Vaccine-Induced Antibodies not Necessary to Fight Viruses


Historically, the medical-pharmaceutical establishment have pushed vaccines as the miraculous solution for every single health problem that humans face. The pharmaceutical power houses came to the conclusion that vaccines were necessary because the body needed to build antibodies in order to fight disease and that vaccines were the best tool to ensure that the human immune system would have the capacity to produce such antibodies. As we already know, vaccines are at the very least ineffective, toxic cocktails of heavy metals and live viruses that not only don’t prevent disease, but that actually cause it.

Countless studies — please do your own research — have shown the relationship between vaccine ingredients such as mercury, squalene, adjuvants and medical conditions such as autism, cancer, conditions of the nervous system, brain injury, and so on. Medical professionals like Rossell Blaylock and Andrew Wakefield have spoken endlessly about the dangers that vaccines pose — as they are now produced and administered — to human health. But despite the numerous studies and warnings from uncompromised medical professionals, health authorities and pharmaceutical companies have always worked in unison to impose a criminal standard that everyone must be vaccinated for their own good.

Although most official government policies indicate that vaccines are properly tested and continuously monitored for side effects and reactions, most of those vaccines are tested and monitored by the vaccine producer, who then sends its findings to the “vigilant authorities”. These authorities then give the makers thumbs up to mass produce it and later recommend it and add it to the ever growing number of inoculations that people, especially children, must take from birth.

There is only one problem; a new problem, for the medical-pharmaceutical cartel: The Human body does not need vaccine produced antibodies to fight disease such as viruses, bacteria or other pathogens. Our human immune system actually has the capacity to produce natural antibodies which then work as defenses against disease. The human immune system is composed by original and constructed elements — created after a person is born and grows up — that work together to keep the body safe from illnesses without the need for artificially, lab-made products. This may come as a surprise to many, but it is not new for others who freely and independently educate themselves about ways to prevent and cure disease.

Current official vaccine science establishes that when a person is injected with a vaccine, the ingredients in it cause the body to respond to the vaccine as if it were a real attack from a virus or any other pathogen. The body then responds to this supposed attack by creating antibodies to deal with it. In the future, if the virus or organism attacks the person again, the immune system will know how to react and defend from the attack. This is explained as the immune system “learning” how to act in case of an infection. The problem is that “learning” how to fight disease is something the body already knows how to do, it is a natural ability, as so is its capacity to produce antibodies. What vaccine-induced antibody creation does is actually alter the natural response the human immune system has which in fact impairs the body to react to a disease that is not exactly the same as the one injected in our body through a vaccine. This is the case if the seasonal flu.

The flu virus is, due to the use of vaccines — an ever morphing organism that is NEVER the same. When people inject themselves with the seasonal flu vaccine that contains last year’s strain of the virus, the new strain does not have any problem penetrating a degrade immune system that is not only defenseless against it, but also incapable of dealing with the new version of the virus by itself.

This is where the study published in the Journal Immunity comes in handy. The study shows that vaccine induced antibodies are not able to fight disease by themselves, a feature that is only present in naturally occurring antibodies generated by our immune system. This is the fact that absolutely debunks the myth that vaccines are necessary to remain free of pesky viruses and bacteria that may cause disease. As in many other cases, the supposed scientific theory is just that; theory. As cited by the study, vaccines do not help prevent or combat infections. “Our findings contradict the current view that antibodies are absolutely required to survive infection with viruses like VSV (vesicular stomatitis virus), and establish an unexpected function for B cells as custodians of macrophages in antiviral immunity,” says Dr. Uldrich H. von Andrian from Harvard Medical School.

Dr. von Andrian added that “It will be important to further dissect the role of antibodies and interferons in immunity against similar viruses that attack the nervous system, such as rabies, West Nile virus, and Encephalitis.”

So if vaccines do not work as the pharmaceutical power houses advertise and if they impair the natural immune system from actually fighting disease, why are government agencies always recommending that we all use them? According to brain surgeon Russell Blaylock, vaccines inhibit the immune system from producing TH2-type cytokines on top of suppressing cellular immunity. The result of a weakened, useless immune system is a weaker human body that will not only be more vulnerable to get sick, but that will also take longer to recover, if it does. What the results of this study represent is the last nail in the coffin of vaccine pseudoscience. Vaccines have gone from being the best invention since the appearance of the wheel, to becoming a dangerous but necessary evil, to an ineffective method to fight disease.

