Cancer drugs make tumors more aggressive and deadly

by S. L. Baker
January 19, 2012

When natural health advocates warn against mainstream medicine’s arsenal of weapons used to fight cancer, including chemotherapy and radiation, their concerns often revolve around how these therapies can weaken and damage a person’s body in numerous ways. But scientists are finding other reasons to question some of these therapies. It turns out that while chemotherapies may kill or shrink tumors in the short term, they may actually be causing malignancies to grow more deadly in the long term.

For example, Natural News previously reported:

( that scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Comprehensive Cancer Center and UAB Department of Chemistry are currently investigating the very real possibility that dead cancer cells left over after chemotherapy spark cancer to spread to other parts of the body (metastasis). And now comes news that a little-explored specific cell type, the pericyte, found in what is called themicroenvironmentof a cancerous tumor actually may halt cancer progression and metastasis. And by destroying these cells, some anti-cancer therapies may inadvertently be making cancer more aggressive as well as likely to spread and kill.

A study just published in the January 17 issue of the journalCancer Cellconcludes that anti-angiogenic therapies (which shrink cancer by cutting off tumors’ blood supply) may be killing the body’s natural defense against cancer by destroying pericyte cells that likely serve as important gatekeepers against cancer progression and metastasis. Pericytes cover blood vessels and support their growth.

For the new research, Raghu Kalluri, MD, PhD, Chief of the Division of Matrix Biology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS), investigated whether targeting pericytes could inhibit tumor growth in the same way that other antiangiogenic cancer drugs do.

Dr. Kalluri and his research team worked with mice genetically engineered to support drug-induced depletion of pericytes in growing tumors. Next, they removed pericytes in implanted mouse breast cancer tumors, decreasing pericyte numbers by 60 percent.

Compared with control animals, there was a 30 percent decrease in the size of cancerous tumors over 25 days. But there was a serious catch to these results. Contrary to conventional mainsteam medical wisdom, the scientists discovered the number of secondary lung tumors in the engineered mice had increased threefold compared to the control mice, indicating that the tumors had metastasized.

How cancer drugs can spread cancer cells

“If you just looked at tumor growth, the results were good,” Dr. Kalluri said in a press statement. “But when you looked at the whole picture, inhibiting tumor vessels was not controlling cancer progression. The cancer was, in fact, spreading. This suggested to us that without supportive pericytes, the vasculature inside the tumor was becoming weak and leaky — even more so than it already is inside most tumors– and this was reducing the flow of oxygen to the tumor.”

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3 Responses to Cancer drugs make tumors more aggressive and deadly

  1. spiritwoman12 says:

    You didn’t do anything wrong.. and don’t blame yourself… the medical world charges huge money for chemo.. I know.. my husband took it, against my strong objections in 1992.. he died in 1999 from the chemo and agent orange cancers. All you can do, is what you did.. give her good advice, and love her.. she will have to come to terms with your relationship ultimately.. I know… my daughter is 39.. and after two years she has lost her rebelliousness against me. It is not a good world, and sometimes things work against good people. We just have to ride it out.. it usually all works out eventually.. wish I could tell you something more.. but I had FAITH that God would work it out. And HE did..

    • Madeleine Tector says:

      Thank you Spiritwoman12, that makes me feel a lot better.I must have been very upset when I wrote to you because my spelling is awful, sorry about that. Thank you again. ,

  2. Madeleine Tector says:

    My daughter had been diagonsed with lung cancer a couple of months ago, actually I had already secured a cancer cure, a darn good one that they ware using in one for the major cancer hospitals, evidently my daughters physicialn didn’t know about it, because he operated and then sent her to a bunch of unvcloigists in anotehr hospital ot take care her, of course that meant chemo therapy. I trioed to explain to her the best way to go about it and she reacted really badly, she didn’t even want to talk about it and now she doesn’rt call me anymore. I sent her and my Grand daughter a coupld of boxes and she never even called to tell me she go tthem so I know she wreally doesn’t want to talk to me,why, I don’t know.

    I also told her about the tumeric treatment they give with chemo therapy, they have had excellent results with this, after I told her about that she tried taking it but she was drinking it as a tea, I have no idea if that works or not, I think the hospital has to do that. The cure I gave her to begin with was just over the counter things, not cancer drugs, you can even get it along with chemo if you insist, it wouldn’t hjurt, why would she not want to do this? She is still recieving chemo therapy, although her Doctor said it would just be light doses, is there such a thing? Now I read that in Scotland there is an inhaler that is being used for Lung cancer and it delivers the radiation medicine right to the lung instead of invading the whole body, I cant’ tell her anything because se is not listening. Can someone tell me why she would do this, she has a 12 year old daughter and a husband who is now getting sick as well, it sounds like nerves but who knows. I would never tell anyone to take a medicine, I am not a Doctor but when its a cure that is being used in a major cancer hospital then yes, of course I would pass it on , especially since it is just over the counter and kitchen items, why would she be against that, she could have taken her chemo therapy. There is no record of cancers treated this way ever coming back. What could I have done to make her feel this way ?

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