Plotting the Next Terror Attack

Both Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy J. McVeigh were mind-controlled subjects, and so may be the next one.


“We don’t torture,” said once George W. Bush. “The US shouldn’t torture,” said at one time Barack Obama. However, they didn’t say “we don’t experiment on prisoners”. That is exactly what the US has been doing with prisoners at the Guantamo Bay facility in Cuba, and most likely in every other secret prison there is around the world.

A new Department of Defense declassified report confirms what many had already suspected: The US secret prison system is, in addition to torture dungeons, a fertile ground to exercise mind control games on prisoners. Two scary thoughts come to mind after reading the recently revealed document. First, just as Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy McVeigh were brainwashed patsies who executed their missions almost to perfection, the US may have prepared, and still be preparing the new harvest of mind controlled terrorists who will execute future terror attacks both in the US and abroad. Second, with the recently made up powers that Barack Obama gave himself through the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), it is likely anyone who is picked up from the street, home or workplace after being declared an enemy of the state, will be taken to one of the not so secret prisons in the US or Europe to be tortured and experimented on.

According to the declassified report, prisoners inside Guantanamo Bay were given “mind altering drugs,” via injections that contained powerful anti-psychotic sedatives normally used in psychiatric hospitals. The report also says that the victims of mind control experiments were not told anything about the type of drugs that were being put into them or were lied to about the kind of ingredients that the injections had or their purpose. Details in the report also tell how the military began or continued interrogations after the effects of the drugs became apparent, which aggravates even more the violations committed against the prisoners, who in most cases were not accused of any crimes, but were drugged with “psychoactive chemicals” by the military.

The report obtained by TRUTHOUT through Freedom of Information Act Request revealed that prisoners remain with serious mental problems as a results of the massive amount of mind altering drugs they were given and the kind of punishment that they were submitted to. A document issued by the Pentagon’s Inspector General determined that it is not clear whether the drugs used for mind control experiments were only used for facilitating the interrogation sessions, which usually go for many days at a time. The only drug explicitly cited in the declassified report is Haldol, an old and well known psycho-chemical used for mind experiments since back in the 1960s, a decade that saw the dawn of many of the  experiments being conducted up until today.

Haldol was and is still chosen because it is a cheap and powerful drug that is still used in psychiatric hospitals as a sedative. This drug is also used in emergency rooms, although it has been gradually substituted by new drugs introduced during the 1990s. Due to its side effects victims may suffer from muscle contraction and suicidal behavior. In the long term, people experimented on with Haldol, patients in psychiatric hospitals and emergency room patients will develop dangerous neurological problems that may be life threatening. The drug’s ability to paralyze muscles or make them contract could result in sudden death as its effects reach the human heart.

Back in the 1950s, psychiatrist Robert G. Heath and a group of colleagues began studying how to conduct mind control experiments on humans and later executed these experiments on black prisoners. Heath’s work was fully sponsored by the US government. Perhaps the most relevant study in the history of the US government’s attempt to carry out experiments for the purposed of controlling a person’s mind is MK ULTRA. “By the time I left to go home I would recall nothing of my tests or the different doctors.  I would only remember whatever explanations Dr. Robert G. Heath gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head and fingers and even the genital soreness.  I had no reason to believe otherwise.  Already they had begun to control my mind!,” said Claudia S. Mullen, a victim of Dr Heath’s experiments.

“The lone gunman that we hear about in assassinations, assassination attempts, school shootings, etc. are mind control people. So was Ted Bundy, the ’Son of Sam’ serial killer David Berkowitz, Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine shooters, Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, etc. were mind controlled individuals who were programmed to perform these killings. Tens of thousands of young teenage boys were kidnapped and forced into a mind control training program called The Montauk Project starting around 1976.” The Montaulk Project alone resulted in the production of some 250,000 people who were “sleeping” mind prisoners programmed to wake up and carry out their missions at a time and date previously implanted into their brains. Their actions were triggered by mental, physical or social ‘switches’.

