United Nations Precipitously Falls into Irrelevance


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How do you know when an organization has lived beyond its days? When even its minion members do not attend what is portrayed as the most relevant meeting of the year. The decay of the United Nations is not new. The globalist-founded entity lost its credibility pretty much since it was created by ignoring crime and corruption all over the planet.

On its charter, the United Nations fancies itself as an organization that was founded to: maintain world peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international co-operation in solving international problems and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations.

One fact that the Charter does not say is who really founded the U.N. and how its founders never mean to achieve any of the goals listed above, which is why this irrelevant entity has never come even close to achieving anything positive. So, even though we’ve reported tirelessly about the real origin of the United Nations, let’s review it quickly again.

The United Nations was created back in 1945. The key proponent of the U.N. was Alger Hiss, an American lawyer and communist spy for the Stalin regime, as testified in Congress under oath by Whittaker Chambers, a former Communist Party member. Other founders of the U.N. include the Rockefeller family, and some other 30 or 40 members of the Council on Foreign Relations members, among others. Rockefeller himself donated the land on which the U.N. building sits today.

Upon its creation, the U.N. attempted to become relevant by producing a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is only valid as long as those rights “do not oppose the purposes and principles of the United Nations.” This Declaration though, was not created to bring freedom and liberty. It has the purpose of giving people the right “to a social and international order”, as explained on article 28 of the U.N. document.

Anyone mildly informed about current events is pretty well aware of the United Nations actions and its core globalist principles, so let’s  review a number of ‘accomplishments’ that the U.N. has accumulated throughout the years. Going from the most recent to oldest of its actions, the U.N. works hard to convince people that they and their governments need to be disarmed.

The U.N. is also a champion pusher of a global tax to finance its illegitimate operations. An initiative presented by the U.N.’s President of the Economic and Social Council, Milos Koterec, calls for the imposition of a global tax in an attempt to globally institutionalize socialism as a way to solve every single problem there is. His plan was presented at a forum whose main focus was the non-existent right of people to have “universal access to basic social protection and social services.” This is not to say that people in need should be left to die, but that an international institution without legitimacy like the U.N. does not have the legal standing to do such a thing.

The United Nations is known for financing eugenics programs all over the world with the monies it already receives from developed nations from across the planet as well as fake philanthropists such as John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Edward Harriman, Andrew Carnegie, William Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles and many others. Bill Gates and Ted Turner have publicly expressed their desire to depopulate the planet and they use their tax exempted foundations to finance their eugenics programs.

“First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion  people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on  new vaccines, health care, reproductive health  services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15  percent.”  - Bill Gates at California TED 2010 Conference.

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”  – Ted Turner

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”  – Prince Philipe quote from Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA), August, 1988.

Prince Philip helped start the World Wildlife Fund in 1961 with former Nazi SS Officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who is closely affiliated with the founders of the Bilderberg Group, and Sir Julian Huxley, who was also the President of the British Eugenics Society.

The U.N. is also a promoter of government-controlled access to health and medicine, pushing a global set of rules to manage what people eat and don’t eat. This initiative is known as Codex Alimentarius, a set of policies that let’s the U.N. govern over nutrition and access to traditional or alternative medical treatments and food.

Instead of actually dedicating its efforts to ending poverty and bringing health and services to the neediest, the U.N. has used its budget to push for a socialist agenda which includes taking possession of government-owned lands as well as privately kept properties all around the world. Through its proposed Agenda 21 initiative, the U.N. intends to socialize land ownership not to give it to the poorest, but to hoard it. As explained in a recent article, the United Nations is infiltrating developing nations to convince its leaders and citizens that they should not aspire to enjoy the benefits of the land and the industry. Instead, U.N. accomplices say, people should seek to be in peace with themselves while letting their countries and their people live in denigrating conditions.

For these and many other reasons, the United Nations has become increasingly irrelevant even for people like Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel, who missed the 2012 meeting happening now in New York City. “The concept of a world of nation-states, which dates to the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, and the idea that they have a monopoly on international relations and on the conduct of war, is no longer valid,” said Max Manwaring, a professor at the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, to the Wall Street Journal.