Incredible as it sounds, such a common-sense controlled study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children has never been done in America for any vaccination,” says Dr. Phillip Incao MD. Dr. Incao is backed by many independent medical professionals, such as doctor Harold Buttram. There have never been any studies of this nature, and apparently none have been attempted,” says Dr. Buttram MD.

In addition to the information above, it is important to say that the current mandatory vaccination systems — there is no law that legally obligates anyone to take a vaccine — in almost all countries violate the  Nuremberg Code, the set of rules that all medical professional must follow, but that few implement when dealing with the use of vaccines.According to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting Systems (VAERS), there were  at least 2,142, confirmed deaths and 3,177 people permanently disabled from 1991-2001 from vaccinations. See Surveillance for Safety After Immunization. But in actuality, complete statistics show that the consequences are significantly worse. Deaths amount to between 21,420 – 142,800 deaths if one takes into account that only 1.5-10% of adverse events are reported.

According to the Global Vaccine Institute, vaccinations are responsible for causing disease such as AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Hearing/Vision Loss, Hepatitis B, MMR, Mumps, Polio, Rubella and Autism, without anyone ever demonstrating that a single vaccine cured any existing disease.

If you are curious to learn what are some of the ingredients used in the production of vaccines — many of which make their way into your body — please be courageous and see the list provided by the CDC here.

Vaccines NEVER helped decrease the incidence of any disease, much less to cure anyone.


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Murder of Blacks by the Pharmaceutical Industry, Vaccines and Cancer


No matter what you think about the Trayvon Martin shooting case, the degree of emotional and cultural outpouring in this case is impressive. But it seems to be taking place in a highly selective way. A shooting like what happened with Trayvon is tragic but rare, whereas at least a hundred African-Americans are killed by drug companies, vaccine pushers and cancer clinics every single day! And most of the drug companies are led by white men, so if there’s any justification for an outcry against white-on-black crime in America, it should be directed at the vaccine manufacturers, drug companies and cancer clinics, it would seem.

But no. The outcry is focused on one Hispanic man named Zimmerman who allegedly shot a young African-American man named Trayvon. Every life is precious, of course, but how is the life of one young man more precious than the lives of a hundred of other African-Americans who die each day at the hands of their doctors, oncologists and pharmacists? FDA-approved drugs kill 106,000 Americans a year according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. And cancer deaths disproportionately occur in blacks due to chronic vitamin D deficiency among those with dark skin color. If you’re curious to know why, watch my video explanation about sunlight and vitamin D. This video explains why the cancer industry refuses to tell black people the truth about why they need extra vitamin D to prevent cancer:

Outrage is power, but such power must be focused at the right target

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about the black community in America is their sense of brotherhood; the sense that if you attack one of us, you attack all of us! Strength through community. We are more powerful when we act together than if we act in isolation. These are dignified philosophies for any community to follow, but they are all too easily misdirected if the people are not told the whole truth.

What am I saying, exactly? That the African-American community would be far more justified — and potentially save far more lives if they marched on Merck, Pfizer and AstraZeneca. You want to know who’s really killing your black babies? It’s the vaccine companies. The drug companies. The cancer clinics. In the cancer industry alone, it is widely known that people with dark skin color have chronic vitamin D deficiencies that accelerate cancer tumor growth. That’s why cancer tumors are far more aggressive in black men and women thanwhitemen and women.

The cancer industry views black people as business opportunities to be exploited for cash. It’s a form of medical enslavement, and it goes on day after day, year after year, with tens of thousands of victims each year in the USA alone, and not a single highly-visible black community leader has anything to say about it.

At least not that I’ve heard. Where is Jesse Jackson on the issue of black babies being made autistic by vaccines? Where is the leadership outcry against the cancer industry and its exploitation of black women for profit? Where are the rallies, the basketball team photo ops, and the church gatherings for all those African-American men, women and children who are sacrificed to the machine of white corporate profit that kills a hundred Trayvons a day across America?

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Radiação cria células cancerosas 30 vezes mais potentes que células cancerosas regulares


Em um estudo novo e inovador que acaba de ser publicado na revista Stem Cells, os pesquisadores do Johnsson UCLA Comprehensive Cancer Center Department of Oncology concluíram que, apesar de matar metade de todas as células tumorais por tratamento, tratamentos de radiação em câncer da mama transforma outras células cancerosas em células tronco cancerosas que são muito mais resistentes ao tratamento do que as células cancerosas normais. O novo estudo é mais um golpe para o paradigma falido e favorecido que os tratamentos convencionais que tentam cortar, envenenar ou queimar os tumores quando estes são encontrados ou quando sintomas do câncer sao detectados.

