Main Stream Media Machine on the attack against Ron Paul

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
December 22, 2011

Ron Paul´s successful campaign and its meteoric rise to first place in Iowa has prompted the establishment and its electronic arm, the main stream corporate media, to launch a well scripted attack on the Texas Congressman. CNN, USAToday, Daily Caller, FOXNews, and many more outlets have published articles and reports with various degrees of disinformation that intend to portray the leading Republican candidate as anything from a crazy man to a Nazi sympathizer.

CNN reporters have made it their job to repeatedly ask Ron Paul about twenty-something year-old newsletters, whose content Paul has said time after time he totally opposes and regards as extreme. Paul has been asked about those newsletter at least once a day for the past week, but CNN reporters continue dwelling on the apparent relevance of such newsletters instead of asking Paul and the rest of the Republican candidates about their plans should they be elected presidents.

¨Media arms of both, the democrat and republican parties, for their part, have been complicit thus far in orchestrating the build-up and then collapse of campaigns that have included Presidential hopefuls like Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and most recently, Newt Gingrich,¨ points out Mac Slavo at As Ron Paul reaches almost 30 percent in some polls (Wednesday night) there is little doubt that Mr. Paul is at the very least a strong candidate to win Iowa and build an even stronger wave right before New Hampshire arrives on January 10. During an one on one interview with Gloria Borger from CNN, Paul responded once again to the questions related to racist views expressed in newsletter published 22 years ago. Paul answered Borger´s questions as he did the day before on CNN, but she continues to ask the same questions over and over again, and then implied Paul had earned 1 million dollars as a result of lending his name to the infamous newsletters. She did not present any proof of her unfounded accusations. See the exchange below:

Meanwhile, USAToday published an article saying that Ron Paul is still not the leading candidate in Iowa, despite the fact at least two recent polls place him first in that state with a 3 and 5 point advantage over Mitt Romney and New Gingrich. Reporter Jackie Kucinich wrongly argues that regardless of his money raising power and well organized movement, Ron Paul hasn´t been able to get to the top in Iowa. Ms. Kucinich perpetrates the lie that Ron Paul cannot win, much less be elected president of the United States. She forgets that while Romney and Gingrich have been in free fall in the last 4 weeks, Paul has risen from 14 percent on average, to almost 24 percent in the state of Iowa.

Ms. Kucinich implies that Ron Paul is weak among main stream Republicans because of his consistent foreign policy and economic sanity views and that this makes him a less strong candidate to beat Barack Obama in a general election. She forgets that since the campaign began, Paul has been the candidate that polls best in the Republican field when faced with the current president of the United States. In a recent NBC/Marist poll, Mr. Paul beats Obama 42 percent to 35 percent among independent voters. According to the poll, 42 percent of registered voters in Iowa support Obama, while 43 percent support Paul. “There are a lot of parallels between Paul’s strength in Iowa and Barack  Obama’s in 2008 — he’s doing well with new voters, young voters, and  non-Republican voters,” said PPP in an explanation of its poll’s findings. Ron Paul is the most popular candidate among non-white polled voters. Mr. Paul is polling second in New Hampshire and third in Nevada.

After the last Republican debate in Iowa, Fox News´ neocon host Sean Hannity questioned poll about the newsletters as well, even though Paul had responded to questions on the subject on various Fox News shows and other news media already that week. Sean Hannity as well as Gloria Borger questioned Paul about his recent campaign ads, which they called ¨tough¨. Paul´s campaign has aired television ads in Iowa and other states exposing Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman´s flip-flopping during the campaign and throughout their career as politicians. In one of the ads, Paul´s campaign reveals Newt Gingrich´s history of hypocrisy as it has been reported by the media for the past 20 years. He also attacked Romney, Cain and Bachman as being more of the same or status quo candidates.

Main stream media and other alternative neocon outlets criticize Paul for appearing in radio and television shows warning about the impending Martial Law state the US government wants to turn the country into. Paul has cited the passage of legislation such as John Warner Defense Authorization, PDD51 and the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act as strong signs that the United States government is seeking to impose Martial Law in America. Mr. Paul´s warnings are supported not only by the contents of recently adopted laws but also by a leaked government document which clearly states how will a Martial Law state be managed once it is implanted. The document titled ¨STATEMENT OF WORK FOR FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY NATIONAL CONTINUITY PROGRAMS (NCP) PROGRAM AND MISSION SUPPORT SERVICES (PAMSS)¨. The leaked document describes how FEMA contractors will assist the National Continuity of Government (NCP) during a state of Martial Law in America. It details operational policies regarding Administrative Support,  Test, Training and Exercise Programs, Software, Systems, and Telecommunications Engineering and Support, First Responder Partnership Initiative,  Audit Support, Financial and Internal Controls, Property Management Support, OMB 300 Support, Acquisition Support, Outreach Support, Professional Support/Subject Matter Expertise, among others.

Separately, declassified FEMA Continuity of Government Plans detail how the government is preparing for a total takeover of society, by dispatching the military inside the United States as it was done during hurricane Katrina, where soldiers invaded private property, confiscated guns and looted the homes of well to do Americans who had prepared for the hurricane beforehand.  Katrina was the training ground for the coming militarization of the United States as the final economic collapse looms on the horizon.

So why is Ron Paul being attacked with bogus claims, unfounded statements and ridiculed due to his warnings against the coming economic collapse and Martial Law preparations? Because the dying dinosaur media does not have anything on him. He has no skeletons in his closet and he has not flip-flop about anything during his long career as a public servant. His life and politics have been based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which turns him into the only qualified candidate to run for president in 2012.

The media and the establishment are shaking!

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3 Responses to Main Stream Media Machine on the attack against Ron Paul

  1. martin says:

    The Corpotrate owned media like the political class is full of phonies and nepotistic harlot’s that have given us no independent warning’s of the false claim of w.m.d. In Iraq and the sink hole our taxes are going down to support crony contractor’s in Afghanistan and Iraq while Pakistan and Karzai,who our taxes are siphoned to, are
    aiding War profiteers and colluding with the Taliban who kill our young boys and girls in the armed services. Ron Paul is going to win Iowa,despite the propaganda and all the mind polluting words that stream from the devil’s radio and the idiot box.
    I am sick to death of hearing things from uptight,narrow minded hypocrits…just gimme some truth..all I want is the truth…Vote Ron Paul!!! Get your friends as vote for Ronnie!

  2. Doc says:

    Even if he did read them, we (allegedly) have a right to free speech even if some people disagree with what we say.

  3. Norman says:

    As they say, “It’s not over until the FAT LADY sings”, holds true in this jolly romp that the GOP & the M.S.M has been providing. If one looks closely, one sees that each of the so called front runners, last a week or two at the front, then slide backwards. A couple have withdrawn, but not before their pockets have been lined with cash. I’m not implying Dr. Paul is in that group, but it’s his turn to lead the pack, perhaps even coming out on top on the 3rd of January, in Iowa. It’s pretty telling that the M.S.M. keeps resorting to 20 year old stuff, while the rest are either flip-floppers or idiots on the issues. Needless to say, if Dr. Paul does win the nomination to run against the “O”, we will be in for a jolly good show, which by anyone’s standards, is sorely needed in this country today. Who knows, if he wins, he might even appoint “Bernie Sanders” as “Treasury Secretary”?

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