Associated Press: Americans to cause coming Terrorism

Just as the Department of Homeland Security, Barack Obama and the corporate media have propagandized for the past couple of months, Associated Press is now echoing the talking point that Americans are the next Terrorists that will attack their own land. No proof of this has been shown.

Associated Press
September 10, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Al-Qaida may have sent American terrorists or men carrying U.S. travel documents to launch an attack on Washington or New York to coincide with memorials marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11, government officials say.

One U.S. official says al-Qaida dispatched three men, at least two of whom could be U.S. citizens, to detonate a car bomb in one of the cities. Should that mission prove impossible, the attackers have been told to simply cause as much destruction as they can.

Word that al-Qaida had ordered the mission reached U.S. officials midweek. A CIA informant who has proved reliable in the past approached intelligence officials overseas to say that the men had been ordered by newly minted al-Qaida leader Ayman al Zawahri to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks Sunday by doing harm on U.S. soil.

The tipster says the would-be attackers are of Arab descent and may speak Arabic as well as English. Counterterrorism officials were looking for certain names associated with the threat, but it was unclear whether the names were real or fake.

Counterterrorism officials have been working around the clock to determine whether the threat is accurate, but so far, have been unable to corroborate it, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation.

In the meantime, extra security was put in place to protect the people in the two cities that took the brunt of the jetliner attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon a decade ago. It was the worst terror assault in the nation’s history, and al-Qaida has long dreamed of striking again to mark the anniversary. But it could be weeks before the intelligence community can say whether this particular threat is real.

Undaunted by talk of a new terror threat, New Yorkers and Washingtonians wove among police armed with assault rifles and waited with varying degrees of patience at security checkpoints Friday.

Security worker Eric Martinez wore a pin depicting the twin towers on his lapel as he headed to work in lower Manhattan where he also worked 10 years ago when the towers came down. “If you’re going to be afraid, you’re just going to stay home,” he said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, too, made a point of taking the subway to City Hall.

Briefed on the threat Friday morning, President Barack Obama instructed his security team to take “all necessary precautions,” the White House said. Obama still planned to travel to New York on Sunday to mark the 10th anniversary with stops that day at the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa.

Washington commuters were well aware of the terror talk.

Cheryl Francis, of Chantilly, Va., said she travels over the Roosevelt bridge into Washington every day and doesn’t plan to change her habits. Francis, who was in Washington on Sept. 11, 2001, said a decade later the country is more aware and alert.

“It’s almost like sleeping with one eye open,” she said, but she added that people need to continue living their lives.

The intelligence community regularly receives tips and information of this nature. But the timing of this particular threat had officials especially concerned, because it was the first “active plot” that came to light as the country marked the significant anniversary, a moment that was also significant to al-Qaida, according to information gleaned in May from Osama bin Laden’s compound.

The U.S. government has long known that terrorists see the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and other uniquely American dates as opportunities to strike. Officials have also been concerned that some may see this anniversary as an opportunity to avenge bin Laden’s death.

Britain, meanwhile, warned its citizens who are traveling to the U.S. that there was a potential for new terror attacks that could include “places frequented by expatriates and foreign travelers.”

Acutely aware of these factors, law enforcement around the country had already increased security measures at airports, nuclear plants, train stations and more in the weeks leading up to Sept. 11. The latest threat, potentially targeting New York or Washington, prompted an even greater security surge in those cities. U.S. embassies and consulates abroad had also boosted their vigilance in preparation for the anniversary.

At Penn Station in New York, transit authority police carried assault rifles and wore helmets and bullet proof vests as they watched crowds of commuters. Police searched passengers’ bags as they entered the subway, and National Guard troops in camouflage fatigues moved among riders, eyeing packages.

In Washington, Police Chief Cathy Lanier warned that unattended cars parked in suspicious locations or near critical buildings and structures would be towed.

Speaking in New York, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said there was “a specific, credible but unconfirmed report that al-Qaida, again, is seeking to harm Americans and in particular, to target New York and Washington.”

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One Response to Associated Press: Americans to cause coming Terrorism

  1. Madeleine Tector says:

    Oh Please….are they ever going to stop the charade? I’d be really surprised if anyone showed up at that fiasco they call a memorial service, I dont’ think many of the loved ones are going ot be there. I’m native New Yorker now living in Chicago and I have friends still there, my one daughter lives in New Jersey and the other lives in NY, friends have told us its a hell hole in NY now, Muslims praying in the streets and whole neighborhoods swallowed up by muslims and their stores and Mosques, the five boroughs we used to know are gone, If they are so worried about Msulim terrorists why do they keep bringing them in? that is the question most people are asking, the UN seems hell bent on giving the Muslims the good life, on us.

    We are one step above Cameroon and Nigeria, Obama should be ashamed of himself , this country has gone to hell in a handbasket very quickly since he took office, I hardly recognise it anymore, you can’t even buy a newspaper, there is nothing in it. Every newspaper in the country has broken the law of the constitution by withholding the news, they should be shut down altogether. Will someone please deport that old gasbag George Soros, he is an enemy of the state and needs to be kicked out of here along with those fine philanthropists the Rockefellers, are they kidding with their insane rhetoric on how the world should be run and how to depopulate the world, Bill Gates , Oprah winfrey, of all people , Ted Turner , Warren Bufet and David Rockefeller had a meeting in France to discuss this urgent mattrer, the news paper said they felt it was their duty as Philanthropists and very rich men to do something about over population, hopefully they will test that out on each other first. Having money in this country now gives you a license to kill and anything else you want to do.

    George Soros never shuts up , everytime he opens his mouth snakes and toads fly out, if I said half the things he says I would be living in Alcatraz. What annoys me is the slow deliberate way they are doing things, I am waiting for that one wrong move these fools will make, and they will make it, and then they will see what an arrogant bunch we really are, we are willing to die for this country and for freedom, they are not, that gives us the edge they will never have. Eventually someone, the one lone man will come forward and speak out against this tyranny and something will be done and we will all help, they will even sacrifice their children and Grandchildren to play this game, power is that important to them. I hope their children spend every dime of the money left to them on booze and fast cars. .

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