O autor principal do estudo Dr. Frank Pajonk, professor adjunto do Centro de Oncologia e Radiação do Centro Jonsson, informou que células-tronco cancerosas da mama (iBCSC) “foram geradas pela ativação das mesmas vias celulares induzidas pela radiação por ativação das mesmas vias celulares usadas para reprogramar células pluripotentes de tronco normais (IPS) em medicina regenerativa. “Pjonk, que também é um cientista no Centro de Medicina Regenerativa na Universidade da Califórnia, acrescentou:” Foi notável que esses cânceres de mama utilizaram os mesmos caminhos de reprogramação para lutar contra o tratamento de radiação.”

No novo estudo, Pajonk e sua equipe irradiaram células-tronco cancerosas normais e as colocaram em camundongos. Através de um sistema de imagem única, os pesquisadores observaram as células se diferendo das iBCSC em resposta aos tratamentos de radiação. Pjonk relata que as células recém-geradas eram muito semelhantes as células-tronco cancerosas não-irradiadas. A equipe de pesquisadores também descobriu que as células-tronco induzidas por radiação tinham uma habilidade mais de 30 vezes maior para formar tumores em comparação com células de câncer de mama não irradiadas.

Apesar da crescente evidência, a medicina tradicional se apega a quimioterapia, cirurgia e radiação e ignora soluções naturais

Apesar de todos os bilhões de dólares gastos em câncer, a 40 anos do começo da “guerra contra o câncer” tudo tem sido, por qualquer avaliação honesta, uma perda de tempo e recursos. Há cem anos, em qualquer lugar, 1 em 50 ou talvez 1 em 100 pessoas podiam esperar desenvolver câncer. Agora estima-se que 1 em cada 2 homens e 1 em cada 3 mulheres serão diagnosticadas com câncer em suas vidas. Apesar de mais  pessoas ao redor do mundo desenvolvem câncer e morrem de câncer a cada ano, a medicina tradicional continua a agarrar-se dos tratamentos fracassados, que mais e mais frequentemente não conseguem eliminar o câncer e sim ajudam a disseminação do câncer e o retorno de formas mais agressivas do que nunca. Notavelmente, dois dos três principais tratamentos principais de câncer — radiação e quimioterapia — são altamente cancerígenos.

Alguém poderia pensar que o novo estudo, da amplas razões para repensar o uso de radiação. No entanto, os autores do estudo analisaram os resultados como uma oportunidade de continuar e melhorar o uso de radiação para encontrar formas de controlar a diferenciação celular. O que os cientistas não conseguiram notar é que as alternativas naturais já foram encontradas e estas impedem o desenvolvimento de células-tronco cancerosas.

Como apenas um exemplo, NaturalNews informou em maio de 2010, que um estudo da Universidade de Michigan tinha encontrado um composto no brócolis e brotos de brócolis que tinham a capacidade de atacar células-tronco cancerosas. Veja:

Os pesquisadores não observaram cuidadosamente como as células cancerosas lutam contra tratamentos não-naturais. Eles também não levavam em conta a crescente evidência de que a melhor maneira de vencer o câncer, bem como evitá-lo, é construir e melhorar a nossa primeira linha natural de defesa – o nosso sistema imunológico.

O caminho mais seguro e eficaz para melhorar o sistema imunológivo natural e combater o câncer, em geral, é trabalhar com a natureza. Também é de longe a forma menos dispendiosa, e é aí que provavelmente reside o detalhe. Você não pode patentear e lucrar com a natureza como você pode com medicamentos e tratamentos convencionais.

Nota: Nem NaturalNews nem este autor promove o uso desumano dos animais em estudos médicos.

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Traduzido do artigo original: Radiation creates Cancer Cells 30 Times More Potent than Regular Cancer Cells

Radiation creates Cancer Cells 30 Times More Potent than Regular Cancer Cells


In a groundbreaking new study just published in the peer reviewed journal Stem Cells, researchers at UCLA’s Johnsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Department of Oncology found that, despite killing half of all tumor cells per treatment, radiation treatments on breast cancer transforms other cancer cells into cancer stem cells which are vastly more treatment-resistant than normal cancer cells. The new study is yet another blow to the failed and favored mainstream treatment paradigm of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out cancer symptoms (tumors) instead of actually curing cancer.

Senior study author Dr. Frank Pajonk, associate professor of radiation oncology at the Jonsson Center, reported that induced breast cancer stem cells (iBCSC) “were generated by radiation-induced activation of the same cellular pathways used to reprogram normal cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) in regenerative medicine.” Pjonk, who is also a scientist with the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine at UCLA, added “It was remarkable that these breast cancers used the same reprogramming pathways to fight back against the radiation treatment.”