Documents and records cited at Biblioteca Pleyades relate how Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz and developer of the trauma based Monarch Project and the CIA’s MK ULTRA was part of  a selected group of Nazis brought to the United States and South America after World War II through Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis advanced their experiments on mind control, that they had been working on before and during the war at underground military bases. They came to the US and continued carrying out their experiments in U.S. underground military facilities.

Books such as BLUEBIRD: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists, Journey into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse and notes from the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) faithfully relate the kinds of experiments that are conducted not only by the US military, but also by the CIA. In 1995, Dr. Robert Heath said he had indeed received money from the CIA for his work.   Heath was part of the CIA’s mind control program and created some of the techniques later used to torture prisoners.  As recently as 2002, the CIA had a firm contact at Tulane Medical School. His name was Robert S. Robins, a Political Science Professor and former Deputy Provost, who was a former intelligence officer.

Separately, Project MK ULTRA was a secret program directed by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence from the early 1950s up until the early 1970s, when it was supposedly stopped. The program involved the manipulation of a person’s mental state to the point it alter brain functions. Many of these experiments included the use of psychotropics including LSD. Some of the techniques used during MKULTRA included hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture. From this list of techniques stems the ‘supposedly stopped’ statement, as many of these techniques are still used today. MKULTRA may not exist officially anymore, but the lessons learned by the torturers are more prevalent than ever, as it happens at Guantanamo Bay.

According to the records, MKULTRA experiments were conducted in 80 institutions, included 44 colleges and universities, hospitals, prisons and at pharmaceutical companies labs. It was through these institutions that the CIA operated covertly. Although most of the people working at the universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies were unaware of the experiments, the head of those institutions were absolutely involved by allowing the intelligence agency and its minions to infiltrate them and conduct the experiments. At some point through the 30 years of experimentation, the MKULTRA project ate 6 percent of the total funding given to the CIA. That is how important this operation was and how important it still is, since practices that originated back in the 1950s are still being used today in US prisons. Learn more about the race to control the human brain in the article The 1950s Discovery of the Human Brain Code. You can also visit our Videos page and watch documentaries such as Psychiatry: An Industry of Death and Maafa 21, which explain in horrific detail how the mid and late twentieth century were some of the most prolific decades for the efforts backed by the US government to carry out experiments related to mind control.

As for the reaction from the US military regarding the details of its mind control experiments at Guantamo Bay, the response has been silence, so far. They’ve said that commenting on such information could be harmful to national security. Meanwhile, prisoners who were victims of the experiments do tell about the abuses. One of the detainees explained how he was given unlabeled pills while he was being taken from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan to Guantanamo back in 2002. “They said it was some candy,” he remembered. Consequently, him and the rest of the prisoners went into a “state of delusion” from which they would wake up after being tortures and further experimented on. A well-known so-called terrorist, Jose Padilla was also put under the effects of mind altering drugs such as LSD, a child of MKULTRA. Padilla just as many other hundreds of supposed terrorists were never proven to be involved in any terrorist activity.

The same military official who denied any comment regarding the recently declassified report did say that the military’s operating procedures “are ‘living’ documents. According to the Pentagon’s Inspector General, former medical staff at Guantamo Bay said the drugs given to the prisoners were meant to “help control serious mental illnesses.” Convenient plausible deniability.

Mind control is undoubtedly the ultimate form of terror.

Fear Narrative Heightened Weeks Before Olympics


The prospect of a terror attack before or during the London 2012 Olympic games have been raised today as British police stopped and held a bus that traveled from Birmingham to London due to a report that suspicious behavior had been observed in the bus. Police closed both directions of highway M6 motorway and illegally searched all passengers, reported CNN International.

Soon after police checked the bus and its passengers, fears of a supposed terror threat was dismissed. This event is an example of how heightened the fear narrative is despite the fact that most of the supposed potential terror threats are nothing else than wild guesses by civilians, passengers on a bus or a train moving in or out of the the British capital, where the Olympic games will be held this summer.

In another event that has not been confirmed to be related to the bus incident, police arrested six people in a London apartment, who were held as suspects of terror. Although the identities of the supposed suspects were not revealed and it’s not clear whether the operation that led to the capture of the six people has concluded, police have said that such arrests are not related to measures to keep the city of London safe in anticipation to the Olympic games. An muslim activist confirmed that all of the arrested were British-muslim.

