A Ruthless Zionist is Behind Newt Gingrich

Gingrich went from Middle East moderate to saber-rattling hawk after Sheldon Adelson’s millions began flowing into the candidate’s coffers.

by Waybe Barret
The Daily Beast
January 25, 2012

The linkage between campaign contributions and compromised candidates has grown so familiar that it no longer shocks, and indeed rarely even interests, most of us. But in the super-PAC era, when a single, $5 million, donation can resuscitate a broken Newt Gingrich, the search for a quid pro quo explanation expands with the enlarged dimensions of the donation. In the case of Las Vegas casino king Sheldon Adelson, Gingrich’s Daddy Warbucks, the size of the subsidy can literally shape a candidate’s views on matters of war and peace, and I’m not talking about a battle for gaming rights.

Adelson uses his money to abuse or anoint Israeli prime ministers (ask Ehud Olmert, on the abuse side, and the still-anointed Bibi Netanyahu) and American presidents (Gingrich versus Obama). He even pulled his money out of AIPAC, the top-pro Israel lobbying group, when it appeared to support a 2007 peace initiative championed by Olmert, President Bush, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, an effort denounced by Gingrich at the time. “I don’t continue to support organizations that help friends committing suicide just because they say they want to jump,” explained Adelson, who was already spearheading a coup designed to replace Olmert with Netanyahu.

As significant as his 2012 check was to Gingrich’s Winning Our Future PAC, paying for the negative ads now swamping South Carolina, Adelson actually became Newt Gingrich’s biggest donor in 2006, pumping a million startup dollars into an otherwise empty and similarly named Gingrich PAC, American Solutions for Winning Our Future. He gave $7.7 million over four years to this group, widely seen as “the springboard” for Gingrich’s presidential campaign, making him the largest donor over those years to any 527 independent committees, the supposedly issue-oriented precursors to the super PACs that now dominate presidential campaign finance. The PAC spent $8 million flying Gingrich in private jets around the country in anticipation of a 2008 candidacy that he flirted with before abandoning, and in the lead-up to this race. It was during these years, and in recent jolting comments, that Gingrich appeared to begin talking to an audience of one, at least when it came to his Middle East views.

One way to test how this generosity might have influenced the always hardline Gingrich is how these views hardened even more after he climbed aboard the Adelson gravy train, who has so far donated nearly $13 million to Gingrich’s two White House-tied PACS, a record in American politics. In the summer of 2005, a year before Gingrich founded American Solutions with Adelson as the initial donor, the ex-speaker candidate penned a treatise for a right-wing U.S. publication called the Middle East Quarterly. Compared to the views he expresses now, which are a full-blown echo of Adelson’s, the Gingrich of six years ago was a moderate, endorsing Obama-like policies he now condemns.

Contrary to Gingrich’s recent claim that the Palestinians are an “invented people” that “had a chance to go many places,” his 2005 article urged the “Palestinian diaspora” to invest in “their ancestral lands,” and even urged Congress to “establish a program of economic aid for the Palestinians to match the aid the U.S. government provides Israel.” The Palestinians were “among the most international and most advanced people in the Arab world,” Gingrich wrote while still a fellow at the right-wing American Enterprise Institute.

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The Gingrich Confession: Newt wanted an open Marriage

by James V. Grimaldi
Washington Post
January 19, 2012

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich in 1999 asked his second wife for an “open marriage” or a divorce at the same time he was giving speeches around the country on family and religious values, his former wife, Marianne, told The Washington Post on Thursday.

Marianne Gingrich said she first heard from the former speaker about the divorce request as she was waiting in the home of her mother on May 11, 1999, her mother’s 84th birthday. Over the phone, as she was having dinner with her mother, Newt Gingrich said, “I want a divorce.”

Shocked, Marianne Gingrich replied: “Is there anybody else?” she recalled. “He was quiet. Within two seconds, when he didn’t immediately answer, I knew.”

The next day, Newt Gingrich gave a speech titled “The Demise of American Culture” to the Republican Women Leaders Forum in Erie, Pa., extolling the virtues of the founding fathers and criticizing liberal politicians for supporting tax increases, saying they hurt families and children.

“When a liberal talks about values, will he or she actually like us to teach American history?” Newt Gingrich told the women’s group. “Will they actually like young people to learn that George Washington was an ethical man? A man of standards, a man who earned the right to be father of this country?”

Marianne Gingrich said she was speaking out for the first time this year because she wanted her story told from her point of view, rather than be depicted as the victim or suffer a whisper campaign by supporters of Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid.

“How could he ask me for a divorce on Monday and within 48 hours give a speech on family values and talk about how people treat people?” she said.

Asked about the timing of the revelations, she said she had had so many requests for interviews that “it was unavoidable.” She said that during a campaign season, “I knew I wouldn’t get through this year without” doing the interview.

The Gingrich campaign spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

In the four weeks after that 1999 phone call, Marianne and Newt Gingrich saw a counselor. During that time, he seemed to vacillate about what he wanted to do. Marianne Gingrich had learned the name of his then-paramour, Callista — now his wife — though Newt Gingrich never talked about her by name.

Newt Gingrich asked Marianne for an “open marriage” so that he could continue to see whoever he wanted. Marianne Gingrich, who had attended services in a Baptist church with Newt Gingrich, refused.

