Target: Global Genocide. The Elite’s Plan Unveiled

by Luis R. Miranda
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June 19, 2011

Historian and investigator Webster Tarpley describes what the plans of the Elite are for most of the world’s population. From De-development to depopulation. From the installation of a planetary regime to the use of vaccines to carry out forced sterilization. He takes the plans written  down on John P. Holdren’s book “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment” which is inspired on older writings from Paul Ehrlich and Thomas Malthus. John P. Holdren is the current United States Science and Technology Czar and serves Barack Obama as his science and technology advisor.

The plans stated on John P. Holdren’s book have been laid out in other Elite sponsored writings that originate from organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Club, and so on.

If the world were to conduct itself by the teachings that Holdren intends to establish, the result would be global depopulation, hunger, forced sterilization, chip and other device implantation for controlling the people and an overall 360 change in the way humans live, move and use their skills to develop real alternative technologies to deal with issues such as energy, food and health in third world nations as well as for the middle class in developed nations.

The Elite members and their pawns who intend to put these human hating policies in place have made it clear that they will use every resource available to them to carry out their eugenics plan and to rid the planet of the “human scum” so the planet is left for them alone.

The Elite, the Oligarchy will only serve itself, the Oligarchs. For them, there should be the Elite and the Masses, and nothing in between. The masses are useless eaters, animals, whose lives are not worth living. Therefore, such lives must be stopped. Population needs to be cut to a few hundred million. See, the Elite is afraid of a larger population who they will no longer be able to control and who will take the Elite’s place and the resources they have monopolized so far for so many decades.

They have been smart while carrying out their unseen and unfelt genocide. They have used two of the most silent weapons they possessed. Economics and Modern Medicine. Out of sight, out of mind. Vaccinations, pharmaceuticals and medical malpractice kill more people than disease itself. Economic policies imposed on poor and developing nations by the IMF and the World Bank -the creatures of Bretton Woods I- have killed more people than any military conflict we’ve heard about in the 20th century.

The problem for the Elite, though, is that a large part of the world population has awaken to their plan and has begun to see and understand its plan. It is the growing awareness of millions of people around the globe which has prompted the Elite, the Globalists, the Oligarchy, to launch multiple attacks on various nations -militarily in the Middle East and economically in Europe and Latin America- in order to accelerate its plans. Through its military and economic aggression, the Elite intends, for one last time, to absorb the majority of the world’s resources, infrastructure and land before they openly decide to exterminate most of the masses.

If you believe the information presented here is a Conspiracy Theory, an exaggeration of the facts or a misinterpretation of John P. Holdren’s words and thoughts, please do read the book “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment” yourself. In addition, please also take a look at other literature -historical and current- regarding policy that has been implemented or is going to be adopted regarding global issues such as Health, Growth, Development, Population Control and so on.

Please revise the Books and Videos posted below for further research:


Cognitive Infiltration
by David Ray Griffin

Dumbing us Down
by John Taylor Gatto

Underground History of American Education
by John Taylor Gatto

The Globalization of Poverty and the NWO
by Michel Chossudovsky

Ecoscience: Population, Resources,
by Paul R. Ehrlich

The Illusion of Disease
by Mike Adams

Callous Disregard
by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

IBM and the Holocaust
by Edwin Black


Global Eugenics: Using Modern Medicine to Kill

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement  from producer Alex Jones

Consuming Kids  by the Media Education Foundation

The Secret of Oz   from Writer and Director Bill Still

We Become Silent: The Last Days Of Health Freedom

For Love of Water   from director Ilena Salinas

The World According to Monsanto    from Marie-Monique Robin

House of Numbers:  Anatomy of an Epidemic  from producer Brent W. Leung

Shadow Government  from producer Grant R. Jeffrey

Inside Job  from producer Charles Ferguson

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One Response to Target: Global Genocide. The Elite’s Plan Unveiled

  1. MadeleineT says:

    Where is it written that you can be a mass murderer if you have money? They have been alllowed to flourish without any outside interference and now they are a bunch of murdering crazies, we allowed it to happen by letting them get away with anything that came into their feeble minds.

    IObviously the Congress and the Senate are alright with these ideas, they think they will be a part of it, they are wrong, they will go along with the rest of us and so will Obama, especially Obama and his family,hes a mindless robot and all the power in the world will not change that, when they are through with all of these people they will be gone too, they have no lowyalty to anyone but other power elites and they certianly don’t hav eany loylty or alegience ot this country. If we don’t get a Judicial system in place to weed out the people in office who are working with these people , the CFR, then we will not survive. If it were up to me they would be rounded up tomorrow, all of their assets confiscated and put in those FEMA camps that were meant for us. We need to bring them to justice now before they get a chance ot do any harm , or at least any more harm then they have done and all of the people who have aided them in their evil doings should be held accountable as well.

    I ifnd it amazing that nothing is being done about them, hve they bought off everyone ? The Supreme court is useless, The FBI turns the other way, who do we have to do anything about it. If we went after them ourselves, as individuals, we would be arrested , not them and they are killing people and planning on killing all of us and no one is out there that will do anything? shame on us, maybe we deserve to be murdered. Maybe we should have a meeting to discuss their demise the way they do to discuss ours, do you think we would get away wiht it?

    When you htink about it, they are nobodies, who elected them to anything, what right do they have to even discuss killing off the whole poplulation? By what authority are they allowed to even think about doing this, who died and left them God? where are they getting all of this vacine and all of these diseases? They are Nazis and maniacs with money,thats all they are. Inferior human beings with money,ingrates and stingy misers, they should get rid of themselves before they think of getting rid of anyone else, they are the useless eaters not us. They have ruined our food supply , taken control of our water and made our lives miserable, its time for them to go, not us. Maybe we should turn the tables on them for a change, it would be utopia without them and their land grabbing gluttony.

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