While no one was directly labeled as a suspect of strange behavior, much less arrested or charged with a crime in the bus incident, police took the liberty of searching through people’s possessions, in an attempt to show that security previous to the London games is aware even of the least important detail in order to prevent what authorities security experts and some authorities say could be an imminent terror attack on London, without showing any proof of it.

“We are assisting police with their inquiries into an allegation made against a passenger,” the spokeswoman said as the dramatic incident unfolded. “Importantly, we are not treating this as a counterterrorism incident,” Staffordshire police said in a statement. “Given the nature of the report we responded swiftly and proportionately, treating the information as credible and extremely (serious). Our utmost priority was the safety and security of those people on the coach and those traveling on the motorway,” it said.

In the case of the apartment searches, a neighbor of one of the raided apartments told AP that police entered a property located near Abbey Road, just a mile away from the Olympic Park. ”Five loud bangs in quick succession were head as police destroyed the front door to let themselves in. ”One young man taken on foot to a waiting ambulance.” said John Smallshaw, who lives across the street. None of the police actions that occurred Thursday rendered anything worthwhile to be reported on as the main stream media concludes that the operations were preventive, isolated incidents.

The Terror that is being let loose

While police in London and in cities around the capital parade their preparedness to keep people safe during the Olympic games, statements from a more reliable source is alerting of possible staged terror events in London during the Olympic games. “A number of preliminary indications point to the possibility of a staged false flag event being carried out at this year’s London 2012 Olympics,” says Patrick Henningsen whose media outlet, received testimony this week of the potential for a false-flag terror event in London this summer.

Film producer Ben Fellows, who had kept his real identity secret up until this point, revealed that G4S, a private security firm operating in London and that is supposed to help guarantee security during the games. Fellows first appeared on the Lou Collins Radio Show where he said that the current geopolitical environment lends itself to the execution of another false-flag event in London, just as it happened back on July 7, 2005. Mr. Fellows, who up until last week was know as Lee Hazeldean, infiltrated G4S in order to learn how the security firm worked and prepared to provide security for the Olympics.

From his work at G4S, Mr. Fellows found out about an existent plan to evacuate London that ran parallel to what he said were poor security preparations to prevent a possible terror attack in case someone or some group were actually preparing one. Ben Fellows is a film and television producer, and has worked with people like Stanley Kubric, the re-known film producer. According to him, the operations of G4S were a complete disaster, with telephone operators not knowing what they had to do or what to say, the use of metal detectors that failed to find metallic objects when they were tested, and personnel saying that they would turn off the metal detectors at peak times during the Olympics.

“They told us about the evacuation of London, and that if this were to happen, we would be responsible for looking after the public,” added Fellows during a radio interview. Fellows also spoke about the purchase of 200,000 casket linings, that are used to fit coffins in cases of mass death. “That to me got me thinking, why would you have that?” Mr. Fellows then contacted a man named Andy Davis from channel 4, who after having a talk with him said a report regarding G4S preparations and shortcomings before the Olympic games would be negative news and that they were not interested. Davis later said publicly that he did not know Fellows, despite the fact that he had met him months before their meeting.

Days after Ben Fellows went public on national radio in the UK and in the US, reports began to pop out about possible security problems just weeks before the opening of the Olympics in London. During one of his training sessions at G4S, Ben Fellows heard a trainer say that London would go through a defining moment in its history and that G4S and its personnel would be involved in the developments of such event.

Whether the small suspicious events or the defining event mentioned by Ben Fellows will actually translate into a terror attack is unclear at this point, but the fact that it’s been revealed that preparations are being made to participate in a significant, earth shaking event could help avoid such outcome. The only tangible result of the heightened terror threat alerts, including Thursday’s arrests and the detention and search of a bus on highway M6 is that British authorities are taking advantage of such events to justify the installation of a totalitarian style security grid which will not go away after the Olympic games are over.

