Another Mad Scientist Calls for Reducing Number of Humans

by Jurriaan Maessen
February 29, 2012

In a very recent paper by Colorado state university professor Philip Cafaro titled Climate ethics and population policy, “global warming” is fraudulently being portrayed as the earth’s greatest calamity- and once again, the finger is pointed at humanity as the prime evil-doer. Echoing the UN’s debunked Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the professor paints a picture of gloom and doom (page 57):

“Scientists now speak of humanity’s increased demands and impacts on the globe as ushering in a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene. Such selfish and destructive appropriation of the resources of the Earth can only be described as interspecies genocide.”

He speaks of a new geological epoch, an “Anthropocene”. He off course forgets to mention that if there’s one thing constant about the climate is that it changes constantly. Furthermore, the idea that CO2 emissions have any significant impact on the earth’s atmosphere has really been put back on the fiction-shelve where it belongs :

“It is past time to acknowledge the immense injustice toward other species represented by climate change and other human assaults on the biosphere”, the professor goes on to say: “and to reform our environmental ethics and behavior accordingly.”

What the professor means when he writes “behavior”, is not just some friendly “family planning”- campaign. He actually writes that in order to prevent global Armageddon, only the most draconian policies will do:

“Ending human population growth is almost certainly a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for preventing catastrophic global climate change. Indeed, significantly reducing current human numbers (emphasis added) may be necessary in order to do so.”

An important distinction. It’s one thing to end growth. It’s quite another thing to reduce current human numbers.

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4 Responses to Another Mad Scientist Calls for Reducing Number of Humans

  1. Madeleine Tector says:

    Thank you, I did go in and read it and I am not surprised he holds several titles, all to do with ethics and the environment, how he can combine his work and his hopes for the future of mankind with ethics is beyond me, is it ethical to plan on the demise of your fellow human beings? what really took the cake was this man had two children, I guess he will have to kill two children belonging to someone else in order to keep them. How can he marry , evidently a woman who believes as he does, and then turn around and have two children. How absurd. I’m beginning to think these people are all off their rocker and the only cure for that is a straight jacket and complete isolation.

    Thi scountry has been well kept despite all of the things the Government has done to it, not us , the Government, they dig and strip mine and they are the peoplewho are letting in immigrants by the millions , not us. We hav enothing ot say aobut anything yet we are the ones who are going to be enslaved and incarcerated in those Auschwitz like FEMA camps. I have never seen anything done to this country that had any lasting effect on this earth, the Government has done plenty to leaving a dirty footprint on land and in the ocean. They have dug tunnels two miles deep throughout the clobe , Lord knows how far they have gone and of course the copy cats , the Chinese are doing the same. Then you have HAARP, Russia and of course China have that as well , who knows what they have done with that, how many earth quakes , hurricanes and tornados they have started, we the people have no access to HAARP. They have acres of oil and natural gas and who knows what else under all of the land they grab and put under conservation, they have been robbing us since Teddy Roosevelt, all of the national parks and mountains and waterfalls, they all have beautiful water falls and Lakes, things that we will not be permitted to use, They are the offenders, not us, what they need to do is kill themselves not us, we haven’t done a thing, they have.

    People like this Dr. Cafaro make me sick , they are out in the beautiful country, Colorado is beautiful, he enjoys the scenery every chance he gets but would rather no one else enjoyed it, he sees the people piling in here from other ocuntries, it must be a shock to him ot find out he is not the only person in that forrest or looking at that lake, I think he snapped, what else could it be. Now the World bank wants to own the rights to the oceans, they claim we have to learn how to conserve what we have and we won’t learn that until it becomes expensive to use it. They are going to teach us a lesson? they are the biggest wasters there is , money and resources both, why should they police the oceans and by whose authority? what could we possible to do the oceans, we are not spilling oil into the gulf , we are not over fishing, we are not dumping nuclear waste into the ocean like Russia, so once again, we are getting blamed for things we haven’t done but they have. You can’t smell the floweres anymore without people like Dr.Cafaro making sure we dont’ breathe too deeply. Somehow these people seem to think they own the country, we are just here because they allow it, we are always under threat of death form these crazies, its only a matter of time before Bill Gates has a plan that will finally work. I think we ought to beat them to the punch, there are more of us than there are of them, the only difference is we are civilized and we are not murderers like Dr. Cafaro.

  2. Tish Morgna says:

    Do not be so surprised by this developement, it was in the making for well over 40 years. The university is now the “magisterium” of the godless. The unthinking and unfeeling follow the dictates that these creatures put forth. They would not be satisfied even if they were to get what they wanted for the root of their problem is being as anti-human as the fallen angels are anti-human.

    These poor deluded souls’ hatred for God and the order He established is indeed so great that they would relish the flow of blood that this one dreams about.

  3. Madeleine Tector says:

    I find it a sad case that someone spent this kind of money on an education for this heathen and he is throwing it right back in their face, he probably gets extra grants from the power elite to spout this malarky, why else would he be able to talk about murdering people with abandon unless he had no fear of being arrrested, I would be if I threatened him.

    I don’t know what it is, maybe its something in the water but why do scientists and the EPA and the UN all think we should be killed in order to make room for the wealthy and the filthy rich? No one says a word about Monsanto ruining the earth or HAARP which is changing the weather patterns and the climate, what about them, even the Rothchilds have a haarp weather machine, why doesn’t he go after them? in fact, why not target them, there is a lot of them and they are harming the country and they are also trying to kill us.

    I would like Mr. Cafaro to know that I am feeling very threatened not only by him but by imbeciles like Bill Gates, and the rest of the power elite who meet in hotel rooms like vermin to discuss my death and how to go about it. If you had to listen and read this all day long , everytime you read the internet or a magazine you never know when you are going to see some jerk threatening my life, I don’t like it and I feel it is putting a lot of pressure on normal people, none of you know what you are talking about , you have no idea what you are doing and you are lacking a gene that gives you some sort of humanitarianism, totally lacking any sympathetic feelings for your fellow human beings. Do you live alone in this world? Do you notice the waitress that serves you food in a resturant or a barber that cuts your hair, or any of the little nicities you enjoy everyday , the equipement you are using in your lab, who made it, not you, who would make it in the future, not you, so what in the world are you thinking? Do you know how crazy you sound? You are also evidently not afraid of getting sued, you should be you varmint..

  4. klem says:

    Read this loser’s bio here

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