Weaponized Weather Exposed

International, Clandestine Weather Modification Program is a Fact. The Weather is Being traded in the Stock Market


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Frank G Noppel confirmed this was a problem back in 2004 in his PhD thesis entitled “Contrail and Cirrus Cloud Avoidance Technology” (Noppel%202007.pdf) CONFIRMING SCIENTISTS ARE WELL AWARE CONTRAILS FORM CIRRUS CLOUD. Mr Noppel proposed technology (with patents of his own) to PREVENT contrail cirrus cloud occurring, due to the concern about the escalating aviation emissions blocking the sun thereby cooing surface temperatures by day whilst warming them by night – yet clearly nothing is being implemented as the emissions continue to escalate globally. READ the following facts as stated by Mr Noppel -

1.2     Aviation and the global atmosphere

Aircraft pollutants are radiatively or chemically active substances which can reflect or absorb solar or terrestrial radiation or alter the chemical composition of the atmosphere. Particulates and water vapour lead to the formation of CONTRAILS, which, because of their radiative properties, CONTRIBUTE to global warming. Aerosols also play an important role in the formation of cirrus clouds that would NOT form in the absence of aviation, resulting in enhanced cloud formation and the modification of the radiative properties of natural cirrus clouds. 

In average, the backscattering of terrestrial radiation by the contrail’s ice crystals is more effective than the reflection of solar radiation, creating a net positive radiative forcing. First concerns regarding air-traffic and their effect on the climate were made by Appleman [1966].

The potential effects of contrails on the climate were then again discussed by Schumann and Wendling [1990]. Sausen et al. [1998] presented first estimates regarding global contrail coverage, and the issue found its way into the IPCC special report [Penner et al., 1999]. Since then, a large number of studies have been performed to understand formation mechanisms of contrails and their impact on the global climate.

During the tragic events of the 11 September 2001, the airspace over the USA was shut down for commercial and personal air-traffic for a time period of about 36 hours, resulting in the absence of contrails over the USA. Although contrails have a heating effect on the atmosphere on a global scale, they cause locally lower temperatures on the earth’s surface during daytime and higher temperatures during night time [Ponater et al., 2002]. 

The average diurnal temperature range, which is the difference between the daytime minimum and nighttime maximum occurring temperature, is hence reduced in the presence of contrails. Travis et al. [2002] measured the average diurnal temperature range for the periods 8-11, 11-14 and 14-17 September 2001 and calculated its departure from the normal values derived from climatological data between 1971-2000 as shown in figure 1.8. The increase in the departure of average diurnal temperature during the 11-14 September 2001 is larger than it has ever been in the previous 30 years, and it is suggested that the anomaly occurred due to the absence of contrails during the shutdown.

The IPCC reported a radiative forcing from linear persistent contrails of about 20.0 mW/m2 for the year 1992, which was approximately 42% of the total aviation induced radiative forcing. A more precise estimate of the radiative forcing from persistent linear contrails is given in Sausen et al. [2005] with 10.0 mW/m2, rep- resenting approximately 20% of the total radiative forcing from air traffic. The future development of contrail cover and the associated radiative forcing has been investigated by Marquart et al. [2003]. Results suggest that annually and globally averaged total contrail cover and the associated radiative forcing approximately quadruplicates during the next decades due to the increase in air-traffic.

Contrails, contrail cirrus, secondary cirrus and cirrus modification have the potentialto cause a radiative forcing exceeding that of all other air-traffic pollutants combined.”


An extract from the aviation White Paper by the UK Department for Transport [2003] sends first signals on how aviation pollutants other than CO2 are already perceived:

The impact of aviation on climate change is increased over that of direct CO2 emissions alone by some of the other emissions released and their specific effects at altitude. These effects include increased tropospheric ozone, contrail formation and a small amount of methane destruction. The environmental impacts of aircraft have been assessed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (1999) and more recently by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (2002), and they are thought to be 2-4 times greater than that from CO2 alone. The broad conclusion that emissions are significantly more damaging at altitude is clear.”


