WikiLeaks Releases ‘Global Surveillance Industry’ Documents

Unregulated industry allows companies in developed countries to provide technologies to military and government agencies. This technology allows such agencies to hack into computers and telephones and come up with voiceprints and to pinpoint anyone’s whereabouts.

Russia Today
December 1, 2011

WikiLeaks has released the first portion of sensitive data revealing a new global surveillance and interception industry spanning 25 countries. Site founder Julian Assange held a press conference, revealing the secrets of the industry.

­The whistleblowing site has published some 287 documents from its huge database, collected from 160 international intelligence contractors. The database includes internal documents of such companies like Gamma corporation in the UK, Ipoque of Germany, Amesys and Vupen in France, VASTech in South Africa, ZTE Corp in China, Phoenexia in the Czech Republic, SS8 and Blue Coat in the US, among others.

And this was only the first step of the WikiLeaks Spy Files project, established to expose companies, which are making billions of dollars selling sophisticated tracking and surveillance tools. The industry is completely unregulated and modern technology created by commercial companies in developed nations can easily find their way to any country of the world.

According to the leaked data, the devices produced by British, French, South African, and Chinese corporation were used by the regimes of Mubarak in Egypt and Gaddafi in Libya to track and monitor every move of those states’ citizens.

­“Intelligence agencies, military forces and police authorities are able to silently, and on mass, and secretly intercept calls and take over computers without the help or knowledge of the telecommunication providers ,” says the statement on the official WikiLeaks Spy Files sites. “Users’ physical location can be tracked if they are carrying a mobile phone, even if it is only on stand by.”

­The pieces of software created by surveillance companies are capable of hijacking personal computers and popular mobile phones, including those with Android, iOS, and Blackberry operating systems.

Another branch of the industry is voice recognition tools, which help identify and track down individual by his unique “voiceprint”. The CIA is believed to be using those tools for analyzing the voice data collected by Predator drones in the Middle East and identifying the exact location of most wanted individuals.

In the new reality there is no need for intelligence services to focus on tracking down an individual person of interest. They have access to relevant sensitive information about any person in whom they may become interested in the future.

Declassified documents are available on the project’s official website.­

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One Response to WikiLeaks Releases ‘Global Surveillance Industry’ Documents

  1. Norman says:

    Well then, we’re all doomed. I wonder of the voice recognition would work if everybody talked and sounded like “Donald Duck”? Oh, the possibilities are boundless. As the physics saying goes, “every action, has a reaction”, therefore, one can presume with a high degree of certainty, that counter measures are indeed a reality. After all, that’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Otherwise, why have these so called snooper tasks being done on a continual basis of having to try & keep 1 step ahead? Perhaps it’s all a game of folly, human folly, that today, one might have the upper hand, but tomorrow, the opposite will be true!

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