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Facebook Initial Offering Debacle Could Further Erode Economy

If it sounds like a scam and smells like a scam, it is probably a scam. Zuckerberg and Thiel sold off millions of shares

Facebook’s Overvalued Stock Fiasco Uncovered

Although the slide on Facebook’s stock price was officially explained as a ‘glitch’, reality demonstrates that the company’s artificially high-valued position was due to the intervention of its underwriters.

Facebook’s Share Offering Bailed Out by Underwriters

Stepped In to Support Social Network’s Shares at Offering Price.

How Bailouts Pass on the Burden to Taxpayers

How do you create your own monsters? Over the past month the US and Europe have been telling us they will agree to release oil reserves into the market to drive down prices. What are they waiting for? It is expected there could be serious supply disruption, but yet no action. Incidentally, in all the media we see no admission or comment that those nations’ actions were responsible for oil prices at $107.00 a barrel.

European Debt Crisis Continues to Bleed

David Cameron will today express grave doubts about the survival of the euro amid fears that a collapse could drag Britain into a decade-long depression.

Banks Can No Longer Hide the Collapse

Four years after the banks recognized the existence of a ‘difficult situation’ due to the accumulation of sovereign debt, we have confirmed, over and over, that the threat of a global financial collapse is greater than ever.

UK Aid Money Finances Sterilization Campaigns in India

Tens of millions of pounds of UK aid money has been spent forcibly sterilizing Indian women. Many  have died being mistreated, causing outrage from those who suspect Britain simply wants to curb the country’s population for ulterior motives.

Angela Merkel is Latest Casualty of Global Uprising

Austerity is not popular anywhere.

Meet your Global Tax Collector

Global Corporate-Financier Mafia Grows New Tentacle: Global Tax Collectors.

Banks Get Ready for Greek Currency Come Back

Banks are quietly readying themselves to start trading a new Greek currency. Some banks never erased the drachma from their systems after Greece adopted the euro more than a decade ago and would be ready at the flick of a switch if its debt problems forced it to bring back national banknotes and coins.

China Coming to a Bank Near Your

The United States on Wednesday opened its banking market to ICBC, China’s biggest bank, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.

Spain Moves to Save Bank, not to Help the People

The Spanish government finds it logical to cut expenditures directed to help the ailing economy while spending $13 billion on Bankia.

Bolivia’s Resources up to the Highest Bidder?

As confusing signals go, Bolivia achieved a double whammy by seizing a  Spanish power generation company hours before welcoming Spanish energy giant  Repsol into the country.

86 Million People Unemployed in the United States

Last year, 86 million Americans were not counted in the labor force because they didn’t keep up a regular job search. Most of them were either under age 25 or over age 65.

Ecuador Tries to Blackmail the World to “save” its Forests

If you are tired of hearing so-called environmentalists parading their idea for a New World Order, be patient, because they’ve got another great idea. In preparation for the United Nations Environmental — I use the term loosely — Summit in Rio, politicians supported by green ONGs are already calling for the implementation of a Green Climate Fund (GCF) to help “save” the world’s forests.

Anti-Austerity Protests Grow in Europe

A recession in Spain and forecasts of rising unemployment in the 17-nation euro area are amplifying criticism of the German-led austerity agenda in election campaigns this week in France and Greece.

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