Dangers of vitamin D deficiency highlighted -http://www.dh.gov.uk/health/2012/02/vitamin-d/ Hazing and blocking out of the sun to the earth by aviation emissions is reducing the world’s primary source of Vitamin D.  “The UK Government’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies recommended that “all under-fives take vitamin D supplements to aid bone strength” while experts from the British Association of Dermatologists, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the National Heart Forum, the National Osteoporosis Society and the Primary Care Dermatology Society have said exposure to sunlight is essential to combat a range of conditions.” http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Home/Doctors-fight-soaring-Vitamin-D-deficiency.htm 

Yet this is becoming increasingly difficult as according to NASA itself the world has seen a 20% loss of sunlight and geoscientists now admit that aerosol spraying forms man-made clouds that spread to create a sky shield. The sky shield reduces sunlight and is called “global dimming”. Geophysicist, Ken Caldeira, a receiver of huge funding for SAI, ironically publicly worries that massive aerial spraying would cool the stratosphere by diverting incoming sunlight, creating CFC-laden ice-clouds that “could destroy the ozone layer.” [from Chemtrails Confirmed 2010 by William Thomas] Rutgers University professor, Robock should know – he worked on the Global Dimming dilemma with Prof. Farquhar.

Now this declares that geoengineering experiments (a.k.a. stepped-up chemtrails) “could create disasters, damaging the ozone layer and potentially altering the stratosphere by eliminating weather patterns such as the annual Asian monsoon rain season, which two-billion people rely upon to water their crops and feed the population. “If you fiddle with the radiative balance of the planet, you affect all sorts of circulation patterns like monsoons, which would have horrible effects on people,” Dr. Cox concludes. “So it would be extremely difficult, in fact impossible, to cancel out the greenhouse effect just by carrying on pumping out particles.” [BBC Apr 19/09]

And just one of many new articles coming out in the mainstream confirming the above –

Climate engineering to ‘cure’ global warming could turn sunny blue skies WHITE’ – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2155450/Climate-engineering-cure-global-warming-turn-sky-WHITE-claim-scientists.html 


Attempts to track the unmarked jets in our skies spraying aerosols in patterns that are clearly NOT commercial aircraft have been fruitless – as none are locatable on the flight tracking radar available to the public – indicating the in-plain-sight activities of unmarked jets are being carried out by military or privately funded jets without public disclosure and knowledge.

The 1990 Environmental Protection Act has a list of nuisances to which abatement (reduction) procedures apply.  These include: any accumulation or deposit which is harmful to health or a nuisance (see section 79(1)(f)) – The public are being stymied from being able to use this law due to all authorities denying the existence of these activities. A clear violation of their duty of care to the public welfare.

As every attempt by citizens to report aerosol spraying by jets is consistently ignored by authorities responsible, it must therefore be construed that the government is either wilfully negligent and/or complicit with these activities which point to military and/or private companies, of which there are countless performing weather modification services which are for sale on the open market.

See weather modification patents - http://rezn8d.net/2011/11/28/weather-modification-101-100-years-of-cloud-seeding/

The above is now augmented with countless unmanned drones patrolling our skies for the impending Olympics along with 13,000 military, army, navy, EMF (electromagnetic frequency) laser crowd control – NONE OF THIS HAS HAD PUBLIC CONSULTATION NOR PERMISSION.


Insurance companies are complicit with weather modification companies –http://www.globexnymex.com/trading/weather/files/WEA_intro_to_weather_der.pdf

To date, utilities have been the largest end-users of weather derivatives. However, there are many other businesses in which weather has a major impact on revenues. It is anticipated, for example, that positions in agricultural commodities will be hedged with weather contracts more extensively than power and gas positions because of the long series of historical data available in the 2 agricultural markets. Because growing degree days and cooling degree days are very similar, standard weather contracts could be used to hedge commodity price risk. One of the CME-listed cities is Des Moines, and we present some calculations that demonstrate how a considerable fraction of the volatility of corn prices in Iowa could be hedged using weather options. The challenge in such cross-commodity hedges is the development of appropriate weather pricing models.

