regarding the realistic nature of the imposition of planetary boundaries, the Breakthrough Institute evaluated the study and the idea of creating limits to what humans can do and the impact that such planetary boundaries would have on civilization. The conclusion is that such planetary boundaries are not a feasible solution to take on any kind of environmental problem. “The planetary boundaries framework is not a useful guide for policy or environmental management in any concrete sense, as it does not capture the challenges involved in most of the environmental problems it lists,” said geographer Linus Blomqvist. In fact, the Breakthrough Institute calls the imposition of planetary boundaries a deceptive way to deal with global environmental challenges. Read the analysis of the study on the Institute’s website.

According to Blomqvist, neither the establishment of planetary boundaries as proposed in the study, nor the transgression of those limits would have a significant impact on planetary survival. But Blomqvist warned about what humans must do in order to guarantee their existence in a sustainable planet. “The real limitations for sustainability are rather our ability to grow enough food, maintain a healthy climate and so on,” Blomqvist said. That is exactly what the policies in the works by the UN want to avoid. Under the auspices of the UN and its limits on human activity, more land would be left untouched for the animals and plants to enjoy and less land would be used for the sustainable production of food.

Despite the unreal nature that planetary boundaries presents and how it doesn’t address the real environmental problems posed above, the official establishment of such limits will be discussed during the United Nations Rio+20 Summit. Unofficially, many countries have already given the UN control over large areas of their territorial lands and waters by naming such areas National Parks, Biodiversity Areas or Protected Areas. Many of the most valuable resources humanity has are now under the control of the UN, which slowly and seamlessly tries to tighten the grip of control over those resources.

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