Ron Paul: ‘Kooky’ is to Invade Iraq, Kill Millions and Hand it to the Iranians

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
January 11, 2012

Presidential candidate Ron Paul came out to defend his record against those who call his foreign policy ‘kooky’. During an interview on Fox News this morning, Mr. Paul said that those who call him and his policy ‘kooky’ simply cannot defend themselves intellectually. The Congressman is talking about those pundits that the main stream dinosaur media often consult on air regarding a candidate’s points of view and plans for an eventual government.

After finishing third in Iowa and second in New Hampshire, Ron Paul has been making the rounds on the same main stream media shows that used to sideline him back in 2008 and who laughed at him just a few months ago. The very same pundits who support the Republican establishment candidates used to say that Mr. Paul was unimportant and that even a victory in Iowa would not mean anything.

While other candidates such as Newt Gingrich have to apologize for their unfortunate baseless attacks on fellow candidates as they retreat into their dark holes, Mr. Paul has gone around explaining to talking heads and the rest of the public why he’s been so successful with the young vote, that is, people with ages between 18 and 30, of whom Paul has garnered some 50 percent in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“If they say my foreign policy is kooky, maybe they ought to look at what is happening.” said Mr. Paul. “…invading a country like Iraq, who never did a thing to us, killing a lot of people and turning it over to the shiites who are allies with the Iranians, I call that kooky. I call it kooky allowing our president now to go into numerous countries, even today he went into another African country without permission of the Congress. Fighting undeclared wars, that is kooky, and that is why the American people are sick and tired of what we have.” Then he emphasized: “They choose that term to discredit me because I’m the consistent one.” Paul said alluding those who criticise him.

See the full video interview below:

But not even Paul’s meteoric success has prevented the main stream media from attacking him, using loaded questions during exclusive interviews, making straw man arguments about debunked accusations and so on. Mr. Paul has successfully explained the infamous issue of the newsletters and now, they have ran out of questions to ask. Do not expect the pundits and talking heads to stop asking him about it, though.

What you will not see the main stream media doing is questioning how Rick Santorum made it from single digits to tying Mitt Romney for first place in Iowa in just a week. That would be too much to ask. Neither the rest of the candidates asked for a public verification of the voting even though the Republican Party had announced they would take the counting to an undisclosed location.

“All I can do is do my best at the speaking rallies” said Paul later on an interview on MSNBC.

Since the mains stream media refuses to carry out their work, Mr. Paul has also had to come to their aid, rightfully identifying Mitt Romney as a Big Government Conservative. While on Morning Joe, Paul affirmed that someone who supports TARP and single mandate healthcare programs cannot be called a real conservative. “There is a large base in the Republican party who are saying We’ve been stomped too many times with people who are not convincingly enough good conservatives. That is the group of people who Mr. Paul hopes to attract with his long time record of conservative policies in economics, monetary, fiscal and social matters.”

When asked about whether he could maintain and increase the support of more voters, Mr. Paul reminded the audience that many people used to ignore him because they thought he couldn’t get out of the single digits and now those same people are questioning whether he can keep up with other candidates numbers. To this, Mr. Paul said: “But another thing is that people in this country are really afraid about the economy. Despite the fact there is a lot of wealth in this country, they realized it is all based on debt, and that is very unsteady.” Paul has been one of a handful of people who accurately predicted the current economic collapse, and the only candidate who has been warning about the impending economic depression for the past 30 years. That alone gives him a monumental edge against his opponents who have all been proponents of the same debt-based system that has brought the United States and the world down to shambles.

“That is why the message of liberty and sound financing, the message that I’ve been talking about is going to continue to grow,” said Paul.

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