If no one believes in the recovery, why are Europe and the world Trying?


I don’t know you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing about the financial collapse. The financial crisis we are now in was predicted long ago, and those predictions were correct. So why hasn’t it happened? First of all, it is happening. In fact it began a while ago. While many people expected to have a sudden collapse, which dragged the world into a whole, the fall of the international financial system was not planned to take place that way. Second of all, the financial collapse was planned to occur slowly and painfully, not only because the elites that planned it are financial sadists, but also because that is the only way to carry out their plan successfully.

The slow financial collapse allows the perpetrators to slowly bite off pieces from the grand pie, inflicting lethal but manageable pain and damage into the world’s economic and financial systems. This tactic in turn prepares the field for further deterioration and acquiescence from the public and the governments who they control. The kind of financial terrorism carried out by the largest financial entities in the history of the world, which are controlled by the smallest amount of people ever, makes it possible to successfully materialize the elite’s dream to create the most powerful monopoly of money and resources while they present themselves as the saviors.

The truth however, is that they are not saving anyone but themselves. While they buy off politicians and buy up land and essential resources for pennies on whatever currency they want, governments continue to fail to hold them accountable for their crimes. In fact, the bureaucrats in governments are faithful accomplices of the elites. Only one country has been able to partially defeat these monopoly men, and that country is Iceland. After kicking the bankers out, Iceland is now racing on the path of recovery, with a growing economy that simply sparked to life after telling the bankers that the illegal debt they had put under Iceland’s name was not theirs.

Iceland did what no other country had the guts to do: let the banks fail. Four years later, the country is being praised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). That’s right. One of the most important globalist organizations who are out to destroy countries like Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain, congratulates Iceland for doing the right thing. The Icelandic people did not need to go through austerity programs, they did not lose millions of jobs and neither did they have their pensions or retirement accounts looted by the bankers. “The recovery has been quite impressive. GDP growth has picked up in the last couple of years and is now running around three percent a year,” says Franek Rozwadowski, a visitor from the IMF.

On the other side of the road there are countries like Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, all of which chose to follow the bankers’ path to destruction. Spain has increased its debt dramatically in a supposed effort to curb the government’s deficit, imposed massive austerity measures, looted pension and retirement accounts, cut public jobs, accumulated a 24% unemployment rate, “rescued” its banks at least twice, adopted deadly economic policies as ordered by Brussels, but still is on its way to the financial precipice. The same model has been used by Greece, Italy and Portugal, who are following Spain on their way to social collapse. It is estimated that the Spanish debt will reach  23 billion euros by the end of the year, with no hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The main reason for this is that the pact completed between the Spanish government and Brussels never intended to take Spain out of the dark tunnel. As explained in the documents obtained from the World Bank, the collapse of most European nations is part of a well-crafted plan that the elite has applied over and over again throughout the world. It happened in small countries like Guatemala, Nicaragua, mid-size countries like Argentina, and now in larger economies like Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Greece and others.

As it turns out, the so-called bailouts are not such things. They are more like acquisitions. As explained by Journalist and researcher Greg Palast — who broke the story about the World Bank’s plan — the idea is to secretly repossess the assets of every country in the world. This is achieved through a bribery system in which the global bankers buy off the politicians in different countries so that they adopt IMF and World bank policies that intend to destroy their economies. Once the policies have been adopted, the bankers begin to slowly but surely subtract the resources of those countries unnoticeably, mainly through financial aid programs and trade agreements.

The mistaken belief that a recovery will come out of the current austerity measures and financial bailouts stems from the well engineered propaganda campaign orchestrated by the banking system and the main stream media, who have gone from denying that there is a crisis to accepting there is one and that the same bankers who caused it, who planned it, are going to be the saviors. Little do most people know that the kind of crisis we are now going through is part of the plant to carry out a planet wide extortion scheme through which the globalist banking elite once again walks away with significant amounts of resources.

The difference is that this time the looting is not limited to once small or mid-sized nation, but to several large countries in Europe and the world. Greek islands are now for sale to the best bidder, because the country cannot pay its debt. Guess who will come to the rescue? The monopoly men will come and buy the islands for cents on the Dragma. The same situation will happen in Spain, once Mariano Rajoy requests the financial rescue. So if you are asking yourself why is it that the economy isn’t getting better despite the continuous assurances that everything on the books is being done to get to that point, the truth is that the banker plan does not contemplate a recovery. At least not one where everyone will have the opportunity to thrive.

