Calcium Supplements Double Your Risk of Heart Attack


New research is confirming once more what many have known for years — calcium supplements, which are biologically foreign to the body (as opposed to food sources), can actually spike your risk of heart attack by a very significant amount. Labeled by the researchers as “not safe or effective,” the latest study reached the startling conclusion after examining 24,000 middle-aged and elderly participants for 11 years. The increased heart attack risk when taking the calcium supplement is represented by a leap from 1 in 700 affected individuals to about 1 in 300.

But how could this be? Government organizations currently recommend calcium pills as an effective way of preventing osteoporosis, so how could they actually be a threat to health? You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase that ”calcium builds strong bones and teeth,” and have noticed that calcium is added to almost every ‘nutritious’ snack in the grocery store. While calcium naturally occurring in whole foods can actually extend your lifespan and is necessary for optimum health, the kind added to food and found in calcium pills is far different.

Bone is compromised of at least one dozen minerals, and the over-consumption of calcium can create some serious imbalances and deficiencies among them. Your body’s ability to direct calcium to the right areas can become impaired (such as when you are lacking vitamin K), which can lead to calcium being deposited in places it should not be. In other words, calcium can compile in unwanted areas and therefore contribute to many harsh conditions, such as:

Cellulite and scar tissue
Kidney stones
Ovarian cysts
Alzheimer’s disease
Dental plaque and gum disease

Some health experts like Dr. Robert Thompson,M.D., author of a book on the subject entitled The Calcium Lie, believe that this excessive calcium intake is responsible for an increased risk of diseases ranging from heart disease to obesity. Remember to always consume calcium through a wholesome food source, and not supplementation. In addition, vitamin D should be utilized to improve your bone health naturally.

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