While the globalist organizations tell us that independent nation-states are obsolete, it seems that the only antique entity around here is their main instrument to centralize power and control — the U.N.. Despite the fact that their sham is falling in pieces, globalist minions like Barack Obama attempt to challenge real constitutional rights and freedoms by saying that “at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views around the world with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete.” Do you see the double speech?

The appearance of social media that helped democratize information, and although they remain in the hands of corporations, these media now threaten to destroy the ‘monopoly of truth’ in the hands of the establishment. That is why the U.N. is also attacking the right of people to say what they think. The United Nations is one of the strongest pushers of internet censorship and bans on free speech.

But don’t forget about the United Nations push for the Nazi inspired Environmentalist movement. The Nazi environmental program was the base for the creation of the U.N.’s Global Biodiversity Assessment Report. The complete program of sustainability is based on an effort to change human behavior to states that ordinarily humans would not approve or enjoy. This changes in human behavior are mostly brought upon by instigating fear. Fear of global warming, climate change, natural disasters, wars, famine, droughts and so on. This is a technique used throughout history by establishment globalists to ease people into their deadly social, political and economic models.

The United Nations is not a scapegoat as suggested by Flavia Krause-Jackson of the Wall Street Journal. She implies that the fact only 5 countries make all the decisions in the security council has somehow handicapped the U.N.. There is a reason why the United Nations was never opened to more nations to participate of the decision-making process: The U.N. was never meant to be what Ms. Jackson and those she interviewed for her article think. It was meant to be just another globalist-controlled entity that serves as a tool to torture the planet into a super concentrated state of tyranny.

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Marines Americanos Posam com Bandeira Nazista

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
11 de fevereiro de 2012

O Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais na quinta-feira, mais uma vez intentó controlar o dano causado ​​por uma fotografia de uma equipe de franco-atiradores marinhos no Afeganistão posando na frente de um banner com o logotipo da polícia nazista SS – uma unidade especial que assassinou milhões de judeus, ciganos e outros.

O Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais, em um comunicado disse que o uso do símbolo não é aceitável, mas os fuzileiros navais na fotografia tirada em setembro de 2010 não serao punidos, porque eles descobriram que era um erro ingênuo.

O Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais acredita que o símbolo da SS foi usado com a intenção de representar os escuteiros e franco-atiradores e não destinado a ser associado a uma organização racista, disse a major Gabrielle Chapin, uma porta-voz em Camp Pendleton, onde os fuzileiros navais estao baseados.

“Eu não acho que os fuzileiros navais envolvidos usaram qualquer tipo de símbolo associado com a Alemanha nazista que cometeu atrocidades em massa na Segunda Guerra Mundial”, disse Chapin. ”Não é parte do que somos como Marines.”

O Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais tem usado o incidente como uma ferramenta de treinamento para falar com as tropas sobre os símbolos que são aceitáveis ​​quando receberam a fotografia em novembro, disse Chapin.

A imagem já apareceu em um blog na Internet, o que causou indignação generalizada, incluindo uma investigação rigorosa e punição, em especial contra a fotografia e qualquer pessoa que tenha perdoado na corte marcial.

“Este é um ultraje completo e total”, disse Mikey Weinstein, da Fundação Liberdade Religiosa Militar, com sede em Albuquerque, NM.

Sua organização enviou uma carta ao chefe do Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais, o general James Amos, e o secretário de Defesa, Leon Panetta, na quinta-feira, exigindo punição para os envolvidos.

Foi a segunda vez este ano o Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais teve que tentar controlar o dano a imagem pelas ações de suas tropas. Também investigaram um grupo separado de fuzileiros navais que gravou um vídeo urinando sobre os corpos dos combatentes do Taliban.

“Primeiro urinam em corpos mortos, e agora isso”, disse Weinstein.

Marines na imagem não estão mais com a unidade. Chapin disse que não sabia se eles ainda estão no corpo.

Na foto tirada na cidade de Sangin, no Afeganistão, a unidade de Marine Corps está posando com armas em frente de uma bandeira americana e uma bandeira azul escura, com o que parecem ser as letras “SS” na forma de raios irregulares.

O portvoz de Camp Pendleton, o sargento Mark Oliva, disse que nao sabia de onde veio a bandeira, mas era provável que fosse de um dos fuzileiros navais na imagem.

