Sheriff Arpaio Confirms it: Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Forgery

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
March 2, 2012

It wasn’t necessary but Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation has added more salt and pepper to an issue that only the marginalized “birthers” used to talk about. Them and the alternative media were called kooks and conspiracy theorists for suspecting and then proving that Barack H. Obama’s birth certificate was a fake. Arpaio is probably the only “main stream” figure that has had the time, the will and the guts to investigate this issue, and the conclusion wasn’t a surprise. We all knew it.

Mr. Arpaio has appeared extremely cautious, even though there isn’t a reason for that caution. He said: “Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated, I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic.” He added that his investigators determined that the certificate was a computer creation, just as it was widely reported by the non-corporate media. “It’s a computer-generated forgery”. His investigation found out that the copy that we all saw on many media outlets was not legitimate, as the White House claimed it was.

The political show this issue turned into back in 2011 and even before ended today. No more name-calling, no more insults to those who used all kinds of tools to denounce what Sheriff Arpaio confirmed today. Perhaps after trying to humiliate the “birthers” the corporate media will try to do the same with Arpaio, too. But the public knows that this president was not born in this country and that therefore he should not be sitting in the Oval Office unless he can prove he is indeed a citizen. Unfortunately, they can’t do that because he isn’t American by birth and therefore there wouldn’t be a way to produce a real certificate. Otherwise, why haven’t they produced it already?

Obama has been lying about his place of birth for at least four years, as he presented documents to support his American birth back in 2008 while he was running for the presidency. Is there a way to check if the other documents are also fake? Sure there is, and I’d like to think that Arpaio and his team or anyone else for that matter will ride the wave and continue to dig deeper into whether those documents are also fake or if they hold a grain of truth. One thing we know; Obama was not born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961.

So where was Obama born then? In Kenya? Who knows. The issue at hand is that the White House used a forged document to support the claim that Obama was born on American soil. This specific matter is what the president needs to answer for immediately. This time, however, bad jokes at press events won’t suffice. His eligibility to remain as president of the United States or to “apply for the job” again is something much too important for this country and nothing less than a complete investigation to find out who forged the birth certificate and how it went through the White House’s legal machine without any problem whatsoever are two questions that must kick start an in-depth investigation.

All that Sheriff Arpaio’s credible investigation concludes is that the document is a forgery and as a consequence, the only proof available — given Obama’s obscure  past — to assure anyone that Obama is a natural-born citizen is invalid. Given this fact, we can conclude, unless proven wrong by the authentic certificate, that Obama is the first non-natural-born president of the United States.

According to Arpaio his investigations unveiled at least two crimes, both of them through forgery. He was clear that he wasn’t arguing that Obama wasn’t a US citizen, but that the certificate was not authentic. Well, if the certificate is not authentic and there isn’t any other way to confirm his birthplace, isn’t safe to assume there is at least a 50 percent chance he is not a natural-born citizen? How’s that for a continuation of Arpaio’s investigation? The Maricopa County Sheriff put out a 10-page report with details of his investigation which include “inconsistencies” in the text characters of the birth certificate image the White House used as an original and authentic copy. This document raises the same questions that the White House itself, the corporate media and the Obamanoids had turned down as kooky or irrelevant last year. What many did not realize is that the supposed independent fact-checkers who called the certificate “authentic” simply corroborated that the document was as described by the White House, not whether the claims made by the House of Obama were true or false.

Sheriff Arpaio was persecuted last year by the Justice Department an entity that tried to legitimize complaints about civil rights abuses. Is it possible that such accusation were made so Arpaio stopped his investigation? The Sheriff confirmed that the petition to investigate the legitimacy of the certificate came from Tea Party members from the town of Surprise, Arizona and that it began before the Justice Department put out the civil rights complaints out to the media.

What recourse does Obama or the White House have to make the case that the current president is not as fake of an American as the birth certificate they claimed to be real? Well, they won’t be able to use any documentation held in Kenya, because according to Journalist and investigator Jerome Corsi, those documents disappeared mysteriously from the public record before he traveled to the African country in 2011.

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