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How do you create a Prison? You Turn the Lights Off

As it is often explained, the success of a control grid relies not on the force it utilizes to impose or manage such control, but on the successful application of measures to gain unlimited control. What happens when you put a live frog in a pot with water that is boiled slowly, under low fire? Nothing. The frog won’t realize it is being cooked for dinner until it’s too late, until its flesh has begun to burn.

Russia Warns the West… with a Missile

Russia has expressed its discontent over and over again and voiced concerns about the US Missile Defense Shield in Europe. But the latest missile test is a firmer warning about the threat it represents to the Kremlin that the United States and its puppet European partners install a missile system that is capable of giving Putin’s led government a temporary check and in the long run perhaps a check-mate.

US State Department Arming Mexican Intelligence Agencies

Amid recent reports that the bodies of four Mexican journalists were discovered in a canal in the port city of Veracruz, less than a week after another journalist based in that city was found strangled in her home, the U.S. State Department “plans to award a contract to provide a Mexican government security agency with a system that can intercept and analyze information from all types of communications systems,” NextGov reported.

Britain will use Sound Weapons During Olympics

The LRAD technology used in sound weapons was perfected decades ago. It makes it possible to send verbal messages into the minds of people as if someone was talking into their brains over long distances.

Missile Sites Spread Across London before Olympics

London will be ringed by six missile sites to guard against a 9/11-style suicide jet attack during the Olympics.

Archives April 2012 →

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