In London, police and other law enforcement agencies are carrying out an unlawful power grab that includes the use of techniques such as behavioral profiling, under which anyone is a suspect if a police officer thinks he is, and nothing else. London has been surrounded by a missile shield system that is aimed at detecting and destroying a missile, should one be launched against the city during the games. Proof that there is the potential for such an event to occur is zero. London and most of the western world has been converted into a test field for psychological warfare in the wake of the 9/11 and 7/7 false-flag terror attacks that were used by governments to turn cities into prison grids.

London alone is today a militarized zone that is not only baseless but also exaggerated. Both British and foreign military men are distributed over London and locations around the city without a single valid justification. Foreign law enforcement includes 500 FBI agents as well as members of the  CIA, the secret service and MI6.

Prepare-se para um Ataque Biológico

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
08 de dezembro de 2011

Uma das coisas legais sobre os globalistas que estão atualmente no controle de tudo neste planeta, é que eles nos deixam saber antes do tempo, às vezes em várias ocasiões, qual seu próximo passo será em sua busca para reprimir a população mundial a limites desconhecidos .

Em 28 de novembro, cientistas do Centro Médico Erasmus, na Holanda anunciaram que tinham sido bem sucedidos na produção de uma versão geneticamente modificada do vírus da gripe H5N1. A sua realização no entanto, poderia ter consequências negativas, segundo mostraram pesquisas publicadas. A nova cepa do vírus da gripe aviária poderia acabar com os seres humanos se fosse cair nas mãos de um grupo terrorista, cujos membros poderiam colocá-la no ar. A cepa mortal geneticamente modificada do vírus da gripe aviária foi criado em um laboratório e se transformou em um tipo muito mais infeccioso com a capacidade de se espalhar tão rapidamente e causar uma pandemia global que mate milhões de pessoas ao mesmo tempo.

A pesquisa, como o Daily Mail informou criou uma tempestade de controvérsia entre os cientistas, muitos dos quais advertiram que o experimento que resultou na criação da nova cepa nunca deveria ter sido realizado. Como acontece muitas vezes, o estabelecimento médico funciona através de compartimentação, de modo que a mão esquerda não sabe o que a direita está fazendo. Isto é o que o cientista-chefe do Centro Médico Erasmus queria que o público acreditasse quando disse que os experimentos são parte de um esforço para aprender mais sobre como funciona o vírus H5N1. Virologista Ron Fouchier disse que os experimentos revelaram que apenas cinco mutações induzidas eram suficientes para permitir que o vírus se espalhe mais rapidamente.

Antes da fabricação desta nova cepa mortal do vírus H5N1, Hollywood usou a chamada ficção cientifica no seu mais recente filme Contágio, o qual é baseado na ameaça de uma doença mortal que se espalha ao redor do planeta através de um vírus desconhecido. Este vírus faz termina em uma pandemia global. O surto atinge quase todos os cantos da Terra em apenas uma questão de dias e deixa milhões de pessoas mortas. O filme que custou US $ 60 milhões, não desperdiçou a oportunidade de salientar que só o governo pode salvar a todos nós da destruição e a catástrofe ao retratar o Centro de Control de Doenças (CDC) e o estabelecimento médico como os salvadores que correr atrás em busca de uma cura.

Hoje, a Associated Press informa que a Secretária de Estado dos Estados Unidos, Hillary Clinton. Disse que existe uma alerta, uma ameaça iminente, na forma de terrorismo biológico. Clinton e o governo dos EUA acreditam que a manipulação de genes “poderia ser usado por terroristas para criar armas biológicas.”

Clinton diz que a indústria de síntese de genes oferece benefícios para os pesquisadores “, mas que esta tecnologia também poderia ser usada para criar organismos como vírus que sejam mortais. “O governo dos EUA citou os esforços de grupos terroristas como a Al-Qaeda para desenvolver armas biológicas, como uma preocupação de segurança nacional. Clinton falou quarta-feira em reunião em Genebra. A reunião tinha como objetivo revisar a Convenção sobre Armas Biológicas de 1972.

