The Secret Wars of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Global Research
May 29, 2011

As an old Chinese proverb says, crisis can be used as an opportunity by some.

Tel Aviv, Washington and NATO are taking advantage of the upheavals in the Arab World. Not only are they fighting against the legitimate aspirations of the Arab people, they are manipulating  the Arab geo-political landscape as part of their strategy to control Eurasia.

Sectarian Conflicts in Egypt: A Means to Weaken the Egyptian State

Egypt is ruled by a counter-revolutionary military junta. Despite the increasing assertiveness of the Egyptian people, the old regime is still in place. Yet, its foundations are becoming shakier as the Egyptian people become more radical in their demands.

Like in the Mubarak era, the military regime in Cairo is also allowing sectarianism to spread in Egypt in an effort to create divisions within Egyptian society. In early-2011 when Egyptians stormed government buildings they discovered secret papers that showed that the regime was behind the attacks on Egypt’s Christian community.

Recently, so-called  Salafist extremists have attacked Egyptian minorities including Christians but also Shiite Muslims. Egyptian activists and leaders in the Coptic and Shia community are pointing their fingers at the military junta in Cairo, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian military junta, Tel Aviv, and the Al-Sauds are all part of an ominous alliance. This grouping is the backbone of the U.S. imperial structure in the Arab World. They are dependent on Washington. They prevail inasmuch as the U.S. remains dominant in Southwest Asia and North Africa.

The Al-Sauds are now working with Washington in Egypt to establish a supposedly Islamic government. This is being done through political parties that the Al-Sauds have funded and helped organize. The new so-called Salafist movements are primary examples of this. It also appears that the Muslim Brotherhood or at least branches of it have been co-opted.

The Saudi-Israeli Alliance and the Politics of Division

The ties of the Al-Sauds to Tel Aviv have in recent years become increasingly visible and pervasive. This secret Israeli-Saudi alliance exists within the context of a broader Khaliji-Israeli alliance. The alliance with Israel is formed through strategic cooperation between the ruling families of Saudi Arabia and the Arab sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf.

Together Israel and the Khaliji ruling families form a frontline for Washington and NATO against Iran and its regional allies. The alliance also acts on behalf of Washington to destabilize the region. The roots of chaos in Southwest Asia and North Africa are this Khaliji-Israeli alliance.

In line with the U.S. and the E.U., it is the alliance formed by Israel and the Khaliji rulers that has worked to create ethnic divisions between Arabs and Iranians, religious divisions between Muslims and Christians, and confessional divisions between Sunnis and Shiites. It is the “politics of division” or “fitna” that has also served to keep the Khaliji ruling families in power and Israel in its place. Israel and the Khaliji ruling families would not survive without the regional fitna.

The Al-Sauds and Tel Aviv are the authors of the Hama-Fatah split and the estrangement of Gaza from the West Bank. They have worked together in the 2006 war against Lebanon with a view to crushing Hezbollah and its political allies. Saudi Arabia and Israel have also cooperated in spreading sectarianism and sectarian violence in Lebanon, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and now Egypt.

Israel and the Khaliji monarchies serve Washington in its objective to ultimately neutralize Iran and its allies, as well as any form of resistance against the U.S. in Southwest Asia and North Africa. This is why the Pentagon has been heavily arming Tel Aviv and the Khaliji sheikhdoms. Washington has also been setting up missile shields aimed at Iran and Syria in Israel and the Arab sheikhdoms.


The alliance between the Khaliji sheikhdoms and Israel has been instrumental in creating a wave of Iranophobia in the Arab World. The ultimate objective of Iranophobia is to transform Iran in the eyes of Arab public opinion, into an enemy of the Arab people, thereby distracting attention from the real enemies of the Arab World, namely the neo-colonial powers which occupy and control Arab lands.

Iranophobia is a PsyOp, an instrument of propaganda. The strategic objective is to isolate Iran and reconfigure the geo-political landscape of Southwest Asia and North Africa. Moreover, Iranophobia has been used by the Khaliji ruling families, from the U.A.E. to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, as a pretext for the repression of their own people, who are demanding basic freedoms and democratic rights in the sheikhdoms.

