BP Oil Spill: A Planned Mega Disaster Part II

There is no way BP would not know they were misleading everyone,” Matt Simmons had said. “They would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind and they’re not. These are smart guys.”

by Micheal Kollmann
March, 2012

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Does the story fit in so far?

Alan Greenspan increased US interest rates to record levels in 2003, then reversed them back to almost zero level. Created bubbles after bubbles (credit, housing, dotcom, sub-prime, energy etc bubbles) to engineer economic booms and to drive up the demand for oil. In between the peaks and troughs (created by the planned series of disasters) banksters picked profits from windfalls and plowed them back to fund even more ambitious market manipulations.

It was basically doubling the bets after each round of win at the roulette table. With the rigged game there was apparently no risk at all. As confidence built up, bigger bets were placed to capture bigger market share and to make even bigger killings in futures and Forex trades. All in the name of globalization. Where did the massive injection of funds come from?

 The FED couldn’t just give them the money. That would raise eye brows. They had a better way. They printed quality fake bonds to be used as collateral against short term borrowings. Once the killings were made after the expected outcome of a PMD, the borrowed funds were returned only to be used for the next PMD.

See $134 billion US bond mystery solved

 At the last count, there were trillions upon trillions of such fake bonds turning up in Italy, UK and other parts of Europe. See David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny Final.

 It doesn’t take an Alan Greenspan to know that all these easy quick Ponzi schemes will burst sooner or later. It is the law of nature that what ever goes up must come down. You can’t inflate a bubble without the risk of bursting. There is always the underside. So how did they intend to end the global financial “merry-go-round”?

The grand plan was to end Bush’s presidency with a big bang and mega windfalls for the elites.

Six months before the sub-prime/toxic derivatives bubble was expected to burst, a giant tsunami would swamp the financial centers of the Asian Tiger economies. Besides wiping off a huge part of the population, it would also wipe out quite a lot of the toxic debts. Lehman Brothers would not be in dire straits and there would be no credit crunch if only the submarine earthquake south of Taiwan had unleashed its powerful tsunami on December 26, 2006. The South China Sea and the Sunda Shelf ocean terrain were perfect for such a tsunami calamity. The Sumatran Tsunami on December 26, 2004 killed more than 240,000 people across the Indian Ocean over a much larger area.

 The Taiwan quake was triggered at exactly 26 minutes past the hour just as the 2003 Iran quake did. To have 3 devastating quakes on December 26, in 4 years is already a suspicious coincidence. Mother Nature could not be that precise even if she wanted to. At more than 4 billion years old, she is just too old for this kind of precision. Not only that. The scale of devastation seemed to swing from being too powerful to too weak. The Bam Iran quake was an onshore test for political-military objectives. It was never intended to be a tsunami-generating quake.

 The first tsunami-generating quake on trial was the 2004 Sumatran quake. It was a bit too powerful. The resulting tsunami destroyed and killed more than expected. An early trigger (or delayed from the preset time of 26 minutes) nearly destroyed the USS San Francisco involved in the covert operation to trigger the quake. Similarly, insiders to the planned BP-Macondo blowout were alerted to move out to safety before the well blew at 21:45 CDT. Arranged eye-witnesses mistakenly quoted the “accidental disaster” at 21:45 CDT not realizing the mayday call was sent out only at 21:52 CDT.

 So what’s the beef with a few minutes? A lot, if the event reported had not happened yet and the eye-witness reporting it couldn’t have possibly known at that time.

Coupled with his time error of 3 minutes, he inadvertently reported an incident 10 minutes earlier than he should. Further, how could he have known the well blew at 21:45, 10 miles away? The fireworks started only after 21:49 CDT with the widely reported rig fire. The rig fire could have resulted from any accident. No one knew about the blowout yet. Coupled with the numerous fortuitous events that could only have happened with astronomical odds, the BP-Macondo blowout was a planned event, just as the 3 quakes on December 26, 2003, 2004 & 2006 were.