Como informamos anteriormente, parece que o estabelecimento político e corporatista estão na fase final de seu plano para lançar um evento de falsa bandeira -false-flag- importante que poderia vir na forma de um ataque biológico, uma bomba, um ataque ao Irã ou a Síria, etc, a fim de abrandar os protestos públicos nas ruas de grandes cidades na Europa, América do Norte e Oriente Médio. Em 17 de agosto, The Real Agenda informou sobre como o Departamento de Segurança Interna dos Estados Unidos tinha publicado vídeos para incitar o medo sobre cidadãos brancos que fariam parte da organização terrorista al-Qaeda e como era patriótico acusar vizinhos e parentes se o seu comportamento fosse considerado suspeito. Anteriormente, o mesmo Departamento de Segurança Interna (DHS) tinha publicado um outro vídeo, rotulando aos americanos brancos como terroristas potenciais. O ataque terrorista em Oslo, Noruega aconteceu em 22 de julho, poucas horas após da publicação do ultimo vídeo do DHS.

Quais são as chances de que um ataque biológico da magnitude do Contágio ou pior, acontece em uma grande cidade na Europa ou nos Estados Unidos? Se julgamos pela histórica e os acontecimentos, é muito provável que os globalistas irão continuar a usar a ameaça de um ataque biológico e realmente levem a cabo um ataque se sentirem que seu controle sobre o poder continua diminuindo. Todas as peças do quebra-cabeça parecem estar alinhando para eles. Eles criaram o vírus e estão mantendo-o em dois locais na Europa e nos Estados Unidos. Eles criaram e continuam realizando operações psicológicas -psy-ops- através da cultura pop, alertando o público que o ataque está vindo, e eles têm acomplices políticos falando sobre as terríveis conseqüências que um evento dessa magnitude poderia ter.

Não faz mal a ninguém estar preparado.


Why did an Al-Qaeda Terrorist Leader Dine at the Pentagon?

Awlaki was also the spiritual leader of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, a fact that didn’t seem to concern Pentagon top brass who invited him to dine with them just months after the September 11 attacks despite the fact that he had personally colluded with the very hijackers who were alleged to have slammed Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

Paul Joseph Watson

The revelation that CIA stooge Anwar al-Awlaki, the Al-Qaeda leader who once dined with Pentagon top brass, is the supposed mastermind behind last week’s plane bomb plot, adds yet more weight to the already overwhelming evidence that the whole charade is another contrived false flag to both boost Barack Obama’s domestic and geopolitical agenda, while crushing the growing resistance against invasive airport security measures.

CIA Asset Anwar-al-Awlaki dined at the Pentagon months after 9/11.

According to the London Guardian, Awlaki is now the “prime suspect” in the cargo plane bomb plot. He is also fingered as the mastermind by BBC News, and the London Telegraph amongst others. The man who allegedly made the ink toner cartridges that were later claimed to be deadly explosive devices was Saudi Arabian-born Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri. Al Asiri is “in regular contact in Yemen with radical cleric Anwar Awlaki,” reports the Daily Mail.

As we reported last month, every indication points to American-born cleric Awlaki being a double agent working for US intelligence. He has been involved in almost every terror plot over the last couple of years, from directing the underwear bomber, who was allowed to board the plane by order of the US State Department aided by a well-dressed man who got Abdulmutallab on the airliner despite the fact that he was on a terror watchlist and had no passport, to advising Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Authorities have engaged in a cover-up of what happened at Fort Hood after they ordered Private Lance Aviles to delete cell phone footage of the attack.

Awlaki was also the spiritual leader of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, a fact that didn’t seem to concern Pentagon top brass who invited him to dine with them just months after the September 11 attacks despite the fact that he had personally colluded with the very hijackers who were alleged to have slammed Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

The US Special Operations Command’s Able Danger program identified the hijackers and their accomplices long before 9/11, and would undoubtedly have also picked up Awlaki.

As Webster Tarpley has documented, Awlaki is “an intelligence agency operative and patsy-minder” and “one of the premier terror impresarios of the age operating under Islamic fundamentalist cover” whose job it is to “motivate and encourage groups of mentally impaired and suggestible young dupes who were entrapped into “terrorist plots” by busy FBI and Canadian RCMP agents during recent years.”

