Prepare for a Biological Attack

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
December 7, 2011

One of the neat things the globalists who are currently in control of everything on this planet, is that they let us know ahead of time -sometimes in multiple occasions- what their next step will be in their quest to repress the world’s population to unknown boundaries.

On November 28, scientists at the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands announced they had been successful in the production of a genetically modified version of the H5N1 Flu virus. Their achievement however, could have negative consequences, as published research showed that the man-made flu virus could potentially wipe out humans if it were to fall in the hands of a terrorist group, whose members could release it into the air. The deadly genetically modified strain of the bird flu virus was tweaked in a lab and turned into a far more infectious type that had the capacity to spread so rapidly, that it cause a global pandemic that would kill millions of people at a time.

The research, as the Daily Mail reported, caused a storm of controversy among scientists, many of which warned that the experiment that resulted in the creation of the new strain should have never been carried out. As it happens often, the medical establishment works through compartmentalization, so the left hand does not know what the right is doing. This is what head scientist at Erasmus Medical Center wanted the public to believe when he said that the experiments were part of a drive to learn more and better how the H5N1 virus works. Virologist Ron Fouchier said that experiments revealed that just five induced mutations were sufficient to enable the virus to spread more quickly.

Previous to the manufacture of this new deadly strain of the H5N1 virus, Hollywood turn to so-called  fiction with its latest hit Contagion, a film based on the ‘very realistic’ threat that a deadly disease spreads around the planet via an unknown virus which causes a global pandemic. The outbreak reaches almost every single corner of the Earth in just a matter of days and renders millions of people dead. The film which cost $60 million to make, did not waste the opportunity to point out that only the government can save us all from doom and catastrophe as it portrayed the CDC and the medical establishment as the saviors who rush to the frontlines in search of a cure.

Today, the Associated Press informs that Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton is warning of an impending threat in the form of  biological terrorism. Mrs. Clinton and the U.S. government believe that the manipulation of genes “could be used by terrorist to create biological weapons.”

Clinton says the emerging gene synthesis industry offers benefits to researchers “but it could also potentially be used to assemble the components of a deadly organism.” The U.S. government has cited efforts by terror groups like al-Qaeda to develop biological weapons as a national security concern. Clinton spoke Wednesday at meeting in Geneva aimed at reviewing the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.

As we reported before, it seems the political and corporate establishment are in the final stages of their plan to launch a major false-flag event that could come in the form of a biological attack, a dirty bomb, an attack on Iran or Syria, etc, in order to slow down public protests on the streets of major cities in Europe, North America and the Middle East. Back on August 17, The Real Agenda reported how the Department of Homeland Security had put out videos to incite fear about ‘white al-Qaeda’ and how it was patriotic to tattle-tale on neighbors and relatives if their behavior was deemed suspicious. Previous to that video, the same Department of Homeland Security had put out another video, labeling white Americans as potential terrorists.The Oslo terrorist attack happened on July 22, just hours after the newest DHS video hit the airwaves.

What are the chances that a biological attack of the magnitude of Contagion -or worse- happens in a major city in Europe or the United States? If one judges by the historical trail of events, it is very likely that the establishment will continue to use the threat of a biological attack and actually carry out such an attack if they feel their grip on power and control continues to slip away. All the pieces of the puzzle seem to be aligning for them. They have created the virus and are holding it in two location in Europe and the United States. They put out the usual psy-op through Hollywood pop culture, warning the public that the attack is coming, and they have establishment shills speaking out about the dire consequences an event of that magnitude could have.

It does not do any harm to anyone to be prepared.


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