She said she decided to go public when she heard someone make derogatory comments about her on a radio program.

“Truthfully, my whole purpose was to get out there about who I was, so Newt couldn’t create me as an evil, awful person, which was starting to happen,” she said.

She talked on video for two hours to ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross, an edited version of which will be broadcast on Thursday night’s “Nightline,” and a transcript of which was released today. She laughed when told that some were reporting that she had a “bombshell,” and emphasized that many of her views of Newt Gingrich and his political positions are positive.

In anticipation of the interview, Newt Gingrich told NBC’s “Today” show that his divorce was a private matter. He said his daughters had written a letter to ABC News asking the network to spike the broadcast.

“Intruding into family things that are more than a decade old is simply wrong,” he told NBC.

Newt Gingrich has said that he has asked God for forgiveness, but Marianne Gingrich said he has not spoken to her since the divorce.

Ron Paul Exposes Gingrich’s past of Corruption

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
December 12, 2011

Republican presidential candidate and Texas House Representative Ron Paul has once again taken it to a new level when it comes to unmasking the travesty that is the candidacy of Newt Gingrich. In a new video ad, one that borrows resources from Minority Report, speaks of Gingrich’s past as it has been reported by all kinds of media outlets; left, right, center and everything in between. The video exposes how the former House speaker grew his net income exponentially by the time he retired from his post in Washington DC.

The voices heard and the people seen on the ad are of some of the most influential talking heads in the news business industry which will pre-empt both Republicans and Democrats’ assertions that this is a sector of the media that is trying to attack Gingrich. “He is a career politician who sold access in Washington DC,” a TV news report is heard in the background while graph bars show how Gingrich left the District with his pockets filled with $ 7.5 million.

See below and think for yourself.

Newt Gingrich Supports Geo-engineering Fringe Science

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
December 6, 2011

You must have seen it already, but this week’s republican presidential front-runner, Newt Gingrich, is an avid advocate of imposing government policies on the people to help out with the “threat” global warming poses to humanity. In the past, Mr. Gingrich even taped a Public Service Announcement with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling on everyone to submit to the demands a group of mad scientists and bureaucrats want to turn into laws to combat the widely debunked global warming myth.

More specifically, Mr. Gingrich supports the use of geo-engineering to save us all from the coming “disasters” that anthropogenic warming will bring in the near future. Geo-engineering is the deliberate modification of the weather and climate on a local, regional or worldwide basis. In order to achieve the changes that the green fringe calls for, governments in developed and developing countries use a series of techniques include but are not limited to the spraying of disease-causing chemicals in the atmosphere, such as Aluminum, Barium and Sulphur (Chemtrails), the injection of nitrogen in ocean waters, and reflecting solar rays with large mirrors to be placed on Fringe looking blimps.

The cost of carrying out these experiments is monumental and has not left any positive results after decades of application both in laboratories and outdoors over hundreds of cities around the world. In fact, our planet has become 20 percent  darker in the last few decades as a result of the use of sun ray reflecting chemicals on our skies. Even a recent government study concluded that geo-engineering is just too dangerous to try. But Mr. Gingrich still believes is worthwhile because it would promote ingenuity and innovation.

In the government study, geo-engineering was found to pose graver threats to the health of the people and the planet than any possible effect anthropogenic global warming would, if it was true. Of course, Mr. Gingrich’s interest is not bound by the benefits geo-engineering or any other technology would have for humanity, but to conveniently make it look as a good deal, some kind of magic solution, whose only goal is to finance the technocratic central world government that is now being established by globalists and corporations all over the planet. Mr. Gingrich surprisingly calls himself a “conservative”, but the truth is that he supports environmental policies sponsored by Barack Obama, based on the premise that government must dictate what is done about the environment and everything else for that matter.

The same environmental policies supported by Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Obama rendered no visible or measurable results in countries like Spain, where just like in the United States, alternative technology companies were born and grew as a result of large government subsidies, only to collapse on their footprints after those subsidies were drawn away or due to the high cost of producing alternative energy sources, also called green technologies. Everyone must still remember how Solyndra, one of the companies subsidized by the current American administration literally ran away with taxpayer money without producing one single product or service that helped end dependence on oil, nuclear energy or any other source usually demonized by the “greens”. The Obama administration gave $535 million in subsidies to Solyndra, whose CEO visited the White House many times before receiving the cash.

Along with Mr. Gingrich, the climate change scare machine uses all kinds of scare tactics to induce the public to support initiatives like the imposition of taxes on carbon emissions, funding the green police, accusing neighbors and relatives for not separating the trash, buying fluorescent light bulbs that cause skin burns and adopting the infamous smart grid technology now being used in the United States, Latin America and Australia which allows energy companies and ultimately governments to control how much energy, water and other basic services people use.

Newt Gingrich endorsements are not limited to so-called environmental policies. He agreed with the idea that North Korea should be attacked with laser beams. Incidentally, some of the same laser-based technology is used in weather modification. Even Ron Paul has had to talk about who Newt Gingrich is. Mr. Paul, one of the front runners in the Republican field, has produced an ad where he exposes Gingrich’s two-faced attitude. Watch it and think: Is this the candidate we want to replace Barack Obama? Is he not worse than Obama?

Judge for yourself and please comment below:

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