The WMO (World Meteorological Organisation states itself – “Currently, there are dozens of nations operating hundreds of weather modification projects.”  Without disclosure to the public, weather modification programs have been in operation within individual nations for decades. see – http://www.agriculturedefensecoalition.org/?q=weather-modifications for a listing of all programs and NOAA Spreadsheets Listing Ongoing Weather Modification Programs

From the World Meteorological Organisation website -http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/arep/wmp/weathermod.html

Weather Modification Research Programme (WMRP)

CAS-MG2/Doc 4.4.1, Appendix C 



“In recent years there has been a decline in the support for weather modification research, and a tendency to move directly into operational projects. Currently, there are dozens of nations operating hundreds of weather modification projects, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions all over the world.

Operational programmes should be conducted in full recognition of the potential risks and benefits inherent in a technology which is not totally developed.

In recent years, the seeding of warm and cold convective clouds with hygroscopic chemicals to augment rainfall by enhancing warm rain processes (condensation/collision-coalescence/break-up mechanisms) has received renewed attention through model simulations and field experiments.

Operational weather modification projects should be reviewed periodically (annually if possible) to assess whether the best practices are being used.

8.      The Members should be aware that the scope of efforts involved in the design, conduct or evaluation of a weather modification programme precludes the WMO Secretariat from giving detailed advice. However, if requested, the Secretary-General may assist (by obtaining advice from scientists on other weather modification projects or with special expertise) on the understanding that:

(a)     Costs will be met by the requesting country;

(b)     The Organization can take no responsibility for the consequences of the advice given by any invited scientist or expert;

(c)     The Organization accepts no legal responsibility in any dispute that may arise”

The lack of accountability and transparency from EVERY organisation involved in conducting or advising on weather modification beggars belief – whilst the public are kept dumb and expected to bear the consequences without question nor access to legal resources to have these programs terminated.


Rosalind Peterson is California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition. http://gunnyg.wordpress.com/2008/09/06/more-and-more-weather-modification-programs-are-planned-without-your-knowledge-or-consent/ She states - 

What meteorologists and the media are not telling you – Rosalind Peterson

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), will provide to anyone that requests the list, a copy of experimental weather modification programs ongoing (as well as historical), in the United States. This list is not complete due to the fact that many experimental weather modification programs are “classified top secret” by the U.S. military. These experimental programs are unregulated and are not subject to oversight by anyone. In addition, the public, ranchers, watershed supervisors, forestry, the Environmental Protection Agency, states, agriculture food producers, fish and game agencies, local counties, and anyone else that depends upon the weather, are usually not notified in advance of these programs being initiated.

NOAA has, under its umbrella, the National Weather Service (NWS). If the NWS is notified about these experimental weather programs, they rarely put this information into their state and local weather forecasts, leaving the public to believe that their weather is “normal” or that “extreme and other weather events” are caused by climate change or “global warming.” The NWS provides weather information to local, county, and state meteorologists who then use this information to add to local weather forecasts in the area where you live, but most neglect to advise the public about these modification programs.”  - (again – see http://www.agriculturedefensecoalition.org/?q=weather-modifications)

The only public disclosure of these operations to the public thus far has been this year’s media campaign positing SRM as a ‘hypothetical’ solution to attend the lie of global-warming-attributed CO2 remediation as stated in the - Coordinated working with US House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee -http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200910/cmselect/cmsctech/221/22104.htm – a2-

In actuality, these operations have been being conducted by the unaccountable, military industrial complex involving the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and all NATO countries.

The USA Federal government spent nearly $70 billion on ‘climate change activities’ since 2008 – http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/17/federal-government-spent-nearly-70-billion-on-climate-change-activities-since-2008/?print=1 – So again – to deny any weather modification activity is ALREADY in operation is blatant ignorance or complicity.

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