In the new study, Pajonk and his team irradiated normal non-stem cell cancer cells and placed them into mice. Through a unique imaging system, the researchers observed the cells differentiate into iBCSC in response to radiation treatments. Pjonk reported that the newly generated cells were remarkably similar to non-irradiated breast cancer stem cells. The team of researchers also found that the radiation-induced stem cells had a more than 30-fold increased ability to form tumors compared with non-irradiated breast cancer cells.

Despite mounting evidence, mainstream medicine clings to surgery, chemo and radiation and ignores natural solutions

Despite all the billions of dollars spent on cancer, the 40 year “war on cancer” has been a losing one by any honest evaluation. One hundred years ago, anywhere from 1 in 50 to perhaps 1 in 100 people could be expected to develop cancer. Now it is estimated that 1 in every 2 men and 1 in every 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. Despite more people around the world developing cancer and dying from cancer every year, mainstream medicine continues to cling to failed treatments which more often than not fail to eliminate the cancer and help cancer spread and return more aggressively than ever. Notably, two of the three major mainstream cancer treatments – radiation and chemo – are themselves highly carcinogenic.

One might think that the new study provided ample reasons to rethink using radiation. However, the study authors looked at the results as an opportunity to continue and enhance the use of radiation by finding ways to control the cell differentiation. What the scientists failed to note is that natural alternatives have already been found which prevent the development of cancer stem cells.

As just one example, Natural News reported in May 2010 that a University of Michigan study had found a compound in broccoli and broccoli sprouts which had the ability to target cancer stem cells. See:

The researchers failed to note how cancer cells fought against unnatural treatments. They also failed to take into account the mounting evidence that the best way to beat cancer as well as avoid it is to build and enhance our natural first line of defense – our immune system.

The safest and most effective way to enhance the natural immune system and fight cancer in general is by working with nature. It is also by far the least expensive way, and therein likely lies the rub. You can’t patent and profit from nature like you can with mainstream drugs and treatments.

Note: Neither NaturalNews nor this author condone the inhumane use of animals in medical studies.

Other sources included:

Las causas del cáncer son bien conocidas y también lo son las curas

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
07 de febrero 2012

No es raro ver a los ensayos de expertos en cáncer o de los médicos que en privado o a través de fundaciones promueven viejos conocimientos cuando se habla de cáncer, su prevención y tratamiento. Pero los artículos que hablan de las tasas de cáncer y los mejores métodos para prevenir y tratar esta enfermedad por lo general están llenos de medias verdades y muchas veces simples mentiras. Un artículo reciente publicado en el New York Times, y escrito por la doctora Susan Love, es un claro ejemplo de lo que la industria médica hace con el fin de mantener a los pacientes ignorantes y para continuar la búsqueda innecesaria de una cura.

El cáncer no es sólo una enfermedad completamente curable, incluso en estados avanzados, sino que también se puede prevenir. En su ensayo La Sra. Love comienza por evaluar la decisión tomada por el Grupo Susan G. Komen para la Cura de cortar los fondos para Planned Parenthood, que más tarde se retractó de su decisión debido a la presión ejercida por esta organización historicamente practicante de la eugenesia, - Planned Parenthood - así como el complejo industrial farmacéutico. La industria médica co-optó las organizaciones y fundaciones para protestar por la decisión del Grupo Susan G. Komen y aumentó la conciencia pública sobre el tema, como si la decisiónde desfinanciar tendría un gran impacto en la capacidad de Planned Parenthood de seguir llevando a cabo sus programas de eugenesia. Eso, por supuesto, no fue señalado por la Sra. Love.

De hecho, ella fue directo a las mentiras y medias verdades que por lo general son publicadas por la industria médica y los medios de comunicación corporativos. Empezó diciendo que “todavía no sabemos qué causa el cáncer de mama, por lo tanto no sabemos cómo prevenirlo”. Para sorpresa de la señora Love, los médicos que tratan e intentan curar el cáncer a través de métodos tradicionales y alternativos han descubierto que todos los cánceres tienen una causa común. El cáncer es, según el último estudio publicado por la Universidad de Alberta en Edmonton, Canadá, un mal funcionamiento del metabolismo, no una consecuencia de la mutación celular o mala genética, como muchos en la profesión médica nos dicen. El cáncer puede prevenirse y tratarse con dieta y ejercicio, (también lee esto) terapia de enzimas, así como con la ingestión de dicloroacetato, como muestra el estudio canadiense. Lo que no hay en este momento es un tratamiento o cura que sea igualmente exitosa para todos, que es lo que el establecimiento médico quiere que creamos. Lo que no funciona es el conjunto tradicional de tratamientos de quimioterapia y radioterapia-, que en la mayoría de los casos provoca la remisión durante unos años, pero hace que el cáncer se propague y vuelva. Medicamentos para el cáncer hacen que los tumores regresen más agresivos y mortales entre 5 y 10 años después de que el paciente es irradiado y envenenado. Por lo tanto, no todos los cánceres son iguales, es cierto, pero es absolutamente falso que no sabemos su origen o cómo tratarlos.

