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One Response to Log-in to Facebook with an iris scan

  1. MadeleineT says:

    I hope this won’t be mandatory, it would be the end of the computer industry. It sounds like a sure way to go blind, I go online 20 times a day, I don’t stay on very long but I go in and out all the time, I wouldn’t have soemthing like that scanning my eyes just to get into a website, I certainly don’t bank online anyway. I’m not going to risk my eyes to get into facebook. What other Jackass ideas are they going to put out there that involve your body? I know they are working on chips, I have gotten my affairs in order for that one, no chips for me, no matter how many black clad bootjackers they get after me. I don’t think people should go along with this, if they do it will just be a matter of time before the only way you an get on a PC is to have an eye scan along with a hand scan, next it will need your DNA just to buy a computer. I thought the personal computer was just that, mine, I paid for it, I pay for the service that runs it, now the Gov. is going to com up with ways to keep me off? Whats my pc got to do with them? I’ll take up ham radio before I dance to their tune. They can listen all they want to, Eaves droppers never hear anything good about themselves. What next, sleeping in my bed in case I talk in my sleep? They should be looking for the cure for diabetes and cancer instead of eye scans.

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