Any Awlaki connection to the latest alleged bomb plot is therefore a huge smoking gun that the entire story, as every other piece of evidence also indicates, is a manufactured political ploy.

In the rush to pin the blame on US geopolitical target Yemen, a Yemeni female student was hastily fingered as the perpetrator, a “set-up” according to her lawyer, and she was quickly released. Indeed, according to Mohammed al-Shaibah, Air Cargo Director for Yemenia Airways, “there is no evidence to prove that this package came through Yemen.” He said there were no UPS or DHL cargo flights from Yemen within a 48 hour period prior to the supposed terror attack.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates’ Civil Aviation Authority rejected claims by US authorities that Flight 201 from Dubai contained any suspicious packages. “The Emirates plane that arrived today in the United States from Dubai did not contain any packages from Yemen,” the official Emirati WAM news agency quoted an unnamed source with the country’s civil aviation body as saying.

Authorities in the UK initially confirmed that the package found on a plane at East Midlands Airport was an ink toner cartridge and contained no evidence of explosives. Similarly, CNN first reported that, “Investigators examined two UPS planes that landed at Philadelphia International Airport and another at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, said Mike Mangeot, a UPS spokesman. Authorities later gave the “all-clear” at the airport in Newark, U.S. and U.K. officials said.” However, within hours President Obama gave a speech claiming the packages did contain evidence of explosives.

Within the space of 24 hours, the story was completely reversed and inflated into a massive terror plot involving dozens of suspect packages supposedly bound for synagogues in Chicago. How could packages that after being tested for explosives were labeled duds suddenly become ‘massive and powerful explosive devices’? This proves that the story was manipulated at an early stage so that it could be feverishly overblown and exploited for political purposes, just as a number of contrived terror alerts were issued for political gain by the Bush administration, as former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge admitted.

The new plot’s supposed similarities to the Christmas Day attempt further cements this view. As we have documented, every single scrap of evidence regarding the underwear bomber plot has “false flag” written all over it, from the US government allowing Abdulmutallab to board the plane, to Abdulmutallab’s own patsy-like behavior suggesting he wasn’t even fully aware of his role, to FBI intimidation of eyewitnesses on the plane who reported events that contradicted the official story. The Christmas Day incident was hastily exploited to push naked body scanners which have proved to be a financial windfall for the same individuals who are now hyping this new plot as another reason for more expensive and invasive security measures at airports.

The plane bomb plot and how it has been swiftly exploited fulfills at least three political objectives.

1) Occurring less than a handful of days before what has been dubbed one of the most important mid-term elections for decades, the attack will serve to entice undecided voters back under the illusion of big government as protector, potentially saving a few key establishment Democrats their seats in the House and Senate. The fact that Obama completely reversed the initial announcements of security officials to claim that the ink toner cartridges did in fact contain explosives is a key indication that the White House is over hyping the story for political gain.

2) Resistance to stifling and pointless airport security measures has reached fever pitch in recent months, with naked body scanners taking flak from all sides as they are routinely abused. Dozens of countries are refusing to sign a binding agreement proposed by the Department of Homeland Security to mandate the use of the scanners globally. The backlash culminated in British Airways Chairman Martin Broughton attacking US authorities for the continuation of “completely redundant” airport security checks. These security checks are only going to become more invasive as a result of this staged event.

3) Blaming Yemen as the origin of the plot allows the US military-industrial complex to intensify drone attacks on a country that has become one of the prime targets for the next phase of the contrived war on terror. Just a day after the plane bomb charade, the New York Times aggressively pushed for more attacks on the country, citing the presence of CIA stooge Awlaki as a reason for doing so.

We are once again being manipulated and brainwashed into accepting draconian security measures through fear and lies. Only by exposing the fact that this chain of events was yet another false flag attack on the psyche of the American people and people globally can we hope to identify the real terrorists, those in positions of power, who are continually hyping the threat of terror to change our society for the worse.

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