Did we really see Venus crossing in front of the Sun?


I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the video provided by NASA of the recent transit of Venus in front of the sun MAY BE FAKE. That is not to say that Venus did not cross in front of the sun, but that the video NASA released MAY NOT BE an authentic representation of it.

Not only does the planet not look like Venus – or like a planet for that matter – but it is actually translucent, allowing viewers to see the Sun through it. This strange phenomenon begins just after 1 minute on the video. The same thing happens on the following parts of the clip. The round shadow of what is purported to be Venus looks more like an inserted black circular low opacity shadow over the alleged video of the Sun.

The question to be asked is WHY would NASA fake it?

Please see the video yourselves below and watch with special attention at 1 minute and 3 seconds.


And for those who do not trust YouTube, you can watch the video on Space.com here.

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8 Responses to Did we really see Venus crossing in front of the Sun?

  1. spiritwoman12 says:

    http://www.rense.com/ Just in case someone wants to know more about the weird mututations that radiation causes…. in addition to dizziness, headaches, and a myriad of other problems… stay close to GOD folks…

  2. spiritwoman12 says:

    Great article:


    My fiance worked at Battelle when Chernoble blew… he had to go over there and help them decide how to handle this crisis. He died March 1, 2005, at the young age of 51. Contrary to ‘scientists’ propaganda, there is NO SAFE LEVEL of radiation… I know… I had extremely high levels of radiation in me, who knows how long it had been shattering my nerve endings.. I do know it was impossible to concentrate… the only way it was ‘cured’ was with Quantum Physics.. my instrument.. I became a ‘distance healer’ and helped many people with life threatening issues.. you will find each one, in Heaven. I initiated the healing, God fulfilled it.

  3. spiritwoman12 says:

    Luis…just one more comment before I lose all hope for any intelligent life on earth…I live in the eastern part of Washington … I can only assume these same things are happening everywhere, since all of earth is contaminated with one chemical or another.. I feed and water birds.. those who are migrating, and those who just want a safe place. I know the oceans are dying, and my trees have been showing signs of significant radiation for the past year.. since Spring time is the time for growth and beauty, it is sad to see the new foliage wither and die, and the plants, if they bloom, it is only for a very short time.. again.. radiation. Since I am a Botanist, neighbors ask me to look at their sickly plants.. I tell them, {radiation}, and they go back to their shallow conversations of their next cruise/vacation. I can only assume they don’t know/care if it is deadly to all life form. This afternoon I am watching the flocks of birds at the waterfall, and take a longer and more disturbing look.. the birds look as though they are molting, almost feather free, and fussing with {assumed mites} on their small bodies. The birds are dying a slow and painful death. So, in passing, just wondering how many so-called ‘scientists’ are bringing this horrific scene to the t.v. laced crowds of todays world…. instead of some stupid lies about planets that no one even cares about.. or even has any control over…. oh yeah… second thought.. none of US have any control over anything… do we….. we breathe in … we breathe out…. we breathe in……… we die….. or do we?????????????????????? No one EVER dies.. so we get to exist in this hell hole for all eternity… maybe NASA, et al, will spin more tales for our bedtime stories… that is the only possible reasoning there is to spin this tale of Venus… great distraction… for the already.. distracted. Thank you GOD for taking me back where I belong.. with YOU.

    • Editor says:

      Totally agree. Also, you have to add the chemtrails which are responsible for the death of flora and fauna. I understand that in the United States, especially in the North West, the chemtrails activity is very heavy and it has been demonstrated by several studies that it causes the death of plants and animals. Right now, however, I have to agree with you that the radiation from Fukushima is the greatest threat. Apparently, reactor 4 is about to collapse and if that happens, all experts I’ve heard warn that the whole northrern hemisphere will be consumed in immense amounts of radiation that will degenerate all forms of life for a long time to come. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, but I would definitely prepare for the worst.

      • spiritwoman12 says:

        There are two leaking and non working nuclear sites in California, Hanford is a couple of miles away, here in the Tri Cities…leaking, and has been since the conception of the Fat Man, Little Boy bombs were made..{1944} Hanford has successfully polluted not only the great Columbia River, but the Snake River. I have been following this pollution since I moved here in 1980. I work with Quantum Physics and measure all pollutants with an instrument that never lies. With not only Fukushima radiation, but almost every nuclear plant in the States have leaking radiation problems..Mix that with Metane gas, Corexit, that is stalling the Gulf Stream, which results in the changing weather in the European countries, and … oh well.. we are aware of most of the problems that satanic forces/powers that rule the earth, created. Certainly GOD did none of this.. but He WILL Judge them.
        Not only the already mentioned problems that we can see, we can add deformities that occur in the newborns.. alot like white phosporus, which this govt. uses freely in countries they wage war in.. i.e. Iraq, Afganistan, Gaza, Palestine… etc…. but we can see the 2 astounding differences in our plants/flowers.. either Gigantism, or Dwarfism. I’m not at all savvy as to why or how they can differentiate, but they do. I have huge Marigolds growing that should be a fourth the size and dandelions that have morphed into grotesque shapes..many of my flowers have very small blooms, and the roses have grown to 6 feet or more, and all the rose bushes I have seen in this part of town are burned/white on the foliage and very sick. We can SEE if we look… I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your articles.. when I see yours I read them. Sometimes, in this world of deception and deceit, it is good to have ‘someone’ to talk to… and today, that someone is you. God Speed.

      • spiritwoman12 says:

        I forgot to add this about vegetables…in the grocery store a few days ago, an old couple were looking at the carrots, and I mentioned how dirty they were. They, in turn, were amazed at how large they were. Yes, it is because of the radiation.. I bought one, and it is watery and devoid of carrot taste. It is everywhere now.. I must say… I want it all to happen.. I would like to get on with my life.

  4. DownTheRabbitHole says:

    Glad to know I am not the only one who noticed this!

  5. spiritwoman12 says:

    Why do ‘they’ fake EVERYTHING should be the question.. those of us who have the capacity to search out proof, KNOW they LIE about everything.. of course this is a fake.. so was the great colossal lie of man on the moon. With just a bit of effort, this day of ‘PROOF’ is not far from the lies, on the internet. People would much rather believe the lie. Anyone with any brain power KNOWS there is the sheath of Ionosphere, where all of earths energies and frequencies around the outer atmosphere of this planet that prevent ANY escape of human activity. WHY? Radiation from the sun would fry this place if even a tiny hole is torn. We are captives in this world of lies and aren’t even aware of it. ‘They’ make up the lies, and the sheeple believe them. Puke.

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