For more details see Natural Accidental Disasters Timed To Happen

So the next tsunami-generating quake south of Taiwan was toned down, probably by too much. Sort of trial and error type of setting. While the COP rate did increase by almost 4 folds, from $8/bbl/yr to $30/bbl/yr those who had placed huge bets on the consequence of a devastating tsunami event, lost just as much as they had expected to gain. Instead of a tsunami windfall, they were hit with a triple whammy. This probably started their losing streak as we shall see later.

 How The Gas Prices Are Manipulated By The Koch Brothers And Other Wall Street Players

When future oil prices are expected to rise–which means when demand is expected to exceed supply–big banks and companies like Koch start buying up oil and storing it in massive containers both on land and offshore to lock in the oil for sale later at a set price.

In 2008, Fortune magazine reported that Koch Supply & Trading leased the 2-million-barrel-capacity Dubai Titan that year, the third supertanker the company has leased, because the demand for oil storage was so high that Koch and other big investors who could not secure storage on land have resorted to leasing supertankers and using them as floating oil tanks.

 Just to digress a little, they finally got it just right in the 311 Fukushima Japan Quake. The next quake-tsunami (China’s turn probably in 1210 or some other combination once this article is published) to hit will be centered offshore north of Taiwan. The tsunami devastation will cover much of the heavily populated industrial west coast of China all the way to the north of Bohai Bay. Those who survived the tsunami will continue to suffer toxic poisoning of the crude emanating from the leaking oil fields offshore. But this will not happen until just the eve of a world war involving China or when China refuses to bow down to US demands. (Next article).

 The tsunami-quake method of mass destruction is principally the same as the mega oil spill technique. Both unleash the natural forces locked up by Mother Nature. NWO-funded loud-bloggers have been busily refuting such criminal use of natural disaster by pointing out the enormous amount of energy or depth of placement required to generate an earthquake. Not necessarily so. When the crustal margins are already on the brink of failure, only tiny inducement is necessary.

 Detailed geological, oceanographic and satellite data had been available for decades and studied for years to determine where the active seismic zones were and where sections of the earth’s crust had been locked up from releasing their stress. A few strategic detonation in an appropriate sequence can unlock and release the enormous stored energy. Used in unison with HAARP, large bodies of water can be displaced to generate giant tsunami waves. Subsequent after-shocks and seismic activities from world wide crustal adjustment, will mask the crime perfectly.

 In contrast, mega oil spills start life like any exploration project. After years of mapping and selecting the most appropriate “spill well”, the necessary drilling permits are applied as per normal exploration. The low level geologists mapping the prospects need not know the ulterior motives. That was why Dr Tony Hayward (a geological expert) was needed to oversee the Macondo prospect, to make everything goes according to plan. There is thus, a longer lead time (gestation period) and once set in motion, difficult to adjust due to stringent offshore regulations. From the graphic-time line, 911 and the war series started soon after the start of the Bush-II administration in 2001. This was followed by the quake-tsunami series and the mega oil spill-blowout series only started in 2008, more than eight years later. There is of course some overlaps to this main pattern of triggered disasters to give a semblance of “random naturalness”. Less suspicious conflicts and disasters in between, are omitted not to cloud the “intentionally confused picture”.

 Oil exploration deregulation by Cheney = Banking deregulation by Alan Greenspan

It was no coincidence that offshore deregulation started almost as soon as Cheney took office with a series of secret meetings held with the oil companies in 2003. Unknown to many, the project plan for the Macondo blowout-mega oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) kicked off in March of 2007. The well was destined to blow 9 months after the new President took office in 2009. It was no coincidence that a highly qualified and experienced geologist (Dr Tony Hayward) was selected to take over as BP CEO in March 2007, replacing the disgraced Lord Browne who was better known for his aggressive cost cutting and corporate growth.

