Ahmadinejad calls for New World Order

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Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is blaming the world’s problems on capitalism.

Speaking at the United Nation Anti-Poverty Summit today, the Iranian leader said capitalism has caused the suffering of people in several countries.

Ahmadinejad called for a new world order, proposing the coming decade be one of “joint global governance.”

“Now that the discriminatory order of capitalism and the hegemonic approaches are facing defeat and are getting close to their end, all-out participation in upholding justice and prosperous interrelations is essential,” said Ahmadinejad. “All should participate in a coordinated effort for putting in place the competent governance in the centers of the world power and for security serenity, welfare, friendship, and sustainable peace and security.”

The controversial leader’s visit coincides with the homecoming of American hiker’s Sarah Shourd, who was jailed in a Tehran prison for more than year for allegedly spying for the United States.

Ahmadinejad’s visit has been met with protests, and more are planned for later today.

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