Ron Paul ad reveals Santorum’s ” Record of Betrayal”

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
January 6, 2012

Ron Paul has come out whacking after his successful result in Iowa. This time, Paul’s campaign hit Rick Santorum. The ad that criticizes Santorum record of betrayal and hypocrisy in Washington is set to be aired in South Carolina, where Santorum is trying to ride the wave of his questionable meteoric second place in Iowa.

The video uses similar words to those used in previous ads where the Paul campaign accused Newt Gingrich of hypocrisy and lies. ”One serial hypocrite exposed,” says the narrator, while reminds voters of Newt Gingrich‘s shady record. “Now another has emerged: Rick Santorum, a corporate lobbyist and Washington politician. A record of betrayal.”

See the video below:


Rick Santorum began attacking Ron Paul a week before the Iowa caucus and the Paul campaign is now playing fire with fire as it exposes Santorum’s past as a fake conservative, who helped run up the deficit by supporting an increase in the debt ceiling.

Right now, Ron Paul is strongly holding second in New Hampshire, only behind long time favorite Mitt Romney. These two campaigns have not exchanged attacks so far in the race, but it is expected that as both Romney and Paul continue to go head to head on the following primaries, both the mainstream media as well as GOP Establishment organizations will increase their attacks on Paul.

Previous attacks by CNN and FoxNews included questions about Ron Paul’s “racism” that they said originated from 20-year-old newsletters that Paul did not write or agreed with. Attacks from fellow candidates such as Michelle Bachmann told of Paul’s “dangerous” beliefs. According to Bachmann and Santorum, the fact Paul does not want to bomb every country on this planet is insane and should be considered as a threat to the United States’  national security.

Previous to Ron Paul getting an equal amount of delegates in Iowa as Romney and Santorum got, attacks by the mainstream media and talking heads included unfounded beliefs such as that Ron Paul could not win, could not be elected, could not beat Obama, was not supported by the troops, and so on. Today, as Americans and the world have learned, Paul has been elected as a representative numerous times, became a top tier candidate, tied with Romney for first place -in the number of delegates- in Iowa, gets more cash and support from the troops than all other candidates combined, is second in New Hampshire and fourth place in South Carolina.

The Paul campaign will invest $250,000 on the ad buy which will begin playing in South Carolina on Monday.

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One Response to Ron Paul ad reveals Santorum’s ” Record of Betrayal”

  1. Norman says:

    Looks like this is going to be lively. If Bachmann, Perry, the Newt, fall out, it certainly will be interesting. Of course, he who has the bucks, will win in the end. Of course, the G.O.P. heads will probably fund Paul’s opposition? Goodness, when they bring the knives out, they certainly do slice & dice. Kind of like that series on the tube, “Spartacus”!

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