The Western Plutocracy’s Move for a Greater Israel

by Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
November 12, 2011

The purported map of the new Greater Israel. ├ Click to view larger image.

“As a result of this unrelenting propaganda against Iran, the talk now is not; ‘has Iran really got a nuclear weapons program’, or even; ‘if it has, how can this be a threat to any one of the nuclear armed nations of the world, including Israel, which could obliterate Iran in an instant’ but, rather, the talk is; ‘how best can an attack be launched’, ‘who should launch the attack’, and ‘how far can the West go in attacking Iran in order to prevent retaliation’.

Even those against an attack aren’t against it because there is absolutely no moral, practical or legal justification for it; they’re against because of the consequences such an attack might bring. They worry not so much about the massive loss of life such a conflict will bring to the region but they worry that it’ll send the cost of oil sky-rocketing and doing untold damage to an already very wobbly global economy.” – Damian Lataan; Why War Against Iran? (September 3, 2010).

“In short, for Israel an attack against Iran and Israel’s other enemies on the pretext of pre-empting an immediate threat to its own existence will be the do or die action it will take in order to realise Zionism’s ultimate endgame; the creation of a Greater Israel.

The coming confrontation is not about Iran being a threat; it is about Israel ridding itself of all of its enemies in the places that it would like to annex as part of its realisation of creating a permanent Greater Israel nation abundant with fertile lands, its own water resources, and living space. War is its pretext.” – Damian Lataan; The U.S. And Israel’s ‘Obsession’ With Iran – The Real Reasons (November 6, 2011).

“The law is whatever people determine it to be.” – David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister.

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6 Responses to The Western Plutocracy’s Move for a Greater Israel

  1. Spiritwoman says:

    John F. Kennedy said, “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive and realistic.

    The TRUTH about the non existant jew ‘holocaust’. ‘Tell a lie often enough and the masses/sheeple will believe it.’

    It is painful to tell the truth but we are close to the ‘Apocolypse’, meaning: the revelation of All TRUTHS.

  2. Spiritwoman says:

    “The law is whatever people determine it to be.” – David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister.
    So far it certainly has been as he says…FEAR can be deadly.
    Not one country has reproached amerika/israhell thus far in their satanic quest to ‘rule the world’. From the beginning of this worlds inception, there has been prophesied the end of evil. Iran, led by President Ahmadinejad, will be that nation to do so. The sooner the better. The outcome is the only way to stop these evil things from devouring the world. The u.s. already has bases in over 150 nations. Great britian owns 35 others.. at any given time there are 185 to 190 nations… doesn’t leave many FREE and sovereign peoples…. now does it. Iran CAN and WILL stop these evil warmongers. … the sooner israhell/amerika strikes Iran the better. It has already been ‘written’.

    • News Desk says:

      I don’t think third world war is a “better” thing than where we are now or where we’ve been before. Usually, some Christian groups associate scripture to events such as the Rapture because they think they are going to be tele-transported out of the Hell that a third world war / final war would be. I respect that belief, although do not share it. But even if it was true, it is not a reason to just “let things happen” as these mad men want them to happen. We have the power to change things. Nothing is written on stone.

      • Spiritwoman says:

        I agree 100% that ‘war’ is obscene and vicious, wreaked to gain power and wealth for the few. I believe ‘christanity,’ as with all other ‘religions’ are cults. jesus never existed… is a complete myth. I don’t believe there is going to be a ‘rapture’ as most think. God is God and HE alone will do what has to be done. However, and this is the big part, He works with His ‘human power’ and that is why we are here.. to combat evil. Our ‘jobs’ are never EVER easy, it requires complete faith and trust in God and not our own understanding. We already live in hell, according to Rev. 12, and is exactly why He created ‘earth’. I appreciate completely what you are saying, however, are we able to have the power to do ANY thing on our

        own?? man thinks he is so powerful just because God has ‘allowed’ them to ‘get away’ with it all up until now. When you stop and think about it.. ‘we’ cannot even ‘create’ a baby without HIM, much less even ‘know’ what today will bring, much less tomorrow. Just sayin

  3. Norman says:

    Collateral Damage! False Flag Operation! Manipulation! This is all starting to make sense now. Taken by themselves, they seem benign, but when one starts combining the elements of the past Century, then the picture that is emerging, is frightening for humankind. The unthinkable, becomes thinkable. What has been decried as the ramblings of mad men, takes on a meaning of being forged by mad men, those who will continually point their fingers at those who are the weakest, using what ever means possible, so as to give the impression of victim-hood. Whether this comes to fruition, depends upon the willingness of the Western Worlds leaders giving up their sovereignty, or resisting? The idea that this has been engineered, that a race of people would sacrifice a sizable portion of its own population, is in itself, mind boggling. But if one looks under the veneer of the present, then it makes perfect sense. Those that were sacrificed, were the ones who wouldn’t go along with the mindset that is prevalent today. One has to conclude that there is a correlation between the present day thinking, with the past, of the last century. Though it will bring howls of anti-antisemitism, from both Israeli as well as most Western countries, (their leaders), the parallels between the NAZI Youth movement of the last Century & the present day youth indoctrination & settler mindset in Israel, requires close scrutiny. Bear in mind, that not every Israeli thinks their leaders are right, just that they haven’t the power to resist. No do other Jews through the World, for they have been caught up in same facade that the rest of the civilized world has been. Food for thought.

    • Spiritwoman says:

      Food for thought… perfect reasoning… however it does go further than that…. There are alot of things ‘they’ don’t want us to know… for one thing… we are…. who we were… in heaven… every being on earth are the ones who fought in the Great War in Heaven…. if God wanted to destroy evil He could have in the flash of an eye…but instead, He created earth… and planned all that is happening and will happen.. He made the ‘good’ guys more powerful, although fewer in number, and in the end, the ‘good’ guys win the last war to be fought. No one God created {which He created, as we know, to be His companions/friends/family}.. however rebellion insued and we know the rest. I have studied and looked for the
      truth for almost 70 years.. like it or not…no one ever dies… this is just a

      blip in time in between the eternity.. everyone, in the end of this ‘test’ goes to where his heart desires.. heaven or hell. Short story of THE story

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