Former Malaysian Minister calls for UN to be Global Police Force


Yesterday the Malaysian Daily Express reported on a plea by former Malaysian “first minister”, Harris Salleh calling on the United Nations to reform itself, changing the current system to a single “World Parliament with member countries’ representatives as members”. This proposed parliament must co-exist with, as Harris explains, a “World Government Ministry” which in turn must direct a UN Police Force, to be deployed all over the world to enforce decisions green-lighted by the World Parliament.

“Make the United Nations the only authority vested with power and authority to solve country to country international finance, monetary and trade problems”, Harris states in his paper “United Nations Needs Reform and Restructure Very Badly”- which apparently he e-mailed out to all member countries at UN headquarters in New York.

“The Security Council will pave the way to setting up of a World Parliament and a World Cabinet making the UN the most powerful and having full authority on earth”, Harris wrote.

The former First Minister of the Malaysian state of Sabah underscores the current UN security council system needs to be reviewed, especially when it comes to veto powers of single member states. Harris stresses that the Security Council may be done with altogether, as it still represents the old world order.

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