Russia Warns the West… with a Missile


Russia has expressed its discontent over and over again and voiced concerns about the US Missile Defense Shield in Europe. But the latest missile test is a firmer warning about the threat it represents to the Kremlin that the United States and its puppet European partners install a missile system that is capable of giving Putin’s led government a temporary check and in the long run perhaps a check-mate.

Russia tested a long range missile capable of reaching and penetrating missile defense systems. At least this is what the Russian military said, in what is understood as Moscow’s strongest public act against Washington over its infamous missile shield program. The United States has continuously said that the missile shield is a tool to keep countries like Iran in check, but it is just too close to Russia to be about Iran. America could probably install such a deterrent system in other nations friendly to Barack Obama which are geographically closer to Iran, and this is a reason why Russia and anyone else for that matter raises suspicions.

The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile was launched from Plesetsk, in the north west of Russia where its fake warhead landed right on target on an area known as the Kamchatka peninsula on the Pacific coast of the country. The most recent launch is an attempt by Russia to show off its guns — literally — and at the same time to improve its chances of delivering a deadly blow should any western power decide to threaten it from abroad. The ministry of defense has said the successful launch increases the country’s ability to deal with missile systems as the one being installed in Europe under the guidance of the United States and the support from NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The new Russian-American struggle, which many view as an example of arm wrestling between the two military foes appears to be a check on Russia’s growing influence around the world, but especially in Europe. Russia’s own estimates reveal that if the United States completes its project and fully installs missile systems in several countries, those systems will undoubtedly be within range to intercept Russian warheads in the very near future, which Russia sees as a threat to the post Cold War power balance between the two nations. The missile systems are supposed to be fully operational by 2020 if the United States and NATO have their way and complete the four phases in which the construction plan is divided.

Russia has publicly warned the US and NATO that it will carry out pre-emptive attacks on their missile systems if it deems that its security is under risk. Pre-emptive strikes are a policy well known to the United States as it has used it to deter terrorist attacks against various countries in the Middle East, a fact that raises Russia’s concern even more. But it is perhaps the first time a powerful nation announces pre-emptive attacks against the US and NATO allies. Historians like Lyndon LaRouche have warned that the latest developments between Russia and the United States represent “the worse crisis in modern civilization”. LaRouche is the founder of LaRouchePac and co-founder of the Schiller Institute in Germany. He says that the world is on the verge of World War III, and that such war will not only be a global event, but a thermonuclear global event.

“Thermonuclear war is actually something that the world would not be able to recover from,” said LaRouche during a radio interview. He believes that current US president Barack Obama and the British controllers are threatening the world with mass extinction and that the hostilities haven’t escalated further due to the strong opposition of the US military leadership. Mr. LaRouche believes that Obama’s latest re-activation of emergency powers during a time of relative peace is an attempt to realize a global dictatorship. “If Obama remains in office, I believe we’ll all be victims of it,” he added.

In 2011, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president, publicly presented an initiative to diminish or even out what he saw as a threat to the country by upgrading Russia’s nuclear arsenal. Such upgrades are a response to the American missile shield capability to be hosted by Poland and Romania, two of the most loyal US allies since the beginning of the so-called war on terror. Those two countries have served as secret destinations for supposed terrorists who were taken to secret prisons to be tortured by the CIA. In recent conversations between Russia and the US, Washington refused to guarantee that the missile shield will not be used against Moscow’s led government. This fact is the most telling in recent times. But even if the United States somehow agreed not to use the systems to target Russian facilities, how believable would that guarantee be, given America’s recent behavior? The US has continuously bombed supposed allies like Afghanistan and Pakistan despite their governments’ clear opposition. If that is what the US does to friendly countries, what will it do with Russia?

Besides Romania and Poland, the US will also have a radar facility in Turkey as well as more interceptors in territorial waters that belong to those countries in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is well known that governments purposely use fake crisis or false flag events to ramp up oppressive policies. History shows us examples like Hitler’s attack on his own Reichstag, the Gulf of Tonkin event, the Oklahoma City bombing, and more recently, the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington. Many observers believe that Russia’s public concern with the US missile shield may be another of those problem, reaction, solution moments, where the Kremlin makes use of America’s thirst for colonization as an excuse to gain visibility in the world stage and tighten security at home. Other believe that Russia is after getting an edge on the issue of nuclear arms reduction.

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