 Coincidentally again, Dr TB Manton was singled out as the biggest stumbling block to a successful cover-up of the inside job. He was a high profile Gulf resident in his seventies with powerful political connections, an outspoken human rights figure and President of the International Oil Spill Control Corporation. Dr TB Manton was arrested on Oct 16, 2007 on a flimsy child pornography charge. This was just a noose around his neck, in case he chose to be more intolerably vocal than expected, 2 years later (in 2009). Now you know why his case came up for sentencing only in Aug 6, 2010 and not earlier when the spill had not materialized yet.

 He had to post an exceptionally heavy bail of $700,000 for the alleged possession of files (pictures) of children which could not be proven to exist in his computer at the time he sent in for repair. He was persuaded to change his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” in late May 2010. He agreed to a fine and no jail time since it would enable him to continue his work on the Gulf oil spill. He did not realize the subtle connection between the cover-up of the planned BP-Macondo disaster and political powers. Or if he did, he couldn’t care less. He was a real hero where the well being of the people and environment came first. He remained the harshest critic of the irrational post-blowout spill recovery efforts. Worse, they thought he had recruited BK Lim, a prominent geohazards specialist from the Asian region (where Manton had worked) to write the hit piece, Why Is Bps Macondo Blowout So Disastrous Beyond Patch Up?

 Was that why the court made a u-turn on 6 Aug 2010, to mete out the harshest sentence possible after agreeing to only 1 account of charge? A 15-year jail sentence for an unproven allegation while other convicted child molesters or rapists were given much lighter sentences of 1 to 3 years. It was a death sentence to silence him and to deter others in the crusade of truth and justice in the Gulf oil spill. This reversal is one of the many (unnoticed) proofs of high level government connection to the Gulf disaster. That the sentence was meted out 5 days after the relief well had failed to seal the oil gush 18,000 ft below on Aug 1, 2010 with a nuclear device, seems too much of a coincidence, again.

 There were more insiders’ tales but the connection to the late Matts Simmons is too obvious to miss.

Simmons was a surprised insider turned whistle-blower. They could not have expected it in 2007. Simmons served as the energy adviser to President GW Bush (II) and up till his death was a member of the National Petroleum Council and the Council on Foreign Relations. (JP Wheeler was another Bush Administration’s adviser who was mysteriously killed on New Year Eve 2010…another later article). Simmons was a proponent of Peak Oil with several books to his name.

 In August 2005, he bet with John Tierney that the average price of oil in 2010 would be at least $200/bbl.

This is another significant point missed out by many analysts. Using the Base Trend of $8/bbl/yr increase, the COP would only touch $170/bbl by 2020. Even after the quake on December 26, 2006, the rate of increase at $30/bbl/yr would bring COP to $200/bbl only after 2011. Why would a captain of the oil industry be so rash to predict $200/bbl oil by 2010? In August 2005, the COP was only $50/bbl. Could Simmons be so crazy to predict a hefty $150 price increase in 2005?

Click on image to enlarge.

The only way COP would have reached $200 level in 2010 was for it to continue its price hike of $130/bbl/yr (more than 16 times the already punishing rate of $8/bbl/yr) from its all time record level of $150/bbl level on July 14, 2008. This was a recipe for a market crash since such a hefty oil price burden would not be economically sustainable. But that was the key. Stretch the elastic band to the limit, cut it loose and it will snap back. That is how mega killings are made in futures.

Again how could Simmons be so precisely accurate, 3 years before the mid-2008 blowout-mega oil spill was supposed to blow in the Straits of Malacca? Like the quake-tsunami disasters, the mid-2008 blowout-mega oil spill was planned. The planned blowout that failed to blow upset more than just the economy. It brought down the whole orchestra aka Oil Bubble.

 But more amazingly, why did Simmons turn whistle-blower?

As an insider privy to the planned rig blowouts, Simmons was no angel. When the mid-2008 blowout-spill failed to materialize, almost all involved suffered huge losses when the COP trend reversed unexpectedly to $35/bbl level. Obviously, Simmons was not included in the bailout. Like a jilted spurned lover, Simmons waited till the BP-Macondo well blew to return the favor.