Read the complete interview given by Greg Palast after learning about and getting the World Bank’s secret documents that detail how the global financial entities destroy nations.

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Brussels Warns Rescued Nations will Suffer Painful Economic Conditions

The vice president of the European Commission forecasts complete economic union by end of 2012.


The financial vice-president of the European Commission (EC), Olli Rehn, warned today that countries in the euro area that are in distress and seeking recourse to the European rescue fund to buy bad debt will be subject to “strict conditions”.

“These instruments, which allow intervention in debt markets when necessary, should follow the request of a Member State and be subject to strict conditions,” Rehn said in a newspaper column published in The Wall Street Journal, in which he presented what he called “European Monetary Union 2.0″.

The Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs indicated that these conditions will be marked “through established political processes between national leaders and European authorities,” while noting that the EC is “ready to carry out strict monitoring conditions and effective as needed. “

He argued that “to ensure that these interventions help to lower risk premiums over a period of time, they will be available only for states that implement good budgetary policies, adopt structural reforms for growth and employment and respond to macroeconomic imbalances.” These are the words of someone who seems determined to demand anything and everything from nation-states that make the mistake to request a financial rescue, such as Greece and soon to come Spain.

Rehn welcomed the availability of the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, to consider “more unconventional measures” to repair the transmission of monetary policy in the euro area, while stressing that the ECB will remain “an anchor for stability throughout the crisis. ” As the memo of understanding dictated by Brussels and written by Spain establishes, countries will surrender their economic and financial sovereignty as a primary condition for the European bankers to ”rescue” them from the debt black hole. Keep in mind that the word rescue is used loosely, and its real meaning is acquisition of nation-states by banking institutions.

“Europe is committed to creating a real economic union to complement and strengthen our existing monetary union,” defended the financial vice-president, who moved that “a roadmap” to achieve that objective will be presented “at the end of the year.” And for this economic union to take place it is needed that all countries be under one single entity that dictates all policies to be followed. This is what Mr. Rehn means when he calls for a “genuine economic union”, a bloc of countries ruled by banking elites.

He also said that the permanent rescue fund will be operational “soon”, while indicating that European leaders have agreed to “explore the conditions” which would be “rational” for the European countries. That idea must be, according to Rehn, a “guiding principle” a way of “additional financial risk pooling”, which will require time to “deepen the integration of the decision-making process,” which “will not be easy to translate into concrete action,” he acknowledged.

“The debt crisis has underlined the need and created the conditions for Europe to rebuild and strengthen its economic and monetary union. Thus the euro zone will continue to defy its critics,” said European Commissioner in the text published by the New York newspaper. In reality, what these words mean is that the purposely banker created crisis has provided them with a new opportunity to acquire more control and more power under the premise that they — the bankers — are best at “getting us out of it”. By the way, the critics of the Union are not people who don’t want Europe united, but those who reject the notion that independent nations must surrender to global banking institutions in order to exist.

Recognizing that the euro zone is at “a turning point not only in its debt crisis, which has lasted three years, but in its thirteen year history,” Rehn said. He added that in the past two years they have made “significant progress” , giving the example of Ireland and Portugal and even Greece, which “has achieved more than is generally recognized.” What Mr. Rehn means is that in the case of Greece, the bankers have been able to fully gain control of its government and its economy, much like they did in Argentina at the turn of the millennium, when the country went from having first world status to becoming a dungeon with more people than living in poverty than ever before.

Rehn defended the measures taken by the Spanish government “to create a product and services markets more competitive, reform labor laws that have hindered the creation of jobs and bring stability to public finances.” These are always the promises made by politicians: more jobs, more production, more competitiveness, but in reality all they achieve is more big government controlled by outside forces that intend to curtail development and progress and whose only intention is to starve nations to death as a policy for control.

He added that rescuing the banking system in Spain last month was a move to provide “restructured and recapitalized banks that are effectively regulated and monitored rigorously.” He forgot to add that such regulation and monitoring will be done by bigger, more powerful banks and not the states where those banks operate.

Rehn also reminded in writing that the U.S. and the EU are “in this together”, so he called for support, “instead of blaming” each other, to work “on both sides of the Atlantic to learn the lessons of the past and ensure that emerge stronger from the current crisis. ” A stronger centralized control in the hands of the bankers, that is.

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