The March 14 Alliance in Lebanon, which is a collection of Khaliji-U.S. clients and Israeli allies, has also used Iranophobia and the “politics of division” to try to attack Hezbollah and its political allies in Lebanon The objective is to weaken and undermine Lebanese-Iranian and Lebanese-Syrian ties. The March 14 Alliance, specifically the Hariri-controlled Future Movement, has imported into Lebanon the so-called Salafist fighters of Fatah Al-Islam with the objective of getting them to attack Hezbollah. The Future Movement has also had a role in the Israeli-Saudi-U.S. project to destabilize Syria and remove it from the Resistance Bloc.

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya specializes in the Middle East and Central Asia. He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

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3 Responses to The Secret Wars of the Saudi-Israeli Alliance

  1. Mike says:

    I think these people just don’t give a shit about bettering there own communities. There destroying theirselves over either A. A book or B. Useless land that none of them have plans of developing. They contribute nothing to this world. Afghanistan is full of The Taliban and Afghanny drug runners . At least have some type of good moral standings . Yea at times what we do is questionable but you don’t see the Islamist trying to better the future for their children with schooling and decent health care. They could care less we’ve built schools and hospitals and try to give these slimebags a backbone but instead they harbor murderers, rapists and militants, then they cry bloody murder when we do find them and eliminate them. these people WANT to be left in the stone age then let them . Look at Iran , they blatantly lie about giving the Taliban a place to call home . Then we try to push the Taliban from bordering regions of Afghanistan and Iran complains that they are fleeing to there country , tell me why Iran can’t make one effort to stop them ? Because they believe in what they are doing . It wouldn’t matter if it’s the US, China or Russia occupying there land it would just be the same outcry with different names . We all know Iran is a ticking time bomb anyways, something will happen with them ! Did you see they just unveiled underground missile silos that can strike up to 1300 miles away ?! A peaceful nation has no need to be developing these 40 years after the cold war. Its obvious we’re in Iraq and Afghanistan building huge bases for the event of a large-scale war . Why else are we sending 100′s of billions of dollars to Afghanistan and Iraq a year with no good news ? That’s not military expenses either, they get there own budgets . Also in 2004 it was reported that there was an equal number army of Blackwater Mercs in the middle east as there were U.S. Personnel . There’s too many secrets in these campaigns that will come back to haunt the politicians but don’t ever think the American people are immoral in the ways the Islamists are.

  2. liz says:

    your conspiracy theory seems far-fetched. iran is widening it’s sphere of influence every day and is behind the attacks on u.s. troops in afghanistan and iraq. they are training and arming the fighters. they are also controlling, arming and training hezbollah in lebanon, seriously influencing syria, infiltrating gaza and arming hamas, and seriously threatening the planet with a combination of nuclear potential with shia end-of-days beliefs. the muslims seem to either welcome iran or fear/grovel to it. as for the map, dividing up iraq makes sense, into kurdistan and sunniland. as iran offered to pay it’s citizens to have more children, and it’s already a huge country, the shias in iraq should be relocated to iran. the last thing iran needs is more land and more oil. as for israel, the nwo has no need for such a country. how can you have a “stable” mideast union with the hated jews in the middle? as for the neo-colonial powers that supposedly control the mideast, what about the colonial, imperialist, supremacist, expansionist, totalitarian doctrine of islam, that violently spread from the arabian peninsula outward to now control much of the planet in 1400 years. through genocide, enslavement, forced conversion, terror, and perpetual warring they have over a billion adherents and are actively trying to control the whole world for allah, the death god who desires mutilation, mass murder, slavery, rape, and child molesting. allah hates dogs too. they continue to invade farther south in africa. in europe, thanks to nihilist pc socialists that govern the continent, muslims will soon control all of europe by force of numbers from high birth rate and massive immigration. islam spreads it’s tentacles in the usa, canada, latin america, and everywhere else. the west seems to be doing a poor job of world domination.

    • News Desk says:

      I think your thoughts are reasonable within the realm of information reported by the main stream media. Unfortunately, the world is not that simple. For example, you advice on dividing Iraq as a good thing to do. Others may think the Iraqis are the ones who should decide whether to divide their country or not. You assume the NWO wants stability. Others may think and ask, when has the NWO promoted stability? You correctly point out certain details about Islam, however, Islam never explicitly expanded to the western world to conquer its land or population. The western imperialists did so under the excuse of expanding democracy and in the process caused the same murder, death and destruction you relate to Islam.

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