La Sra. Love luego habla de la detección del cáncer como una herramienta para controlarlo. A pesar de que menciona que la evaluación con mamograma no es una forma efectiva de prevenir el cáncer, ella dice que es la mejor manera que existe, y que las mujeres deben seguir irradiándose sus cuerpos con la frecuencia que sus médicos recomiendan. Ella probablemente no ha oído hablar de la cantidad monumental de falsos positivos que hace que los médicos y los pacientes incluso consideren la cirugía incluso en los casos en que los quistes encontrados a través de las mamografías no son tumores malignos. Así que señora Love, las mamografías no son lo mejor que hay para diagnosticar o prevenir el cáncer de mama.

La Sra. Love continua sus mentiras, con una que ha sido fabricada dentro de la indústria médica, y que es que la vacuna contra el VPH es una óptima manera de prevenir el cáncer del cuello uterino. Ella no lo dice, pero tal vez ella también cree que los niños también deben ser vacunados contra el VPH. Una vez más. La Sra. Love probablemente no es consciente del hecho de que el VPH no causa cáncer del cuello del útero, y que las mujeres sanas son capaces de prevenir cualquier enfermedad causada por el virus del VPH, con pocos casos de mujeres que sufren infecciones leves a lo sumo, y sólo una minoría – menos de 3.000 al año – que en realidad desarrollan cáncer del cuello uterino, pero no por el VPH. De hecho, ni Cervarix ni Gardasil previenen el cáncer del cuello uterino. En sus propios estudios, las empresas farmacéuticas ponen de manifiesto que ambas vacunas son poco eficaces, pues apenas influirían en cuatro de los más de 100 cepas de virus del papiloma humano que existen. Incluso los propios documentos de la Administración de Drogas y Alimentos (FDA) rechaza la idea de que estas dos vacunas ayuden a prevenir el cáncer del cuello uterino. La FDA dice que la vacuna contra el VPH en mujeres que tienen el virus del papiloma humano aumenta el riesgo de cáncer de cuello uterino en un 44,6%, ya que dichas vacunas promueven el desarrollo de lesiones precancerosas en el útero, lo que finalmente conduce al cáncer cervical. La Asociación Médica Americana (AMA), dice: “Hay evidencia significativa para indicar que no hay ningún beneficio de la vacuna. La desaparición del virus durante períodos de 12 meses no está relacionada con el uso de la vacuna. Es poco probable que la vacunación tenga un beneficio significativo. “La Sra. Love sin duda ignora que las actuales políticas mundiales de vacunación, se han comprobado, son fraudulentas. Tanto Cervarix como Gardasil son bien conocidas por causar serios efectos secundarios – 3500 efectos secundarios diferentes – que no son reconocidos por la comunidad médica a pesar de sus graves consecuencias.

Al final de su ensayo, la Sra. Love refuerza sus puntos de vista sobre la necesidad de “buscar las causas”, en lugar de “encontrar la cura”. Por supuesto, las curas para el cáncer ya se han encontrado, y también las causas. Salvo que las causas no son un conjunto de signos o síntomas que son iguales en todos los pacientes. Cada paciente de cáncer tiene un conjunto de causas que promovió y permitió que el cáncer apareciera y creciera en él o ella. No creo que ella entienda esto, a pesar de su título universitario. Estimada Sra. Love, ni Planned Parenthood ni ninguna otra organización médica que jura por los métodos tradicionales, obsoletos e ineficaces para tratar y curar el cáncer en realidad ofrecen atención médica, sino que ofrecen cuidados pre-muerte. No tratan los síntomas o la enfermedad, no curan. Matan. La única cosa que ha evitado que millones de mujeres y hombres encuentren la cura para sus cánceres no es la falta de una cura, sino la ignorancia, la arrogancia y los intereses económicos del complejo industrial farmacéutico al cual USTED pertenece, voluntariamente o no.

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