We are all Jason Bourne now


Have you felt as if someone was watching you? But then you look around and everyone is minding their own business. Who is it, you ask. Well, the question you should be asking is what is it? And the answer is Trapwire. That’s right. We are all Jason Bourne now.

Last week, Wikileaks published dozens of emails from the Stratfor Global Intelligence, a private security company in Austin, Texas. The e-mails are part of a corpus of documents delivered to Julian Assange’s site late last year and earlier this year by Anonymous hackers.

The most important detail mentioned in the leaks is the existence of a computer program called TrapWire, developed in 2004 by the Abraxas Corporation, an organization founded by several former members of the CIA. The connection between TrapWire and the CIA, along with the cryptic descriptions of the program have been released and of course have confirmed that the worst fears for much time warned about by alternative media outlets and purposely ignored by the main stream media are now true. There is such a thing as a Global Big Brother.

In fact, the program uses security cameras of all kinds that are available, controlled by agents, to develop a description of the people who are close to a potential terrorist target, and a detailed description of the vehicles. The program also records “potential surveillance activities, such as photography, measurement and marking”, as declared by the manufacturer. All images collected by TrapWire go to its database, where they are cross checked and analyzed by human spies, with information gathered by the sensors.

This procedure is very reminiscent of the American film The Bourne Identity, which has become one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood. As it is always the case, reality is stranger than fiction, and Hollywood no longer makes movies about fictitious scenarios. In fact, its movies are either about things that have existed for a long time or that are about to be revealed, as it is the case with Trapwire.

On the Internet there was a proliferation of conspiracy theories also a result of cyber attacks suffered by Wikileaks, just after publishing these documents. Now we know that those were not conspiracy theories, but conspiracy facts and that alternative media continue to kick the corporate media’s butt when it comes to revealing secret agendas and the limitless growth of the powerful centralized state.

The website founded by Julian Assange has been hit by hackers so many times, but this time the attack was stronger than the usual, and now we know why. The new revelations will shut the mouths of those who call alternative media outlets “fringe websites” once and for all, especially now that the US government has tested and given the seal of approval to Trapwire. The software was tested in 15 surveillance cameras in Washington and Seattle by the Department of Homeland Security. Officials said that the testing was concluded last year and that the technology did not loo promising.

Can you believe that?

Of course not. Trapwire works with the average citywide surveillance systems and as an integrated platform for monitoring every move people make in public places such as parks, bus and train stations, airports and so on. An interesting fact here is that Abraxas, the creator of Trapwire, was financed with monies that came from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. That’s right. The same DHS that said Trapwire was not promising.

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