Is Marco Rubio the First Hispanic American Traitor?


Marco Rubio, the new rising star in the Republican Party who many say may occupy a relevant position during a Mitt Romney presidency, is often meeting with globalists and talking at globalist organizations during conferences and other events. He is not an angel at all, even though he seems to be enjoying the kind of praise Barack Obama had before 2008. This state of affairs is repeating once again because most of the population is still ignorant about the two-party dictatorship system and the false choice paradigm between one Republican puppet and one Democrat puppet. Most of those people still believe that they live in a Democracy or a Democratic Republic where their votes are dutifully counted.

Marco Rubio just as many other new faces on both sides of the corporate-controlled political landscape is like Alice clones in Resident Evil. They are grown and harvested from the beginning to play a role in the political arena. That is why Rubio, just as all other globalist-sponsored politicians has recently admitted that he would launch an attack on Iran. When asked about what he would do to prevent a nuclear Iran, he said people should be prepared for such an event. “Yes and I think that we need to begin to prepare people for that,” Rubio said. The current Florida senator responded to questions on this issue last week while speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations. It is early to know whether Rubio is speaking in favor of attacking Iran only to gain support from his constituents or the establishment itself or if he actually intends to push for an attack in the near future.

His previous responses about a nuclear Iran haven’t been too different, that is why it is possible he will maintain his public support for an attack even if he is not chosen for a higher office. Rubio also called for an attack on Syria while he spoke at the Brookings Institution last April. Back then he said,  “We should also be preparing our allies, and the world, for the reality that unfortunately, if all else fails, preventing a nuclear Iran may, tragically, require a military solution.” He also called for the United States to ignore any United Nations resolution that did not allow or called for an attack on Syria. He said the US should directly send armed forces into that country to aid the supposed rebel fighters, who in reality are local terrorists many of whom are member of Al-Qaeda. Rubio added that the lack of a powerful head, namely the US, would not allow the west to carry out an open attack in the region and that this was the reason why America should commit to blowing up both countries.  “In the absence of American power and American influence and American leadership, it’s hard to do that.” Unfortunately, Rubio did not make it clear how he would go about paying for the new wars.

Although an attack on Syria and Iran will be sold on humanitarian grounds, just as it was done with Libya, the truth is that the corporate controllers have made it clear in their writings that the so-called liberation and humanitarian aid provided to countries in the Middle East are just excuses to sell the lies to the public. In reality, all the military industrial corporate complex wants is to get rid of any and all leaders and nations that do not play along. In its own documents, the Brookings Institution, the place where Marco Rubio spoke a few weeks ago, admits that it is all about regime change and nothing else. The link to the Brookings memo has been broken, but you can see an image of the original PDF on the link below.

In the document written by Daniel Byman, Michael Doran, Keneth Pollack and Salman Shaikh, the think tank says that Syria is on a crumbling path and that regardless of the way it collapses, it will be a difficult situation for the United States and the people of Syria. The paper also calls Bashar Assad a ruthless thug for using violence against US and NATO sponsored rebels, who the writers call the resistance, but makes no reference to the uncountable deaths the US has caused in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, for example, while using the same methods they criticize as Assads tools to strengthen his tyranny. In the last paragraph, the document says that to protect US interests and to avoid the killing of Syrians, they United States “must walk this tight rope”.

But Marco Rubio’s treasonous actions are not limited to wanting to attack Iran or support blowing up people in Syria. His voting record is even more revealing. It reinforces the dictate that politicians put their corporate sponsors’ interest first and their political party’s interests second. No room for Country. Rubio voted for the National Defense Authorization Act (HR 1540), voted against Senate amendment 1126 (S Amdt 1126), which would have prohibited the detention of US citizens without a trial, voted for Senate amendment 1274 (S Amdt 1274), which would have authorize detention after trial during wartime, voted for the increase in State University tuition (CS SB 1710), voted against prohibiting the FDA from approving genetically engineered fish (S Amdt 2108), and so on.

On attacking Iran Rubio repeated the widely debunked claim that the Iranian leadership worked day and night planning on how to destroy Israel. “If Iran gets a nuclear weapon then the Saudis will also seek one, and so will other nations,” said Rubio at the CFR. He then pointed out that as a country that actively supports terrorism as a tool of state craft, Iran could not possibly be allowed to enrich nuclear resources any further. Mr. Rubio again forgot to mention that his country has historically sponsored terrorism and terrorist groups all over the planet to carry out regime change in nations that politicians like himself deem non compliant with his bosses’ wishes. Rubio added that Iran could not be trusted with a nuclear weapon because they would share the technology with nations or people who would not commit to American interests. An interesting question to ask Rubio is what is the name of the nation that developed and detonated a nuclear bomb and also what he thinks about that nation sharing such technology with other repressive regimes in the western world.

During the question and answer  period of his speech at the CFR, Rubio said that it would be the first time in history that a government with insane people like Iran would have access to a nuclear weapon. In the past, he said, only straight thinking leaders and nations had access to it. But again, it was those straight thinking people who detonated the bomb, not the ‘crazy’ Iranians or Pakistani people. “This is a country that shares IED technology with which American soldiers are killed. What is to say that they wouldn’t share nuclear technology?,” emphasized Rubio. Doesn’t the United States share military technology with Israel, China, Korea, Pakistan and other countries? Aren’t those regimes also responsible for the murder of thousands of people who dare speak out against their leaders? In the case posed by Rubio, and should things be equalled, the United States is responsible for all those murders as well.

“This is not we don’t like them, this is there are real implications to it,” warned Rubio. He finished responding the question about Iran, but forgot to mention the real reason why Iran or any other country for that matter would want a nuclear weapon, which is the same reason why the US, Israel, Pakistan, India and South Korea, among other nations have nuclear capabilities: Security. The only reason why the US hasn’t attacked Pakistan, for example, is due to the fact that this country would not think twice about blowing the US off the face of the planet should America or any of its allies attacked. The same would happen with Russia, if it felt sufficiently threatened. If Iran possessed a nuclear weapon, the talk in Washington and Brussels today would not be about when the attack should come, but whether it would be a wise decision given Iran’s ability to respond. This is a fact that Marco Rubio either doesn’t understand or doesn’t want the public to know. That is how dumb he thinks people are.

So how do you know that Marco Rubio is the first Hispanic-American Traitor? He speaks the same than his colleagues in Congress. He repeats the talking points that call for war on anyone who doesn’t align, including American citizens themselves. He regurgitates the policies published on globalist papers to end with nation states that do not submit to the corporate-controlled regime that governs over the world today. Even simpler; he wants another war where the US is directly involved in, with troops on the ground, to keep the military industrial complex gravy train going, even though the United States doesn’t even have money to pay the interests on its current debt. Marco Rubio is just another corporate puppet, a traitor who should be tried and if convicted, be punished as hard as the law permits in cases of treason.

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