The techno-military control grid known as U.S.A.

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
November 15, 2010

Ten zones, not fifty states.  Ten governors, not one president, a Congress and a Supreme Court.  Hundreds of detention centers around the ten zones, not freedom of speech, assembly or movement.  Illegal searches in airports and harassment everywhere else, not individual rights.  HR 645, not the Constitution.  This is the reality of a nation that used to be the beacon of freedom, and to which all other nations used to see and try to emulate.  It turns out, all that admiration was misplaced, because the United States of America has been for a long time a piece of land under the control of elites that have prefabricated every little detail, in order to get and maintain control of everyone and everything.  Even after the people of the United States find out about it.

A recent investigation conducted by former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, has unveiled the most out of control conspiracy that no one could have ever imagined.  The United States as publicly known does not exist.  It has been transformed into a techno-military control grid with the help from presidents, congressmen and its own citizens.  Beginning with HR 645, the bill that funds the creation of large detention centers throughout the United States, the former governor visited states around the union where government sponsored programs resulted in the creation of Fusion Centers.  These facilities are intelligence gathering centers that monitor patterns, trends and eventually people who are considered to be a threat to the government.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg on this conspiracy.  In a 43 minute long video documentary, Jesse Ventura exposes how these Fusion Centers, although founded by the government with taxpayer dollars, are not overseen by any governmental entity.  They simply operate with zero oversight.  After visiting several of the centers and a few of the large detention centers, the former governor discovered that these detention centers are not for terrorists, but for dissenters, people affiliated to third political parties, people who oppose government policies, and of course “conspiracy theorists”.

After his fact finding trips, Jesse Ventura traveled to Washington to interview several of the congressmen who sponsored bill HR 645, but only one of them was available to see him.  This single congressman denied the existence of such detention centers, even though he co-sponsored the bill that created them.  He instead decided to justify their existence with the well debunked claim that those places are built for people who need housing in case there is a major natural disaster.  Some of the places were even officially labeled Residential Centers.

According to the investigation, many of the details about the Fusion and Detention Centers were cooked up during the Reagan administration.  Detention of citizens is not new to the United States.  Abraham Lincoln carried out mass detentions and suspended Habeas Corpus during the civil war.  Of course, he did not have a military industrial complex waiting in the wings to abuse the powers given to them by presidents and congressmen.  Everyone is aware of the “peaceful” round-up of japanese-americans who were put in camps labeled as community centers or Residential Centers after FDR signed an executive order to allow for the detention of Americans.  Over 100,000 were detained for several years.  During the Cold War, John Kennedy also signed executive orders that allowed for similar round-ups.  But the most recent one of these orders dates January 11, 2010, and was issued by current president Barack Obama.  Among the directives it established are the creation of the Council of Governors, who in the case of a government issued emergency can take control of the whole country.  This executive order would also allow the president to put the military on the streets of any state in a state of martial law and to detain anyone he considers an enemy or a suspect.

Everyone needs to watch this and research it in order to understand what it actually means. Watch for yourself, conduct your own research and make your own conclusions.

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    Andrew Hoffman is the author of the book “The New World Order and the Eugenics Wars: a Christian Perspective” will be joining Freedomizer Radio ( today November 16th to talk about HR 645.

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