A foto apareceu no blog de uma empresa de armas militares chamada Cavaleiro em Titusville, na Flórida.

A empresa não respondeu aos e-mails ou mensagens de telefone deixadas pela Associated Press.

O SS, ou Schutzstaffel, era a polícia militar do Partido Nazista, que era diferente do exército. Os membros comprometeram-se e fizeram um juramento de lealdade a Adolf Hitler.

As unidades das SS foram responsáveis ​​por muitos crimes de guerra e desempenharam um papel integral no extermínio de milhões de judeus, ciganos e outros que foram considerados indesejáveis. O SS foi declarada uma organização criminosa em crimes de guerra em Nuremberg.

O rabino Marvin Hier, fundador do Centro Simon Wiesenthal, com sede em Los Angeles, disse que não acredita a explicação de que posar com a bandeira foi um erro inocente e insistiu que o público americano tem o direito de saber o que aconteceu.

“Se você olhar para todos os livros sobre o período nazista, este é o símbolo da SS, e posar com a bandeira ao lado da bandeira norte-americana, quando 200.000 americanos morreram para libertar o mundo desse símbolo, eu acho que vai além dos limites “, disse ele.

Traduzido do artigo original  US Marines proudly pose with Nazi SS Flag

Marines de EE.UU. orgullosamente posan con Bandera Nazi de la SS

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
10 de febrero 2012

La Infantería de Marina el jueves, una vez más intentócontrolar el daño causado por una fotografía de un equipo de francotiradores de la marina en Afganistán posando delante de una bandera con el logo de la policía Nazi SS – una unidad especial que asesinó millones de Judios, gitanos y otros.

El Cuerpo de Marina dijo en un comunicado que el uso del símbolo no es aceptable, pero los infantes de marina en la fotografía tomada en septiembre de 2010 no va a ser disciplinados, porque los investigadores determinaron que fue un error ingenuo.

La Infantería de Marina cree que el símbolo de las SS estaba destinado a representar a los exploradores y francotiradores y no destinado a ser asociado con una organización racista, dijo el mayor Gabrielle Chapin, vocera en Camp Pendleton, donde los marines se basaron.

“No creo que los marines implicados hayan utilizado cualquier tipo de símbolo asociado de la Alemania nazi que cometió atrocidades en masa en la Segunda Guerra Mundial”, dijo Chapin. ”No está dentro de lo que somos como infantes de marina.”

El Cuerpo de Marina ha utilizado el incidente como una herramienta de entrenamiento para hablar con las tropas acerca de cuales símbolos son aceptables cuando se dieron cuenta de la fotografía en noviembre pasado, dijo Chapin.

La imagen desde entonces ha aparecido en un blog de Internet, lo que provocó indignación generalizada que incluye una investigación exhaustiva y castigo, en particular contra los de la fotografía y cualquier persona que lo ha condonado en corte marcial.

“Esto es un atropello total y completo”, dijo Mikey Weinstein, de la Fundación Libertad Religiosa Militar, con sede en Albuquerque, NM

Su organización envió una carta al jefe de la Infantería de Marina, el general James Amos, y el secretario de Defensa, Leon Panetta, el jueves, exigiendo castigo para los implicados.

Era la segunda vez este año la Infantería de Marina ha tenido que hacer control de daños por las acciones de sus tropas. También se investiga un grupo separado de los infantes de marina que grabaron un vídeo orinando sobre los cadáveres de los combatientes talibanes.

“Primero orinan sobre cuerpos muertos y ahora esto”, dijo Weinstein.

Los infantes de marina en la fotografía ya no están con la unidad. Chapin dijo que no sabía si todavía están en el Cuerpo.

En la foto tomada en el pueblo de Sangin, Afganistán, la unidad del Cuerpo de Marines está posando con armas de fuego en frente de una bandera americana y una gran bandera, azul oscura, con lo que parecen ser las letras “SS” en forma de rayos blancos irregulares .

El postavoz del Campamento Pendleton, sargento de artillería Marcos Oliva, dijo que no sabía de dónde provenía la bandera, pero era probable que fuera propiedad de uno de los infantes de marina en la fotografía.

