Ron Paul Most Likely to Beat Obama in General Election

Paul leads Obama 42 percent to 35 percent among independent voters.

Daily Caller
December 14, 2011

With less than a month before the Iowa caucus, GOP presidential candidate and  former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has surged into the lead, but  Texas Rep. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who could best President  Obama, a new Iowa poll says.

According to the latest NBC/Marist poll, Gingrich is the first choice among  26 percent of Republican caucus-goers, followed by former Massachusetts Gov.  Mitt Romney with 18 percent and Paul with 17 percent.

The poll represents a dramatic shift in the race. In October, Romney led the  field in Iowa with 26 percent, while Gingrich only received a paltry 5 percent  of the vote.

With Herman Cain’s announcement on Saturday that he would suspend his  campaign, the NBC/Marist poll predicted that Gingrich’s support will increase to  to 28 percent, while Romney and Paul tie at 19 percent.

“As the roller coaster picks up speed in the month leading up to the Iowa  caucus, Newt Gingrich has moved into the lead car,” said Dr. Lee M.  Miringoff, director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, in  a statement. “Hold on tight for any further twists and turns.”

However, the poll also says Paul is the candidate best suited to face Obama  in an election.

Against Paul, 42 percent of registered voters in Iowa support Obama and the same number — 43 percent — support Paul. Paul’s popularity among independents could be a  crucial advantage. Paul leads Obama 42 percent to 35 percent among independent  voters, according to the poll, and he also attracts 15% of Iowa’s Democrats. Not  to mention that 16 percent of voters were undecided.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has  surged to second place in a new Iowa poll of likely Republican caucus goers,  just one percent behind former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the current  front-runner.

Paul has consistently placed in the top tier of Republican presidential  candidates in recent Iowa polls. With Iowans heading to vote in only three  weeks, Gingrich holds a razor-thin 22–21 lead.

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found weakening support for  Gingrich among self-identified tea partiers, and a dramatic rise in Paul’s  favorability rating.

“There are a lot of parallels between Paul’s strength in Iowa and Barack  Obama’s in 2008 — he’s doing well with new voters, young voters, and  non-Republican voters,” said PPP in an explanation of its poll’s findings.

Paul has taken aim at Gingrich with an ad alleging “serial hypocrisy” for  changing his positions on a variety of issues, including health care and global  warming. The  ad also targeted him for accepting millions from Freddie Mac, and  for calling a budget proposal from Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan “right-wing social  engineering.”

Gingrich’s favorability rating has declined 19 points among Iowans since  last week.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney placed third in the poll, at 16  percent. He was followed by Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann at 11 percent, Texas  Gov. Rick Perry at 9 percent, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum at 8  percent and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman at 5 percent.

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12 Responses to Ron Paul Most Likely to Beat Obama in General Election

  1. David A Dudenhoefer says:

    I have been spreading this blog to as many sites as possible. Anytime there is a fair journalistic article out there, we have to promote it….simply because they are a rare commodity.

  2. News Desk says:

    Guys, I really appreciate it that you come to my site and post your comments. I support your freedom of speech as well. But I’d appreciate it even more if you stick to the issues instead of wasting time with personal attacks. Spread the word about individual liberty and how government is trying to end it on a daily basis.

  3. imminentrevolution says:

    Ron Paul is now leading in Iowa! Be afraid, establishment.. be very afraid! The People are coming! This is your eviction notice, Obama! RON PAUL 2012!

  4. steve says:

    You know he is the only one who can pull dem votes as well as a large number of ind votes. so of course he can beat obama, given the opportunity paul could pull more dem votes than obama. thats a landslide victory. why is no one talking about that. and what makes mewt the front runner? some back room poll withe a few paid oppinions? i dont believe any of these polls for a second.

  5. Doc says:

    Considering the placement of Norman’s head buried neck deep in his own rectum.

    • Norman says:

      Well Doc, you’ll have to get yours out of your own before you can tell others. What a sad day it is for this country when people like you go around letting their mouth write checks their ass can’t cover. Too bad you posted 3 times, shows where you heads really at.

      • Doc says:

        Is it a sad day, Norman? Maybe you should complain to the webmaster and demand my right to free speech not extend to his private forum. I’m ok with that. As to what my ass can cover, you have no idea the expanse of my ass.

        I posted 3 times? Dude, I’ve posted millions of times. What are talking about?

        • Norman says:

          I have no idea where your at, you are the one who wrote the comment to mine. If you can’t keep tract to what you’re saying to others, that’s your problem. But, I shall accede to the wishes, this being the last on this issue.

  6. Norman says:

    A rather myopic view, considering.

    • Larry Finite says:

      Considering what?

    • nalejbank says:

      Why are people voting down Doc’s silly and childish comment? I’m surprised Doc can even see the keyboard from such a dark environment he occupies.
      Truth will ultimately prevail when pains are taken to bring it to light! So let’s all stick to adult discussions involving problem/solutions will you please?

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