 Coincidentally, an article putting down the late Matts Simmons appeared on The Oil Drum (TOD) just days before the covert Relief Well detonation event on Aug 1, 2010. He had asserted that the relief wells and the capping process on the Macondo Wellhead were just publicity stunts. His suspicious death by “bath tub” followed 2 days after Manton’s death sentence. (Manton was later assaulted by a fellow inmate and died on 19 January, 2011). Ex-Senator Ted Stevens’ plane crash another 2 days later, was just as suspicious. He had donated all his lifetime’ work (mainly on Alaska oil industry which involved BP) to the state library just days prior to his plane crash. Would some of his papers incriminate the giant corporations of this evil scheme, not just BP alone? Coincidentally, BP had also announced a million dollar donation to fund cataloging Steven’s work. Ian Crane, another industry insider confirmed with his ex-Shlumberger buddies, that the Gulf disaster was a planned depopulation event. There can be no smoke without a fire.

 If all these still doesn’t convince you of high level connections, consider the deaths of Jim Black (BP’s oil spill commander), Dr Gregory Stone (LSU), an ROV captain involved in the Macondo Recovery works and at least 10 others, all strangely connected with the BP’s oil spill. There have been attempts on the life of others, who lived to tell. Tucker was shot through the front door of his home at 1 am, critically injuring him and his niece. Another one (Lim) was hacked to certain death by 4 armed personnel in front of his home in plain view of 40 neighbors at 8:30 pm. He had been away from home for more than 2 years with only occasional night stop-overs. No one, even his family, knew of his surprised return home that night except his employer.

 Like Manton, Lim was expected to be the biggest stumbling block to a successful deceptive cover-up of the mid-2008 blowout-mega oil spill. He was the company representative who stumbled onto the plot. That must really upset the applecart. But the express train on a planned collision had already left the station and there was no stopping. The accelerated COP hike can only hold for a limited time before bursting. It was a race against time.

 Insiders’ details of what was supposed to happen.

According to insider details, similar risky gas hazards conditions would have caused the rig to blow up with a BP’s style mega oil spill flooding the busy trade route. It would have shut down traffic passing through the busy straits and all ports affected by it. Singapore being the main transport hub in the region would be seriously affected. As the reservoir was larger and contained more gas, the blowout-spill at the northern entrance of the straits would have an impact far greater than the 2nd mega oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

 It would have jacked up COP to well over $200/bbl over fears of disrupted oil supplies from the Middle East to East Asian industrial powerhouse. As the world’s economy choked and declined, high COP would reverse trend as suddenly as it rose, reflecting the typical symmetrical “sine wave signature”, only sharper. However, instead of J3 ($40) crash, it would have been J3A ($100) price hike instead.

 Then just before the COP returned to the Base Trend line, another round of blowouts would blow at Timor Sea, Montara (PTTP-Halliburton, August 2009), Caspian Sea (BP-Transocean, September 2009), Macondo GOM (BP-Transocean, November 2009) and North Sea (Shell-Transocean, December 2009). These PMDs would trigger another COP hike.

 Even with a depressed world economy, COP would shoot up again on the shock of an unprecedented number of blowout-mega oil spills, following so closely one after another. The base line trend would have shifted up by at least $10. Before the COP trend could return to the new adjusted base line, Japan’s 311 Fukushima triple whammy (Quake-Tsunami-Nuclear) would hit throwing the world into more chaos and possibly on the brink of a third world war. That would be when China’s 1012 hit. Many of the incriminating evidence, fake bonds, records, emails etc would all go up in smoke. When the dusts settled, everything would be reset back to zero and the newly ordered world would start on a clean slate. That was the grand scheme which started to falter in mid 2008.

 For the background on global financial tyranny, please read the excellent works by David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford who had dedicated their lives in exposing the dark side of globalization by the cabals.

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