La foto apareció en el blog para una empresa de armamento militar llamado Knight en Titusville, Florida. La empresa no respondió a mensajes de correo electrónico o mensajes telefónicos dejados por The Associated Press.

La SS, o Schutzstaffel, era la fuerza policial y militar del Partido Nazi, que era distinta de la general del ejército. Los miembros prometieron un juramento de lealtad a Adolfo Hitler.

Unidades de las SS fueron responsables de muchos crímenes de guerra y jugaron un papel integral en el exterminio de millones de Judios, junto con gitanos y otras personas que se consideraban indeseables. La SS fue declarada una organización criminal en los juicios por crímenes de guerra de Nuremberg.

El rabino Marvin Hier, fundador del Centro Simon Wiesenthal, con sede en Los Ángeles, dijo que no cree en la explicación de que posando con la bandera fue un error inocente e insistió en que el público estadounidense tiene derecho a saber lo que pasó.

“Si nos fijamos en todos los libros sobre el período nazi, este es el símbolo de la temida SS, y el posar con esta bandera del lado de la bandera de Estados Unidos, cuando 200.000 estadounidenses murieron para liberar al mundo de ese símbolo, considero que va más allá de los límites “, dijo.

Traducido del artículo original US Marines proudly pose with Nazi SS Flag

US Marines proudly pose with Nazi SS Flag

by Julie Watson
Associated Press
February 10, 2012

 The Marine Corps on Thursday once again did damage control after a photograph surfaced of a sniper team in Afghanistan posing in front of a flag with a logo resembling that of the notorious Nazi SS — a special unit that murdered millions of Jews, gypsies and others.

The Corps said in a statement that using the symbol was not acceptable, but the Marines in the photograph taken in September 2010 will not be disciplined because investigators determined it was a naïve mistake.

The Marines believed the SS symbol was meant to represent sniper scouts and never intended to be associated with a racist organization, said Maj. Gabrielle Chapin, a spokeswoman at Camp Pendleton, where the Marines were based.

“I don’t believe that the Marines involved would have ever used any type of symbol associated the Nazi Germany military criminal organization that committed mass atrocities in WWII,” Chapin said. “It’s not within who we are as Marines.”

The Corps has used the incident as a training tool to talk to troops about what symbols are acceptable after it became aware of the photograph last November, Chapin said.

The image has since surfaced on an Internet blog, sparking widespread outrage and calls for a full investigation and punishment, including bringing those in the photograph and anyone who condoned it to court martial.

“This is a complete and total outrage,” said Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, headquartered in Albuquerque, N.M.

His organization sent a letter to the head of the Marine Corps, Gen. James Amos, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday, demanding punishment for those involved.

It was the second time this year the Marine Corps has had to do damage control for actions of its troops. It’s also investigating a separate group of Marines recorded on video urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters.

“First we have Marines peeing on dead bodies and now this,” Weinstein said.

The Marines in the photograph are no longer with the unit. Chapin said she did not know if they are still in the Corps.

In the photo taken in the Afghanistan town of Sangin, the Marine Corps unit is posing with guns in front of an American flag and a large, dark blue flag with what appear to be the letters “SS” in the shape of white jagged lightning bolts.

Camp Pendleton spokesman, Master Gunnery Sgt. Mark Oliva, said he did not know where the flag came from but it was likely the property of one of the Marines in the photograph.

The photograph appeared on the blog for a military weapons company called Knight’s Armament in Titusville, Fla. The company did not respond to emails or phone messages left by The Associated Press.

The SS, or Schutzstaffel, was the police and military force of the Nazi Party, which was distinct from the general army. Members pledged an oath of loyalty to Adolph Hitler.

SS units were held responsible for many war crimes and played an integral role in the extermination of millions of Jews along with gypsies and other people who were deemed undesirable. The SS was declared to be a criminal organization at the Nuremberg war crime trials.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, headquartered in Los Angeles, said he does not buy the explanation that posing with the flag was an innocent mistake and insisted the American public has a right to know what happened.

“If you look at any book on the Nazi period, this is the dreaded symbol of the SS, and to have a Marine Corps unit adopt it and put it beside the American flag when 200,000 Americans died to free the world of that dreaded symbol is just beyond the pale,” he said.

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