Meet your Global Tax Collector

Global Corporate-Financier Mafia Grows New Tentacle: Global Tax Collectors.


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a 50 year old network constituting what is often known as the “West,” has been the premier promoter of expanding corporate-financier hegemony across the planet. Done under the guise of “progressive” initiatives, claiming to “promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world,” it is demonstratively run by the most explicit examples of institutions and individuals impeding such lofty goals.

Not least amongst them is convicted criminal George Soros and his “Open Society Institute.” While surely the organization’s rank and file includes a majority of well-intentioned “liberal-progressives,” pursuing and promoting agendas seemingly benign, the reality is that the organization, in tandem with the US State Department and the British Foreign Ministry, is laying the groundwork for a homogeneous global network of administrators for what is literally a neo-imperial empire.

With characters like George Soros and his self-serving institution behind the OECD, Soros having been convicted and fined for insider trading in 2002, a conviction that was more recently upheld by the European Court of Human Rights,” it would be laughable for such an enterprise to pose as international arbiters fighting financial fraud. Yet that is exactly what the OECD portends to do – and most recently announced the creation of “Tax Inspectors Without Borders.” Its name invoking the equally well-intentioned, but ultimately fraudulent “Reporters Without Borders,” another Soros-US State Department building block for what is to be a “global empire,” it aims to “to help developing countries bolster their domestic revenues by making their tax systems fairer and more effective.”

In reality it aims at imposing an international standard upon tax collection, and as each nation is financially destroyed by international bankers, IMF loansharking, and foreign-funded destabilization, the austerity measures demanded to be paid in “bailouts” and for “reconstruction” will be managed and coached by the OECD’s new tentacle to ensure every unit of currency ends up in globalist coffers.

Image: OCED nations – also looking suspiciously like Wall Street and London’s sphere of influence and NATO’s membership.

Just as corporate-financier funded “human rights” organizations attempt to create a global homogeneous “civil society” to overwrite the indigenous social institutions of sovereign nation-states, the OECD’s “Tax Inspectors Without Borders” will attempt to create a global homogeneous tax collection system to replace that of sovereign nation-states. As covered in February 2012′s “Soros Big-Busienss Accountability Project Funded by Big-Business,” there is nothing “international” or “plural” about the coming global government. In reality it is driven by a handful of corporate-financier interests working to consolidate their power over not only finance and industry, but over governments and societies worldwide. This is the natural progression of what banking magnates like JP Morgan, the Rothschilds, Goldman, and the Rockefellers were in the midst of when US Marine Corps General Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket,” and is a progression that will continue as long as average people continue feeding on a monthly basis the summation of their work, energy, attention, and income into the corporations and institutions of this growing monopoly.

Video: The corporate-financier elite envision a “global company town” where everything you earn, spend, and consume is controlled solely by them. Projects like “Tax Inspectors Without Borders” aims at making what was once the business of sovereign nation-states and its citizens, the business of the corporate-financier elite. What is a company town? Archivist Harrison Wick explains.

When people commit themselves to systematically boycotting and replacing these corporations and institutions, replacing them with local alternatives by leveraging technology and education, we can return to the day when local issues were decided by local people, not corporate-financier funded NGOs from the other side of the planet masking duplicitous agendas with the best of intentions. Without our daily complicity, organizations like “Tax Inspectors Without Borders” could not exist – as the unwarranted influence necessary to breath both legitimacy and authority into them would be deprived.
The choice is ours, fight the battle of becoming truly independent; socially, economically, and politically now, or face a monolithic global “company town” with all the horrors of a traditional company town, only magnified on a global scale.

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